Thursday, October 3, 2013

More Up Is Down From The GOP Leadership And It's Evangelical Supporters

Oh those lab coats make this Up is Down trick much more believable.

Here's another example from today of just how low the Republican Party is willing to go in it's Up is Down and Down is Up campaign.  This one is so twisted it should make a person dizzy and then sick.

House GOP Pleads For Funding For Kids With Cancer After Canceling Research For Kids With Cancer

 Jennifer Bendery - Huffington Post - 10/3/2103
WASHINGTON -- The politics behind the government shutdown reached a new level of absurdity on Thursday as a group of conservative House Republicans -- the same ones refusing to fund the government unless Obamacare is delayed or defunded -- pleaded with Democrats to pass a bill only funding services for children with cancer. (This is just so twisted and obscene I can't believe these so called politicians are actually attempting this stunt.)

Dressed in lab coats, members of the Republican Doctors Caucus made the case that pediatric cancer research trials at the National Institutes of Health deserve to be funded, even if the rest of the government is not. (You should have thought about this before you shutdown the government.)
"There are times that the private sector cannot be reasonably expected to do the research and development needed because the issue, the syndrome, the disease, might be so rare that it is economically prohibitive," said Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Ind.), whose son suffers from Angelman Syndrome, a rare neurogenetic disorder.
"I ask the president himself to stop this nonsense," said Rokita. "Let us help people. Let us help children. Please." (Especially his child.)

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.), a former nurse, choked up as she described the tears of parents learning that their children have cancer. She said it's up to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to help those families by passing the GOP bill. (Really?  Why don't you just go back and vote to fund the government?)
 "Don't take hope away from those families. Don't take hope away from those moms," Ellmers said. "Let's give hope back to those families. I'll tell you, Sen. Reid, you will not sleep until that happens." (The better question is how are you sleeping at night after agreeing to pose in this obvious and ridiculous attempt to blame Reid for your vote in which you helped shut down the government and stopped the NIH from helping kids with cancer.)

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) also joined the group. She talked about how she has a son with Down syndrome.
"I've learned so much about the cutting-edge research and the potential, the breakthroughs that we're on the verge of discovering," McMorris Rodgers said. "Let's keep that going." (Here's another one whose child will benefit from this sudden Republican concern for sick kids.)

Of course, House Republicans could also agree to just fund the government and end the shutdown today, which would allow those clinical trials to resume, along with everything else. If House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) put a "clean" funding bill on the floor, with no strings attached, there are already enough Republicans willing to join Democrats to pass it. From there, the bill would sail through the Senate and get signed into law by President Barack Obama, ending the shutdown. But so far, under pressure from tea party conservatives to keep pushing for Obamacare-related concessions, Boehner has given no indication he's prepared to do that..... (Apparently Boehner would rather give his Tea Party faction more rope to embarrass his party and slit their own throats.)

.....For all their talk that NIH funding should be restored in this case, House Republicans have done a terrible job funding the agency in recent years.

In 2010, Cantor himself proposed a $1.3 billion cut to NIH. The 2011 House Republican budget also sought to cut $1.6 billion from the agency. In House Republicans' 2013 budget proposal put forward by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), cuts to the agency's budget approached 20 percent.

Still, when asked Thursday about the bill to restore funding to the NIH, Cantor said he's "been insistent on making as a priority funding for the NIH, and specifically funding for pediatric medical research."

"When you have somebody young and have a whole life that potentially could be ahead of that child, I don't think there are many things, as a priority for us, as humans. (Certainly funding the government in total isn't a priority for the Tea Party.)


I have nothing to really add to the this article.  I am in a state of shock that we have politicians that would stoop to this level, using sick kids, to attempt to blame the Democrats for the fact it was these very same 'noble' Republicans who voted to shutdown the government, causing the problem in the first place. 

But if that wasn't enough, there is also the news that the religious right part of the Tea Party, those Evangelical Christians associated with the New Apostolic Reformation are calling for a military take over of the country.  Here's the stirring words of Rick Joyner from a radio show "Prophetic Perspectives"  broadcast on September 30th, as quoted in an article by Bruce Wilson at the blog Talk to Action.

I mean, there's no way our Republic can last much longer. It may not last through Obama's second term. There are a lot of people that feel, you know, it can't. There are forces right now seeking to undermine and to destroy the Republic. There's almost a glib and almost a joyful disregard of the constitution, and a belittling of the constitution. We can't make it without that -- that's our foundation, our moorings. We're heading for serious tyranny....Since it is this faction of the Republican Party which has made it their mission to undermine and destroy the government, this is another stunning example of Up is Down and Down Is Up reality.)
......I think we've been used in some wonderful and powerful ways by God, we've been one of the most generous nations in history, we've done so much good -- and that's why I appeal to the Lord -- don't let us be totally destroyed. Please, raise up those who will save us. And as I start telling friends from a long time that no election's going to get the right person in there that can restore us because the system is so broken, so undermined right now -- the whole system.
I believe our only hope is a military takeover: martial law.

I haven't been writing too much about the NAR and it's agenda to infiltrate the military for quite awhile, but maybe it's time to remind readers that this agenda is very real and this call for a military takeover is what this agenda has always been about and why the NAR has spent so much capital and effort on the Air Force Academy specifically and the military in general.  It's about creating a fascist Christian theocracy through a military takeover.  I think I've seen this kind of thing enacted in Catholic countries far too often and always with disastrous results for the 'little people'.  The fact there are real groups with real power hell bent on the same kind of the thing in this country is an ugly thought.  It's an up is down and down is up kind of thought.  It's crazy, and yet it really could become our reality if people don't wake up.  The Tea Party GOP is all too real to ignore the NAR agenda.  Can anyone say Sarah Palin?


  1. George, you don't think we have real problems in the States? How complacent of you.

  2. The 'both parties are wrong' is suddenly the new mantra. Unfortunately it's not true since Obamacare is really Romneycare.

  3. Yes, just as someone who has skin cancer has real cancer but isn't nearly as close to death as someone who's been diagnosed with a tumor in his pancreas or liver or brain.

  4. I've been thinking for a while that there are the makings of a civil war in the polarized stand-off that has afflicted our country in the past 6 years or so. And there are some folks who it seems would rejoice in such a war. I doubt if their
    children would be in harm's way from it.

  5. George, many people die of skin cancer. Many people also die of fright and it doesn't seem to matter where they live on the planet. Plenty of problems all around the globe.

    And, btw, how old are? Are you close to death compared to someone older than you?

    Maybe your comment just speaks about your ignorance more than it does about any intelligence, which you seem to want to cast aside as belonging to just you and where you are on the globe.

    I am grateful that God is not so concerned about where we live as to how we live.

  6. Did you actually read anything of what I said?
    My age is none of your business.
    Thanks for the insinuation; mighty Xtian of you.
    More glad to be an atheist every day.
    I am grateful that I don't have to listen the old ladies of both sexes telling me how to live my life. And I'm absolutely certain that I live better, more consistently and more morally than either Ratzinger or the grey haired ladies in pants suits on any bus.

  7. Good for you George, glad you live well. Hope you begin to use your mind a little!

  8. They act as though the NIH funding is the only thing in the Budget that affects people in a life-or-death way! Idiots! Just another photo op! Fund the government, for pity's sake! @ Franny: they said the ACA was "not working" before it went into effect! I guess, technically, that's true...

  9. I strongly encourage you to read and share this link. Thank you!!

  10. You're right, moabie. That's exactly what t-publicans said about ACA before it went into effect. Pretty insane. I think that Obama caved into the t-partiers regarding our health care and the t-party is such that if you give them an inch they will take a mile.

  11. George, you obviously missed my point. Life is very precious and none of us knows how much time we have. I don't really care if you are an atheist or not or what age you are. From your comment you do not sound grateful for much. There are some Christians who may as well be atheists because nihilism seems to make them want to dance and party, such as the T-publicans.

  12. Actually I think, if they ever told the truth, we have a large number of agnostics/atheists in bright colors in Rome passing themselves off as religious exemplars.

  13. Thanks rdp46; passive-aggressive seems to be helping you with your faith in a wonderfully pathetic way.

    Very glad I don't have to pay money to go hear closet cases in silk robes-and I mean both the "Traddies" and the "Progressives" like John Dear, sj. What a freak show!

  14. Glad you don't pay money to hear people in silk robes either. John Dear SJ, however does not wear those robes and although he is not always most helpful, he is honest in what he says, and is not at all the freak you seem to believe him to be. Passive aggressive, that is the first time I have been called that in years. Name calling weather it be freak or passive aggressive is rarely accurate nor is it usually helpful.

  15. A freak is anyone too pathetic to get out of an organization that preaches he/she is "objectively disordered". Anyone who's ever met him and heard him know he's gay and he not only stays within the Catholic Church but became a Jesuit priest as a profession. How pathetic, how freaky, do you have to be to not only sign up for more abuse but agree to preach it to make a living?