Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jumbled Thoughts About Politics and Hunting and The Seamless Garment of Life

Serious political stuff going on tonight. Apparently America's favorite hockey mom referred to her ticket as the Palin and McCain administration. View video here. I'd stick the video on this blog, but the fact is I haven't figured out how to do that. Here's a really great comment or two from now suddenly ex republicans:

Just as Cheney is the real Prez and Bush is only the front man, so will Palin be the real Prez and McCain be the front man.
If they win, we're looking for another country to move to. Its barely liveable in the US now. Can you imagine what the Palin/McCain administration will do for the United States??????????

Another Republican who is fed up with Palin-Mc... I mean McCain-Palin. I'm staying home. This woman is a serial liar, and regrettably Senator McCain seems to have signed on to the same tactics. The GOP needs to repent and find our honor again, and that means this sort of blind stupidity has to be purged from the party. Maybe a loss in Nov. will teach some of us a lesson.( Are you telling me that the Wall Street meltdown didn't tell you this, but Palin of Palin/McCain did?)

Me too, a real live Republican woman voting for Obama. Palin can't fool me. What a joke this is, I can't believe this is how we elect the president of the most powerful country in the world. I feel like I'm in some kind of a nightmare. (You aren't the only one.)

What is the difference between Sarah Palin and George Bush? Lipstick. (Priceless, simply priceless.)

There is also speculation reported by the San Francisco Chronicle that Palin has cancelled speaking stops in California and Seattle. If this is true, the California stops are very telling because they sold out immediately, and this is the state with the anti gay marriage on the ballot.
But then again, the McCain campaign has 'disappeared' Carly Fiorina after she admitted neither McCain or Palin was qualified to run Hewlett Packard. I guess Carly has a little too much ego invested in her last job. The one she was fired from but whose company board still gave her a 42 million dollar golden parachute

It's kind of interesting that Palin hasn't really gone into the gay thing yet. This just might have something to do with the FACT she didn't veto a fight a bill in Alaska which granted benefits to same sex partners. Apparently her 'attorney advisor' told her vetoing the bill would open an even bigger can of worms. Her 'attorney advisor' is paid by a right wing political legal NGO out of Texas. Texas? Shock and Awe.

In a previous article I wrote that McCain might rue the day he unleashed Palin on himself and the Republican party. I wrote the article the day of his own acceptance speech. It's not prophecy, it's plain old psychology. The woman is rabid ambition personified.

Here's another kind of interesting conversation I had today--with myself. We've had the sort of incident that raises a great deal of passion in a smaller community. Helena is about 5 times the size of Wasilla and about 200 times smaller than LA. Three young gentleman were arrested and prosecuted for the mutilation and torture of about twenty cats. The torture included hacking off legs, poking out eyes and burning them alive. This is not the kind of thing we think our kids are capable of, even though we all know it's more or less wishful thinking. It occasionally happens, if rarely, even here.

So today I'm thinking about this, and being a cat lover, I'm pissed about it. I then realized this country is considering electing a woman who advocated and still does, for the hunting of wolves and bears from air planes. Guess what, that's torture as well. Most of the time the 'hunters' run the animals into exhaustion from the air making the shot and the tracking easier. The shot still isn't' that easy and they miss kill shots frequently, and the animal really suffers. I used to really get into it with my brothers over this form of hunting. It's hardly hunting,

And then I thought, well the fact is, John McCain hunted Vietnamese from the air. Only he had bombs and that calibre of bullet is so large it didn't make distinctions between legal enemy combatants and civilian non combatants. That's what we called things back then. Now we call civilian non combatants collateral damage. And then I thought war really really sucks, especially when we trumpet our ability to conduct it from the air, especially when our enemies don't have a real air force--like Iraq. At least McCain took some real risks, no stealth technology for him, and he paid a price for his hunting. Unlike some other aerial hunters I could name, and some alleged cat torturers. Somehow all of these thoughts get all jumbled up and I wonder just what we mean by a 'seamless garment of life'. I guess it's all in one's mind, and usually all jumbled up.


  1. Every time I see this picture of the bloodied wolf dangling lifeless it is a reminder that McCain/Palin are all about a culture of death and war. I can't imagine getting a thrill out of killing anything. For me, the sounds of gunfire and thought of killing would be a nightmare. This must be a sport for the wealthy because most of us cannot afford the gas for the flight let alone the flight. This sort of hobby just doesn't seem to be civilized. It sure does bring out the pitbull aspect of Palin's personality though.

    Serial killers often start out with killing animals first and then to people.

  2. Hunting from airplanes is not really hunting. Most of the people who engage in it are really after the bounty on a particular animal. Alaska pays a bounty of 150.00 per animal---as proven by the right foreleg.

    It's more about conducting an aerial war against a percieved predator than it is hunting. At least in my opinion.

    I might have misled you butterfly. These three young men are all past legal age, but just barely. I suspect this might have to do with cult activity rather than their stated 'hate of cats'. Again though, that's just my opinion.

  3. I agree with your suspicion that it is probably cult activity and not "hate of cats."

    Sounds like killing animals in Alaska is a socialist program at tax-payer expense?

    One could conceivably make a living or killing "hunting" in Alaska at $150 a right foreleg. The profit margins for aerial killing are probably more favorable than the traditional method of hunting. I wonder if there is as much oversight and regulation to the killings of "predators" in Alaska as there has been for banks and investments firms and insurance companies?