Thursday, December 13, 2012

Is This All Just A Coincidence Or Is It Really About WHINESEC And Drones??

I kind of think this kind of protesting has more to do with recent disciplinary actions than women's ordination.

I find it somewhat beyond coincidental that three people associated with protesting the School of the Americas, now known as the Western Hemisphere Institute For Security Cooperation (WHINESEC) have been disciplined by various parts of the Church since President Obama was re elected.  These three include Fr Roy Bourgeios on November 19th;  92 year old Fr Bill Brennan a Milwaukee Jesuit on December 5th; and earlier this week Dominican sister Maureen McDonnell.  The official reasons given were participation in the women's ordination movement in the case of the two priests, and the advocacy of 'new ageism' in the case of Sr McDonnell and three others associated with the spiritual center Wisdom's Well.  In the justification for the four women, amongst other issues, Morlino cited the New Age "paradigm shift away from the dominance of masculinity and patriarchy to a celebration of femininity, in individuals and in society.”  

On the surface these actions would seem to be about 'feminism' and attempts to equal the playing field between the genders within the Church.  At least on the surface.  I just can't stop thinking about the other issue they all have in common, and not so coincidentally so does Bishop Robert Morlino--WHINESEC.  Morlino was appointed by President Bush to the Board of Overseers in 2005.  Sr McDonnell engaged with others, in a 25 hour prayer vigil outside Diocesan headquarters shortly after Morlino's appointment. She called his appointment 'a real betrayal.' 

The Vatican has always had an interest in the SOA beginning with JPII and has cozy relationship with President Ronald Reagan and Reagan's CIA.  The mutual concern was marxism in Latin America, and neither partner seemed much interested in dealing with the on the ground poverty that was motivating the 'marxism'.  It is now known it was a graduate of the SOA who gunned AB Oscar Romero, just after JPII had publically snubbed Romero.  Apparently even a purple beanie is fair game if one espouses the wrong kind of Catholicism and that Catholicism sure better not be social justice type Catholicism.  Which brings me back to WHINESEC and all these disciplinary procedures against the wrong kinds of Catholics.

Fort Benning, where WHINESEC is located, is now a staging base for drones.  As more drones are released from the Middle East and Afghanistan, some are scheduled to be sent to the US Southern Command which includes all of Central and South America, but not Mexico. Mexico is covered by the Northern Command and drones have been employed extensively on the border and with in Mexico itself. Ostensibly these drones won't be weaponized, but it doesn't take much to change that, especially with the Israeli versions.  President Obama has not been the least bit forthcoming with any kind of drone policy, nor has he acted on his 2008 campaign promise to close WHINESEC.  Perhaps he's being sent a message by the Morlino type bishops of this country that he better not consider either action.  Anyone who doesn't think the Vatican is capable of sending this kind of message knows not of the history between militaristic right wing groups and the Vatican.  All one has to keep in mind is that right wing militaristic groups love patriarchal religions and will cede space for God and Holy Messengers.  Left wing groups, not so much.

So after all the verbiage, what I'm really saying is I don't think these disciplinary measures are about women's ordination or 'centering' prayer.  I think they are a message about WHINESEC and drones.


  1. The inquisition goes on. I agree. "I think they are a message about WHINESEC and drones." What else is the right wing "good" for? They are "good" for spreading misery & destruction around as if it were a sacrament.


  2. Yes Fran, seems like the extreme right wing thinks they alone are sacred and everyone else is vernon. I think it is not coincidental that right wing Bishops would look to the School of the America's crowd as influential fascists that they are in line with. It is sickening but true. JPII did more to re-politicize and put the RCC in a corner than anything else. It will never recover this time. Sad but true. Any self-respecting University or health care system is on the way out just as are the nuns who spent a life time building the Catholic Church in America. Any one with a personal conscience is on the way out or at least will never support this leadership. What of the children? They are on the way out. The RCC is marginalizing itself to such an extent that it soon will be seen as the cult it is. The Vatican will become only a museum and part of Italy. This is the fate of such stupid leadership.