Friday, January 24, 2014

Mike Huckabee: No GOP War On Women........LMAO

I get that the GOP has a 'woman problem' and are really trying hard to respin the Democrats 'war on women' meme which was quite successful in 2012.  But now I'm beginning to see that rather than having a 'woman problem' the GOP has a 'dumb male' problem.....except that for some of the faux politician type 'dumb males' like Mike Huckabee, pretending to be a dumb male and directly appealing to the idiocies of other dumb males enhances the donations to one's personal PAC. It's kind of amazing how many GOP faux politicians are making a good living off personal PAC's.  Not so dumb after all.

Huckabee Doubles Down On Women Can't Control Libidos Comment

Talking Points Memo - Livewire - 1/24/2014
Not only is former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) not apologizing for saying Democrats think women can't control their reproductive system without the help of the government, he's fundraising off those comments.

"I am apparently the worst conservative ever or at least the most annoying one according to the left wingers in Washington today," Huckabee wrote in his regular email to supporters Thursday night. "My remarks to the RNC today were immediately jumped on and blown sky high by hand-wringing, card carrying liberals from coast to coast, some of them in the media."  (Not just liberals Mike.  A lot of women weren't too happy with you.)

The email came hours after the former Arkansas governor, during a speech at the Republican National Committee's winter meeting, said Democrats "insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control, because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government." (Mike, you just insulted the intelligence and moral integrity of all women by insisting we are blindly led around by liberals and cannot control our sex drive.  Personally, I would say it is conservative men who are blindly led around by histrionics of white male conservative mouth pieces and whose inability to control their own libido must be blamed on women.  Just sayin')

In the email Huckabee also asks for donations to his political action committee so his critics can look at the committee's fundraising and "say see we told you so."
"Guess what liberals? If you can't stand to look at yourself in the mirror, then get ready for more of this talk, because conservatives are going to continue to fight back against your destructive policies towards women and families," Huckabee continued in the email. (Maybe Mike spends too much time looking at himself in the mirror.


I don't know about anyone else, but I for one just can't wait for more GOP talking points which purport to save us from the destructive policies of the Dems towards women and families.  Especially when the GOP defense is all about demeaning the intellectual and moral integrity of women.  I guess I just don't have the intellectual capacity to see how this male 'rational logic' works. Maybe it's a certain type of male, one who is neither rational or logical, for this to make sense.  I'm sure Mike will continue to enlighten me.


  1. Mike Huckabee sounds like he should have been Bishop Huckabee appointed by Ratzinger!

  2. Thanks for bringing this morsel of inanity to my attention. Most of my relatives are republicans who are embarrassed by the cultural right wing... it's always good to have a few talking points when we get together.

  3. Yes, Mike sure is so enlightening a man to all of us hand-wringing, card carrying liberals from coast to coast, and all those women who can't control their libido, and some in the media. Democrats must be like Uncle Sugar for being on the side of women and families. I vote for Uncle Sugar rather than Uncle Scrooge. What a way to get donations to his PAC to insult American families further. He's feeding himself at the trough of ignorance for donations to get rich quick & doing nothing to improve family life for Americans.

    This sort of talk from Huckabee about women sure does not convince me to be a Huckabee or a Republican supporter. Do any of you know where I can get that liberal card? I never got one and if Mike says there is a liberal card I can carry out there, well, by golly, then there sure has to be one!!

  4. There goes Huckabee mansplaining to women how they should feel.

  5. I think the Huckster has on all those gems already Sylvester. He is an ordained Southern Baptist preacher man.

  6. I doubt his money chasing is going to open any eyes and hearts. Politics is just another version of the prosperity gospel for a certain form of Repub.

  7. I'm beginning to feel sorry for real conservatives, having been one in a past life. Talk about being abandoned orphans.

  8. Uncle Scrooge LOL. Great comment.

    Maybe the liberal card is a social security card, or maybe medicare, or maybe an Obamacare insurance card. OH Wait, it must be an EBT card.

  9. Kathy, mansplainin' is such a good word. It needs to be resurrected I think.

  10. Actually Dennis, the Huckster needs to read Pope Francis' take on women to see how to get a similar message across without insulting women.

  11. Well said Fran especially the Uncle Scrooge comment, but check out what one of our great astrophysicist is saying.

  12. Perhaps a better feed for above.

  13. Are Republicans like Huckabee aware that they are outright projecting or what? It has always seemed that the effort to provide people with access to reproductive health services was to expand their tool box of choices to do so. Republicans on the other hand have been advancing legislation that shores up the coercive power of the state in its effort to CONTROL their reproductive choices such that no male seed will not have been spilled in vein. From what I read here it seems that Republicans are the ones who see this overwhelmingly through a lens of control and are projecting that myopic on the actions of a strawman other - namely Democrats...

  14. Thanks for that link. The astrophysicist, Neil de Grasse Tyson, was a delight to listen to. This country has been dumbing itself down with inequality on many fronts. There's been a lack of vision for too long. Fixed answers and no questions asked. People seem to have acquired the notion of a fixed and never moving universe that is not evolving. That is manifested in an obstructionism of freedom to think, dream or imagine. Such a view is manifested in economic policies of an understanding of gravity & linking it with the notion of trickle down economics as a viable program.

    He said "I feel the fading of our nation" and I most certainly do too, as many who frequent this blog probably do too. We grew up in a time in which it was ok to dream of going to the moon and making that happen. It was ok to dream of peace, imagine it and sing about it. Now it seems there is just sharp criticism & condemnation for thinking & questioning past what is the accepted norm or status quo & a clinging to ignorance & stagnant notions, a sterile view of the universe that is unconscious even of what it can see.

    Now we are using our latest technology to spy on people and towards regulating access to the internet just to make more money, which will further exclude & create more inequality for those without the means to pay to be able to see Bill Moyers blog, for example. The national vision has become so dark and like a brick wall that needs chipping through so that some light can come into our country's consciousness again.

    The focus on dark matter, which is not matter, it is something which cannot even be defined yet is most interesting & still to be discovered, if I am understanding what Neil has said.

    I have found that questions are very important. They are important in science & philosophy. I found questions will lead to an answer and always to another question. In politics, for example, or in the law, the questions made in a court case & how they are framed or formed & the freedom of conscience one has can make the difference between winning or losing a case, of being able to provide true justice or bring injustice.

    If judging by inequality's standards & from ignorance is the norm and status quo of a nation's leaders & its voters, it can only beget laws that are notions of inequality & ignorance which in turn just leads to the insane, absurd and unrealistic and inhumane sort of "answers" such as Earth is flat & that is that.

    "You don't want unequal access to education" So true, because it dumbs us all down, drags us all down, it depletes the human resources as well as the energy and time of the entire nation and has an affect on the rest of the world too in a negative way.

    Thanks again for the link. I watched Part I, II & III. I love this kind of stuff. It gets me thinking a lot. I hope what I have said makes some kind of sense & contributes something positive to the discussion.

  15. IOW, he is a Neanderthal man with a bible & a PAC for Neanderthals.

  16. The more cards & birth control pills from Uncle Sugar one carries, the bigger the libido & the more liberal I guess to Uncle Scrooge. I don't seem to have enough cards or any birth control pills to carry to even be considered a true card carrying or pill carrying liberal.

    Must be so hard for the Uncle Scrooge types to see that money going to Seniors who worked and earned those social security checks & all that medicare going to others, which is not sent directly to their PAC's instead.

    Heaven forbid there be a card of any sort other than credit cards that charge way too much interest, which is usury. I guess this is the only acceptable kind of card that is ok to carry & worth wringing his Huckster hands about as he looks in his mirror.

  17. Fran I am glad you went to this feed as it tells us so much from the scientific perspective. This scientist sees our society in a crucial time in which we must choose progress and true education with critical thinking or become a second rate nation even retreating to a third world status.

    I think the darkness (dark matter is more like gravity or a pull) that you see in us as a society is simply the pull toward greed and envy. The Churches are refusing to talk about it but the evolution of ethical standards went from the law of Hammurabi (if some one does something bad to you, do 10 times worse to them), to the Jewish Tarot, (that should be read JUST an eye for an eye) to the Christian teaching of “love of enemies” and “if a man asks for your coat give him your shirt as well.” Yet Christians particularly RCC Bishops are not attempting to practice or preach this Christian ethical standard and our society is retreating to greed and more and more (vindictiveness) back to the law of Hammurabi. We must understand that the leadership of our church is contributing to that slide. Even Pope Francis, while a decent man contributes if he takes the position that he must “go slow” to change things and if he fears to communicate with the critical thinkers of our times. This is the position the Church always has taken, yet society is much more dynamic and will either progress or slide downwards.

    So it is worse than just a lack of critical thinking that may fuel our society to continue to make poor choices, it is the glorifying of predatory greedy capitalism that will put so many resources in the hands of so few and the inability to understand or care that this type of behavior is indeed unpatriotic and anti-christian. Yes the anti-christ is here and he is in our church and our politics. Perhaps society will continue to make this very bad choice and it is our children and us in our old age that will suffer the consequences, or perhaps not. We shall see over time.

  18. Good questions. It looks to me that we are living in a time of the repeat of the last century with all there was to fight for and against in the last century, only we are not in the last century. It is why people are resorting to the old attitudes of fear, building bomb shelters, joining fascist militias, stockpiling food, buying gold, instead of the focus on the Beatitudes. For the same reasons. They will follow their leaders. Just like they followed Hitler or Stalin or Mao or Franco or some other whack job who caused so much death and destruction.

    It is an omen as I see the peace doves devoured in flight. The peace doves are being silenced, shut out, driven away by the war hawks. We are not free to fly without these hawks who want to take away all our freedom. Snowden, the whistleblower, is one of those peace doves in the secular world. John Dear, SJ, is the Church's peace dove that has been driven out. How many more signs do we need? How many more oil spills or gas pipelines need to explode for people to get the message. How many more hurricanes or extreme weather and droughts do we need to tell us that fossil fuels are killing us, drowning us? How many more Fukushima's must we endure before we do away with this type of energy? How many more people will die of food poisoning before we accept any more food from China? How many wars before we realize how much of a dead end they are for all of us?

    People seem to be asleep when it comes to even thinking about how man-made these issues are and they can safely be addressed. How long before people wake up?

    I don't know. Some days I hear positive signs and other days it looks very bleak. Seems people would rather sleep.

  19. Here is a link to dark energy, dark matter. I know even less after reading this though.

  20. Still not sure what will indeed happen, but I do see that the glass is half full as well as half empty. I can only hope and ask others such as you Fran to make the critical analysis and not be dumbed down by network news and the greedy .2%. How can we get people to really act in their own interests and the interests of society as a whole? How can we get our message across. I think the closing down of comments on NCR is not in the interests of truth. Yes there were those who showed their vindictive and greedy sides and they did try and sometimes successfully hurt others. I used to use my full name on that board but found too many hate phone messages on my business phone. These people must not be allowed to stifle those searching for truth. As Dr. de Grasse Tyson tells us, it is really up to society to chose whether they will be critical thinkers or controlled; weather society progresses or move backward.

  21. There are a number of exaggerations and misstatements in this piece. First, the idea that Romero had "sided with violent death squads" is offensive. I understand that he is seen to have gone an about face, but this description is grotesque. Second, Romero did not cancel all Masses in the country following Fr. Grande's death. El Salvador consists of various dioceses and Romero presided over just one of them. It would be like claiming that the Archbishop of New York could cancel all the masses in the U.S. The idea that Romero halted construction of the San Salvador Cathedral is an urban legend. Romero made numerous appeals for funds for the construction of the Church, which he pressed with great interest. The claim that Romero personally searched for bodies at the trash dump is also a tall tale. He certainly did a lot to investigate these cases, but he did not go himself. It is also false that John Paul decided to remove Romero, much less that he signed the order on March 24. John Paul's secretary has revealed that the Pope took Romero's side when others accused him, which is consistent with accounts in Romero's diary. Romero met with the Pope four times during the three years that he was Archbishop, which alone refutes any notion of papal "neglect." No one admires Archbishop Romero more than this writer. He was a great prophet and martyr. However, these heavy handed castings of his story are a disservice and will allow those who oppose Romero to suppose that his story is not worth believing.

  22. Yes, elected in '80, inaugurated in '81. Carter had certainly laid some groundwork by the time Reagan ran with it.

  23. It is most unfortunate that NCR has closed down the comments. Much of the excitement of reading the new articles online is from what one can learn in the comments section.

    I'm sorry to hear about idiots who say they are practicing Catholics that called you and left hate messages on your phone. That is a terrible thing and a poor reflection of the Catholic Church, the part of it that is repressive and regressive and unChrist-like.

    If NCR is a progressive Catholic publication and those who are progressive in their thinking would like a place to discuss the issues, then why has it allowed the repressive elements to belittle and demean those who want to learn and move forward? They have allowed it for too long. NCR should open up the comments for those who are not vindictive or mean in their comments. Perhaps only progressives should be allowed to comment in a progressive publication. Progressives should not be attacked day in and day out in a progressive Catholic publication and NCR should do something to correct that rather than shut down all the comments.