Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing In The New And Opening The Tabernacle

I am very excited because tonight, 1/1/01, is the opening of a brand new website. It's a cooperative venture amongst six of us progressive blogger types. It's title is The Open Tabernacle and I truly hope that is exactly what it will be for progressive Catholics and any other spiritual seekers who search for an open progressive oasis in the desert of the mostly conservative blogosphere.

I especially want to encourage any of my readers who wish to add their own articles or have found an especially interesting link to contact myself or one of the other editors. The whole idea is that the Tabernacle is open, and that means to everybody.

Rest assured that I will continue full bore with Enlightened Catholicism while adding my two cents worth to the Open Tabernacle. I have great hope for this new blog for purely selfish reasons--I still miss the old NCRcafe. I hope you look it over and actually like it. If not for the articles, at least for the links!

Finally I'd really like to thank Terence Weldon for the all the work he's put into the technical aspects of getting The Open Tabernacle up and running. If he hadn't been gently cracking the whip the grand opening might have been 1/1/11.


  1. bookmarked!

    good luck, God bless, and happy new year!

  2. Thanks for the announcement, Colleen. the WP Bogstats show clearly that several of your readers have already made the crossing and had a look.

  3. Oh my - how did I not know about this blog? And I am honored to find my own blog on the blogroll there.

    I am promoting the Open Tabernacle on my blog now and on FB.