Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ireland Receives More Vatican Blessings

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin is learning the Vatican does not share his worldview when it comes to bishop accountability.

Does this story which came to light two days ago have anything to do with this story?  I suspect it might.
The first link announces that plaintiffs in a law suit against the Vatican had decided to drop their law suit.  The following excerpt explains what the basis of their law suit was:

"Unlike other suits against the Vatican, which typically charge Rome with direct responsibility for priestly misconduct, the O’Bryan case focused instead on Rome’s relationship with local bishops. It asserted that the bishops are “employees” or “agents” of the Vatican, and hence the Vatican is liable for their negligent supervision of abuser priests.

A couple of days later, the Vatican announces in a paragraph at the end of letter from Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin to the priests of the Archdiocese that the resignations of two bishops who were implicated in the Dublin abuse investigation were not accepted by the Vatican:

 In a letter sent this week to priests and other Dublin church officials, Dr Martin said: “Following the presentation of their resignations to Pope Benedict, it has been decided that Bishop Eamonn Walsh and Bishop Raymond Field will remain as auxiliary bishops.”

   A spokesman for the Catholic Church in Ireland confirmed last night that both bishops would remain as auxiliary bishops with new duties.
 “This means that they will be available to administer confirmation in any part of the (Dublin) diocese in the coming year,” he added.

Needless to say this has caused an uproar in Ireland and not just amongst survivors of clerical abuse and their supporters.  It's also caused speculation that Archbishop Martin himself is being reigned in as in this opinion piece from today's Irish Independent:

In May, the sense that more goes on than meets the eye intensified when Dr Martin told the Knights of St Columbanus, in an address, that "strong forces" in the Catholic Church wanted the truth about clerical sex abuse scandals to remain hidden. The Archbishop of Dublin confided then that he had never felt so disheartened and dejected since assuming the post six years ago. It is unlikely that he has had reason to cheer up in the past day or two.

I've written in the past that the Vatican treatment of Archbishop Martin would tell more about how seriously the Vatican was willing to take reform of the hierarchy than any uttering from Pope Benedict.  We have our answer.  The Vatican walk is the opposite of the Vatican talk.  Of course they won't walk this walk if nasty little law suits implicating the Vatican are still in force.  Or maybe the timing of these two stories is just a coincidence. 

There are now hints that Benedict will meet with another group of survivors when he goes to Britain in September.  So hints Archbishop Nichols.  The question is exactly what difference do these meetings make, other than to appease the guilty consciences of the true believers.  As far as accountability in the hierarchy, the answer is none.  The show will go on the way it's always gone on, that is unless a bishop is caught red handed in actual abuse and his activity is exposed in the media.  As far as the collusion and cover up, that activity still has the green light as there has been no statement from any conference of bishops or the Vatican itself that holds bishops accountable for this behavior.  That precedent was set by the USCCB at it's Dallas convention in 2002.  Anyone who still truly believes this Vatican is capable of real reform is delusional.  I feel badly for Archbishop Martin.  Reality sucks.

Speaking of reality, here's an update about another conservative Catholic cult formed around a very sick Spanish cleric that was allowed to foster unchecked by the clerical overseers in the Vatican.  Miles Jesu superiors.  I have written about Miles Jesu previously.  I think it's safe to say the way Miles Jesu has been dealt with has been a test run for the Legion.  It should come as no surprise that Bishop Olmstead of Phoenix and Cardinal George of Chicago were absolutely no help for the victims of this group.  In fact it was just the opposite.  Shock and awe. 

The big question now for the survivors of Miles Jesu is whether or not the Vatican's concern will be extended to past members abused by this group, or whether it will only be extended to current members.  My advice is don't fire your lawyers just yet.  Lawyers seem to be the only People of God for which the hierarchy has ears to hear.


  1. Colleen-

    1) The Miles Jesu scenario should come as no surprise to you or me. Mere superficial damage control. They are ONLY concerned with two things: MONEY & CONTROL.

    If you will not give them $$ plus your blind obedience uber alles, Anathema Sit!

    2) If you want a snapshot of what Opus Dei thinks & wants, watch EWTN (with a barf bag handy). Bearing in mind that they have had complete control over the Vatican for some time now.

    You will observe collective amnesia about the THOUSANDS of sex abuse cases in Ireland on EWTN. But plenty of Opus Dei types from Ireland & the UK as presenters. As if nothing happened at all.

    It's the 'fiddle-dee-diddly-dee' mentality of: 'Oh and the priests are grand, we have beautiful mass, & all tis grand'. Complete denial of reality. On a spiritual & societal basis. Or at least that is what THEY want you to think.

    ...actually, they do not want you to think. They want to to pay & obey......and pray to Ratzinger.

    This is obviously 100% the opposite of the reality in Ireland. If you meet recent Irish immigrants - just ASK them what they think of the Church back home.

    You will get an earful.....and NOT the mind-altered rhetoric heard on EWTN. Most of the Irish now want nothing to do with the Church.

    Anon Y. Mouse

  2. ...and furthermore....

    I would strongly suggest the reading of the book/watching of the film.'Angela's Ashes'. If you want to understand what was REALLY going on in Irish Catholic society.

    The human cruelty & brutality which both cleric & lay visited upon the poor is made very plain. Viewed & treated as scum. The laity (both rich & poor) learned this from the clergy. Abuse - acted out & learned, intergenerationally in Irish society.

    My point is not to bash the Irish. Rather I truly pity them, as some of the worst societal victims of the Roman Catholic Administration. Who kept that nation spiritual & psychological/cultural prisoners.

    Instead of correctly teaching the Gospel, which liberates man from selfishness - the root cause of abuse.

    Anon Y.Mouse

  3. Mouse it's becoming apparent that most of the people in the West want nothing to do with the Opus Dei version of Catholicism. Clerical Whispers has articles outlining the decline of Church participation in Ireland, Italy, and Austria. The numbers indicate that by the time Millenials reach their forties Catholicism in the West will be virually meaningless in this reality and spiritually impotent in the Greater Reality.

    Which of course, is the whole idea.

  4. Mouse has put his finger on it:

    Blind obedience über alles!

    And these folks can hardly see the degree to which they continually call for this, assent to this, and even the degree to which they are co-opted into promoting it. Just yesterday I ran across a priest promoting "internalized vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience" in the guise of it being integral to the "Universal Priesthood" of our Baptism. And honestly I suspect the guy was doing this innocently... but following Vatican orders nonetheless. The day before I had pointed out to him how he was engaging in clericalism (also "unwittingly" I think) by calling it the "universal priesthood of the laity. Um.... no, in both cases!

    I'm tired of never-ending, even covert, ways of trying to get us all to be "obedient". The blind leading the blind.... (But the priest didn't see what was plain as day to me ... it was, of course, "my problem" for lack of something or another....)

  5. Did you see, Mouse, that an 80 year old Irish grandmother is calling for a boycott of Mass on Sept 26th? See Bilgrimage...

    Oh, and yes, you're right... everything in Ireland is "just so grand!"

  6. To quote St. Molly Ivins:

    "What you need is sustained outrage...there's far too much unthinking respect given to authority."

    Jim McCrea

  7. O/T

    Interesting statement regarding the proposed NYC mosque in lower Manhattan near site of WTC:

    Faith in Public LIfe: Press Release:
    Top Religious Leaders Denounce Growing Anti-Muslim Sentiment; Express Support for NY Mosque, Community Center

    "It's simply wrong for Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin to malign all Muslims by comparing this cultural center and mosque with a radical ideology that led to the horrific attacks of 9-11," said Sister Simone Campbell, Executive Director of NETWORK, A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby. "We fail to honor those killed by terrorists when we betray the bedrock principle of religious freedom that has guided our democracy for centuries."

    Catholics seem to be represented by just Women Religious, Jesuits, and university professors. Not really the USCCB's sort of crowd.


  8. @ Jim McCrea

    "sustained outrage"?

    We Irish know how to do that. Try 300 years of troubles.

    Has anyone here ever visited the great cathedrals of France? Did you notice the statues that were beheaded at the time of the revolution? Do you know what happened to Notre Dame de Paris and how it was used by Napoleon?


    Now your word verification is scaring me: idiefor

  9. Admittedly, I didn't see this coming, but I should have: Whenever Benedict is given an opportunity to undermine the Vatican's already tattered credibility, he takes it. It's like a rule.

    There have been some suggesting that Archbishop Martin should resign in protest. I don't know if I agree with that, but it would sure send a message.

  10. I don't that the Vatican is capable of hearing that kind of real message, at least in the sense they would give a damn.

    I think the Opus Dei version of Roman Catholicism will roll merrily along until the vast majority of Catholics in the West act on what they intuitively know: hierarchical Roman Catholicism has very little to do with Jesus Christ and everything to do with religious fascism at the service of secular power.

  11. Colleen-

    Those who have been paying attention will note that Opus Dei has been trying to undermine the politics/government of the US for quite some time. Since their 'official establishment' in the US c.1940. But unofficially they were working here in the 30s.

    Need I remind anyone of Fr. Charles Coughlin? Or the American Nazi party & like Fascist entites? The alleged attempt at a Fascist coup in the 30s?

    Since then they have become more subtle (if you can call it that...). It would seem that they solidified their hold on the political realm here with the Reagan administration.

    Oh, they want & are getting their smaller,purified churches - as NOBODY is going to church anymore! Aside from the occasional megachurch (which have OD links), and the occasional big suburban parish.

    While they have downsized the churches (all denominations) they are working on making drooling radical conservatives out of hicks & suits alike! Whatever positive open, critical thinking was in our universities left over from the 50s & 60s is now gone. Professors of that mode have been fired or retired.

    The kids of the 60s & early 70s were overwhelmingly opposed to the Vietnam War. Now they are lining up to be cannon fodder in two never ending wars. Partly due to ideological brainwashing. And partly to do with the lack of any real jobs.

    Sarah Palin is their would be (and carefully manufactured) messiah. It is irrelevant that she does not understand the words she is told to say. We have seen since the 2008 campaign similar droids like Bobby Jindal arise. And the incredible & unconsciounable support for Sheriff Arpaio.

    Shall we start singing hymns to St. Francisco Franco now?

    Anon Y. Mouse