Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Words Of Wisdom From Catholic League President Bill Donohue

America's secular saboteurs
By Bill Donohue President, Catholic League, Washington Post-10/19/2009

There are many ways cultural nihilists are busy trying to sabotage America these days: multiculturalism is used as a club to beat down Western civilization in the classroom; sexual libertines seek to upend the cultural order by attacking religion; artists use their artistic freedoms to mock Christianity; Hollywood relentlessly insults people of faith; activist left-wing legal groups try to scrub society free of the public expression of religion; elements in the Democratic party demonstrate an animus against Catholicism; and secular-minded malcontents within Catholicism and Protestantism seek to sabotage their religion from the inside.

Yesterday's radicals wanted to tear down the economic structure of capitalism and replace it with socialism, and eventually communism. Today's radicals are intellectually spent: they want to annihilate American culture, having absolutely nothing to put in its place. In that regard, these moral anarchists are an even bigger menace than the Marxists who came before them.
If societal destruction is the goal, then it makes no sense to waste time by attacking the political or economic structure: the key to any society is its culture, and the heart of any culture is religion. In this society, that means Christianity, the big prize being Catholicism. Which explains why secular saboteurs are waging war against it.

When Jesse Jackson led students at Stanford University in the late 1980s screaming, "Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Culture's Got to Go," it was a way of undermining this nation's Judeo-Christian heritage. When Yale University returned $20 million to Lee Bass in the 1990s because the faculty objected to its being used to expand its Western civilization curriculum--they wanted multiculturalism--it showed the power of radical secularists.
Sexual libertines, from the Marquis de Sade to radical gay activists, have sought to pervert society by acting out on their own perversions. What motivates them most of all is a pathological hatred of Christianity. They know, deep down, that what they are doing is wrong, and they shudder at the dreaded words, "Thou Shalt Not." But they continue with their death-style anyway.

Secular saboteurs have often seized the arts to make a statement. That's why the blasphemous often tracks the obscene: if the goal is to put an artistic dagger into the heart of culture, then it makes sense to use all the ammo available by attacking the sacred. And they are certainly masters of that art. From scatological artistic exhibitions to the latest obscene installation, the charlatans have succeeded in politicizing the arts and denigrating Christianity.

There was a time when Hollywood made reverential movies about Christianity. But those days are long gone. Now they just insult. And when someone finally makes a film that makes Christians proud, he is run out of town. Were it not for Mel Gibson, there would have been no "Passion of the Christ." But for every Harvey Weinstein who likes to bash Catholics, there is always someone else waiting in the wings to do the same. (Bill, Mel Gibson was exposed as a drunken anti semitic adulterous holier than though fraud. That's why he was run out of town.)

The ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State harbor an agenda to smash the last vestiges of Christianity in America. Lying about their real motives, they say their fidelity is to the Constitution. But there is nothing in the Constitution that sanctions the censorship of religious speech. From banning nativity scenes to punishing little kids for painting a picture of Jesus, the zealots give Fidel a good run for his money. (Bill, you should probably stay away from images of child abuse. No one does that better than institutional Catholicism.)

Catholics were once the mainstay of the Democratic Party; now the gay activists are in charge. Indeed, practicing Catholics are no longer welcome in leadership roles in the Party: the contempt that pro-life Catholics experience is palpable. The fact that Catholics for Choice, a notoriously anti-Catholic front group funded by the Ford Foundation, has a close relationship with the Democrats says it all. (Bill, and what PAC pays your salary?)

Secularists within Catholicism and Protestantism are so out of control that it makes one wonder how any serious-minded person would ever accuse these religions of being oppressive. Insubordination of the most flagrant kind is routinely tolerated in a way that would never be countenanced at the New York Times, yet the bad rap always goes to Christians. We're not talking about those pushing for moderate reforms: we're talking about termites eating away from within. (Maybe the accusations of oppression come when your side writes crap like this.)

The only way secular saboteurs can be stopped is by an alliance of religious conservatives across faith lines. The good news is that this is already happening. In the fight over gay marriage, the scorecard is 30-0: traditional Catholics, evangelical Protestants, Orthodox Jews, Orthodox Christians, Muslims, and Mormons, along with a big contribution from the Latino and African American communities, have succeeded in throwing a roadblock at this crazy idea. (Bill, this sounds like gays have replaced Jews in your version of a Nuremberg rally speech.)

The culture war is up for grabs. The good news is that religious conservatives continue to breed like rabbits, while secular saboteurs have shut down: they're too busy walking their dogs, going to bathhouses and aborting their kids. Time, it seems, is on the side of the angels. (According to you it's on the side of breeding rabbits.)


Bill is entitled to his 'opinions', but I can't help wonder if official Catholic circles aren't wishing he would keep his opinions to himself. I'm sure our bishops are just thrilled that at a time they are trying to push the idea of unitive love in procreative marriage, Bill compares good conservative Catholics with 'breeding rabbits'. I'm glad Bill did, because he probably does give voice to the truth behind the upcoming pastoral on marriage. Good Catholics breed like rabbits--just like in the good old days.

Some of the article commenters wondered what the Washington Post was thinking in letting Bill rant this way on a forum that's supposed to be about civil religious dialogue. Maybe they let him rant so their readership could determine just exactly what the radical right considers civil dialogue. Perhaps in his next screed Donohue can tell us why right wing fascism is better for America than secular nihilism. He won't though, because we're not supposed to understand that's what his politics is really aiming at. He is not really about Catholicism, just in case anyone wonders. Catholicism is just a religious means to an elitist political end. Bill considers himself one of the right wing political elite.

Personally I loved the paragraph on bankrupt secular forces targeting the culture rather than the economic system. History plainly shows that the most effective and divisive attack on cultures is in the unfair distribution of cultural and economic resources.
In my own personal opinion, the fact Bill is trying to divert attention from the economy is quite telling as to who pays his salary. Especially because on the day this gets printed, Goldman Sachs announces their 16 billion dollar executive compensation package. Theoretically that's a 540,000 dollar bonus for every employee, but we know that's not how this bonus package is going to play out. In the meantime GS is still not lending out any money to individuals or mid sized corporations. They are investing in the stock market, other derivatives, and buying up other financial institutions. All their money is staying in the same tight little circle of elites. In the meantime unemployment amonst the non elite keeps going up.

In Bill's Catholic world this is all God's plan. True Catholics are not to worry their little heads about this. They are to breed like rabbits and concentrate on saving their souls. If they lose their jobs, house, and family in the process they are to remember that God never gives them more trials than they can handle. Just look at what Jesus endured in the Passion of Christ. As in Gibson's movie about Jesus, in Bill's world there is no level of abuse which a good Catholic can't take. Even if it comes from him, because it's all good for us in the end.

Welcome to Republican Catholicism all you Traditional Anglicans. Hope y'all are ready to breed like rabbits and suffer mightily for the greater glory of a strange definition of God.


  1. An unbelievable hate-filled, ignorant rant from Bill Donohue. I'm not even finished reading this rant of his and have to make one little comment.

    Bill Donohue definitely has a "death-style" way of communicating and relating to people he hates.

    It's a real shame he won't bother to read the Gospels and get to know the real Jesus Christ.

    He's such a cry baby and a bully at the same time.

  2. Screamin' Bill is an embarrassment to thinking Catholics, he's a bullying ignoramus. Interestingly enough, his own Catholic marriage ended in divorce.

  3. khughes1963 - I totally agree with what you have said. He's "a bullying ignoramus" for sure. The world is filled with them. Too bad he has a soapbox to stand on and has the audacity to call himself a "Catholic."

    His words are nothing but a reflection of the pollution in his own consciousness.

    Who are all of these artist he talks about that he says put Catholics down? We should have more movies such as Mel Gibson put out which is a reflection of the violence he loves to portray and glorify, instead of glorifying Jesus and his message. Ignorance & hate and lust for blood abounds from these ignoramuses such as Gibson and Donohue.

    Donohue is a grumpy and miserable old man that loves to share his unhappiness. He's a bummer. Not an example to follow for sure. Follow him to bummersville.

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  5. What American "culture" is Donohue defending?

    Is it the culture of consumerism or something else?

    From what I can tell, he never defines "culture".

  6. I also wonder why the "Washington Post" gives space to Mr. Donohue.

    Colleen, I agree with your analysis. I particularly like your take on Mel Gibson, "The Passion of the Christ," and Mr. Donohue. Yes, Mr. Gibson who had a private chapel built in his house so the Blessed Sacrament could be reserved there became an icon for the likes of Donohue. Oh, Mel what have you done?

    There is so much I disagree with in what Donohue wrote. The one comment I would make is that maybe the contempt that pro-life Catholics experience in this country is because they rant just like Bill Donahue. And then when the law and civil dialogue do not suit them, they resort to murder.

    When the "Washington Post" prints something like this they are no better than FOX News.

  7. What a hate filled individual--what would Jesus say about this, I wonder? I hate that he speaks for a whole faith (and others) in this detestable manner! Yuck.