Saturday, April 16, 2011

Words Of Explanation From An Incestuous Narcissistic Pedophile Bishop

Belgiums' Bishop Roger Vangheluwe, another one of Catholicism's narcissistic pedophile 'leaders'.  When will this end?


Belgian bishop admits abusing second nephew

 By Raf Casert - - 4/15/2011

A former Belgian bishop at the centre of one of the Roman Catholic church's biggest paedophile scandals says that he abused two nephews and insisted he had no plans to abandon the priesthood.

In his first television interview since the scandal broke a year ago, Roger Vangheluwe claimed he paid one nephew he abused for years tens of thousands of euros in support, but denied it was meant to keep him silent.
He called 13 years of sexual abuse of one nephew which started at age 5 as no more than "a little piece of intimacy". He said the abuse of a second nephew was very short. (One wonders if it was just 'a little piece of intimacy' why he paid thousands of dollars for it.)

He said he fully realised what he did was wrong, and often went to confession about it. The 74-year-old Vangheluwe resigned a year ago, just as the sex abuse scandal was spreading across Europe.

The acknowledgment of more abuse and his attempts to minimise its impact immediately caused an outcry. Vangheluwe said the 13-year abuse of his nephew "started as, I would call it, a game. And in fact it never went much beyond that," he told VT4 network.

"I had the strong impression that my nephew didn't mind at all. To the contrary," he said. "It was not brutal sex," Vangheluwe said. "I never used bodily, physical violence."

Walter Van Steenbrugge, the lawyer for the nephew, responded by saying that "knowing what happened, I want to ask him what he then understands to be brutal sex". He also denied Vangheluwe's claim that he paid the victim €25,000 several times over. (Apparently only sexual activity which inflicts pain on him.)

Justice Minister Stefaan De Clercq said in a statement the church authorities "had to take measures to stop the irresponsible behaviours of the former bishop". (Uhmmmm, these are criminal behaviors.)

"It is a slap in the face of his victims and all victims," De Clercq said.
Carina Van Cauter, of the parliamentary committee into sexual abuse, said Vangheluwe "tries to turn his victims into culprits. He throws salt in their wounds".

Vangheluwe complained in the hour-long VT4 interview that the church was targeted in abuse probes, and that other sectors like sports organisations were let off too easily. (Athletes don't claim to function 'in persona christi'.)

"Why is it different for priests than for other situations. Why should the church pay compensation and there is no compensation in other professions," he said. "The church should not be pushed in a special corner."
During the interview, Vangheluwe sat relaxed, sometimes had a smile dancing on his lips, a twinkle in his eye and shook his shoulders while trying to minimise his abuse.

He said that despite acknowledging the abuse, he would never willingly forsake his priesthood. He said he had made his vows and he would "not break them".

Vangheluwe was Belgium's longest-serving bishop when the scandal broke and was forced to admit he had abused his nephew, now in his early 40s, for years and even after becoming a bishop in 1984.
He said it started out at crowded family gatherings when lodgings were so cramped he had to sometimes share a bed with a child. "There was a moment when we were alone and it was almost a habit that it happened then," he said of the abuse.  (The minimizing of his behavior gets tedious, but this is a classic example of the behavior of a narcissistic pedophile.)

Vangheluwe said it ended when the nephew told him years later "rather forcefully" to stop it.
The abuse of the second nephew also happened in "the early period" when he had to share bunks "and it also happened a little bit"
A few years later the most of the family knew it.
Earlier this week, the Vatican used its new rules to crack down on sex abuse by high-ranking churchmen by ordering Vangheluwe to no longer work as a priest while officials determine his punishment.

Over the weekend, Belgian bishops reported that Vangheluwe had merely been sent outside the country for spiritual and psychological counselling. (And to avoid embarrassing criminal prosecution---a la Cardinal Law.)

The interview was set up in a secret location somewhere along the Loire river known for its grand chateaux and superb gardens in central France.
Sex abuse victims accuse the church of letting off the hook bishops who molested minors and see Vangheluwe's fate as a prime example.
Pope Benedict XVI will eventually decide his fate.   He could be stripped of his priesthood.  (This just makes me so mad.  Could be stripped of his priesthood? Odds are he will never be stripped of his priesthood.)


This is instructive to read because it exemplifies classic narcissistic thinking.  Actually, now that I think about it, only a real narcissist would give an hour length television interview under these circumstances. They really can't help themselves.  Lawyers hate defending narcissists for this reason, and I would not want to be put in a position where I had to defend this particular bishop in a court of real law--as opposed to the court of Canon Law.  I suspect if Vangheluwe had had access to his nieces the way he did his nephews, this might be a slightly different story.  We might be talking about his children as well as his sexual proclivities.

The one sentence that really gets to me is this one: "He said he fully realizes what he did was wrong and often went to confession about it."  My instinct is to think these kinds of confessions were more about having a safe place to brag about his activity rather than any real confession.  It certainly didn't change his behavior.  That didn't happen until his nephew threatened him.  I also find it hard to believe all the money he 'spent' on his nephew, wasn't just as much about keeping his nephew quiet as it was getting the nephew help.

I have written on numerous occasions that the priesthood as it's currently configured is a magnet for narcissists of varying stripes.  In point of fact, the way all our denominations are set up are magnets for narcissists.  They all provide a stage, a willing and motivated class of followers, and a theology of control and domination.  As long as Catholics tolerate the notion of 'self appointment' under the guise of 'being called to a vocation', we will continue to be afflicted with narcissistic leadership, and a fairly significant subset of those narcissists will be sexual abusers.  The seminary system is not designed to weed out narcissism.  If anything it's designed to confuse narcissism with charisma and there by reward narcissistic behavior.  Although the two are often present in the same individual, they are not the same.  Confusing them can be a monstrous mistake and can in fact lead to a narcissistic pedophile becoming a bishop, or in the case of Austria's Groer, a cardinal, or in the case of Maciel, 'an efficacious guide for youth'.  With the priest shortage the way it is, there is no motivation to correct this tendency.  

It's sad to say, but I know we will see more Vangheluwe's in Catholicisms' future.  That will be the saddest legacy of this current clerical abuse scandal:   That the clerical power brokers couldn't or wouldn't change the system and the abuse continued while the pews emptied.


  1. "Stripped of his priesthood"? How narcissistic is it when the worst punishment that the church can think of for an abusive cleric is defrocking? Not excommunication, not criminal trial, but making him a layman???

  2. The fact that the crowd in the Vatican didn't repudiate this man immediately after this display of hubris tells us everything we need to know about them.

  3. "Pope Benedict XVI will eventually decide his fate. He could be stripped of his priesthood. "

    The "fate" of this pedophile priest of darkness, as well PBXVI has already been decided, lest they sin no more: "It would have been better had he not been born."

  4. Vangheluwe revealed his abuse in a letter publicly announced in Belgium in April 2010. After a year, the Belgian bishops are outraged. After a year, the concerned Vatican is mulling it over and needs time to figure out what should be done. Meanwhile, they have directed Vangheluwe to leave town in Church officials' traditional response to abusers who have been caught. Apparently, it is his attitude expressed this month, not his acts he reported a year ago, that disturb officials. V. is clearly as sick as he was decades ago. This may tell us more about today's Pope and Vatican than about Vangelhuwe.

  5. I am not surprised. Someone like Vangheluwe is incapable of remorse or of seeing the wrongness of his actions. Isn't the scandal to the laity enough cause to get Vangheluwe out of the clergy? He really also ought to be facing criminal charges as well, but I am not sure if he could still be prosecuted under Belgium's laws for his abuse. I suspect he gave an interview as he wants to stay in the public eye and doesn't think he did anything wrong.

  6. If the worst that could happen for a cleric is to be "reduced to the lay state," what does that say about the institution's view of the laity?

  7. Men Behaving Badly Week here is as terrifying as Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. With sharks I know I can stay out of trouble by staying out of the sea.


  8. The whole concept of being 'reduced' to the laity speaks volumes about why our current conceptualization of the priesthood draws narcissists. How much bigger an ego trip can there be than believing you stand in place of Jesus and are 'ontologically' superior to the people to whom you minister?

  9. As disgusting as this is, it is somewhat of a relief that criminals such as this Belgian bishop are publically revealing what sociopaths they are.

    The hypocrisy of so many other bishops who shuffled the Vangheluwes of the world to other parishes for a fresh set of kiddies to abuse is rather comical---the red lacy skirts are just a blur in the distance as these bishops can't run away from Vangheluwe fast enough. Funny that they weren't running at all until Vangheluwe actually came out and said what he thinks (no big deal, the kids enjoy it!).

    When you begin to re-frame your point of reference and view the hierarchy as filled with narcissists and sociopaths, suddenly their despicable behavior in hiding and shuffling the pervert priests becomes just what you would expect of them.

    I find it damning that the nobody in Vangheluwe's family came forward years ago to say he was a pedophile pervert--and perhaps save other victims from the fate of the two nephews. Apparently they must not have thought it to be that big a deal, either. Thank goodness the actual victims had the courage to come forward.

  10. This interview is very revealing. This very sick man, and I that just as a matter of fact, shows just how sick the current clerical system is. He cannot or will not see the violence of his actions or how they so undermine the very foundations of his chosen life commitments as to render him personally a peria and his as mere scam... Well, another layer of the onion is being pealed. Off to the next for there are many more to go...

  11. Jamez, you are so right about this being one layer on an onion that has a whole lot more layers to go.