Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Change To An Enlightened Commenting System

After giving this some thought I have decided to switch to Disqus as a commenting system.  I had a number of reasons for the switch, the primary one having been my own difficulties with the Captcha system for Blogger.  I also began to seriously appreciate being able to track my own comments on blogs and webzines that use the Disqus system.   Then there is the fact editing comments on Disqus is much simpler, which it isn't simple at all on Blogger.  I also like the fact readers can flag comments they find inappropriate by clicking on the arrow in the upper right hand corner.  I will be notified when a comment is flagged.

For those who haven't used Disqus before, you do have to register with the system, but it's easy.  For that matter installing the system on this blog was much easier than I had anticipated.  The good thing is that once registered you will never have to bother with a Captcha or security code ever again.  Thank God.

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