Monday, December 24, 2012

The NRA Christmas Message: No New Gun Regulations. Also Some Thoughts On Certain Similarities With The Kof C

I like the short and succinct version.  Yes, let us turn our schools into OK Corrals.

Wayne LaPierre has given the American people the NRA answer to any new gun regulations.  Ain't gonna happen on his watch.  Instead he will fight for the US tax payer to hire rent-a-cops for every school in the land.  Easy for him to prescribe since such a plan essentially asks the tax payer to foot the bill for the consequences of his version of what the second amendment protects. Apparently that amendment protects the rights of mass killers to access assault weapons and hundred round cartridge canisters.

I have reprinted the first half of the following AP article from the Marietta Daily Journal.

NRA unwavering in opposition of any new gun laws

Kevin Freking - AP - 12/24/2012
WASHINGTON — An unwavering National Rifle Association said Sunday that new gun regulations would not make children safer and that a White House task force on gun violence may try to undermine the Second Amendment.

The organization blasted “a media machine” that it said relishes blaming the gun industry for each new attack like the one that occurred just over a week ago at a Connecticut elementary school.

“Look, a gun is a tool. The problem is the criminal,” said Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the nation’s largest gun-rights lobby, in a television interview.

LaPierre hardly backed down from his comments Friday, when the NRA broke its weeklong silence on the shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

LaPierre’s assertion that guns and police officers in all schools are what will stop the next killer drew widespread scorn, and even some NRA supporters in Congress are publicly disagreeing with the proposal. Rep. Chris Murphy, (D-Conn.) called it “the most revolting, tone deaf statement I’ve ever seen.” A headline from The New York Post summarized LaPierre’s initial presentation before reporters with the headline: “Gun Nut! NRA loon in bizarre rant over Newtown.” (I have to admit my first reaction to Friday's press conference was just exactly like Rep. Murphy's.)

LaPierre told NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday that only those armed guards and police would make kids safe.

“If it’s crazy to call for putting police and armed security in our schools to protect our children, then call me crazy,” LaPierre said. “I think the American people think it’s crazy not to do it. It’s the one thing that would keep people safe.” (Actually, I don't think the American public think putting armed security in our schools will make kids safe.  It didn't work at Columbine.)

He asked Congress for money to put a police officer in every school. He also said the NRA would coordinate a national effort to put former military and police officers in schools as volunteer guards(I would rather Congress authorized a significant buy back plan, but I don't have LaPierre's access to the 'media machine' LaPierre castigates even while he uses it.)

The NRA leader dismissed efforts to revive the assault weapons ban as a “phony piece of legislation” that’s built on lies. He made clear it was highly unlikely that the NRA could support any new gun regulations.

“You want one more law on top of 20,000 laws, when most of the federal gun laws we don’t even enforce?” he said.

LaPierre said another focus in preventing shootings is to lock up violent criminals and get the mentally ill the treatment they need.

“The average guy in the country values his freedom, doesn’t believe the fact he can own a gun is part of the problem, and doesn’t like the media and all these high-profile politicians blaming him,” he said. (See, here it is again, the gender thing. Wayne, I don't think your corporate sponsors would want you forgetting about the exploding women's market in gun ownership.  All that fear mongering is paying off for them.)

Some lawmakers were incredulous, yet acknowledged that the political and fundraising might of the NRA would make President Barack Obama’s push for gun restrictions a struggle..........


The NRA is another example of what happens when right wing money buys the leadership of a given organization.  The same thing can be seen in the K of C.  Back in my day the NRA was known for hunter's safety instruction, promoting wild life husbandry, and vetting outfitters and tour guides.  But back then, the KofC was known for pancake breakfasts, small construction projects around the parish, charitable endeavors, and club houses with full bars.  Hmmm, things have certainly changed.  Now both groups are masters at promoting political division and increasing the fear level in the country.  The leadership of both groups have a visceral reaction to President Obama and share the same funding sources and think tanks. I do not think we will hear a Christmas message from Carl Anderson that contradicts Wayne LaPierre.

Maybe KofC councils can run gun shows and use the money to pay for armed guards in Catholic elementary schools because sure as Christmas means toys they won't use any of their extensive funds to promote gun regulation.


  1. K of C Gun Shows. Unbelievable! These institutions did not get hijacked overnight from beings institutions that matched their original charters. And it makes me sound too paranoid to say that there has been a behind the scenes, an effort to reverse ideas both sacred and profane, going back to the end of V2 and the height of the civil rights movement in America of something like 45 years going back in the culture wars, religious and the secular.

    1. Mike you are not wrong. This worming into organizations that once meant more than politics, has now reached the level of politics all the time. The really unfortunate reality is that the rank and file have no idea who co-opted their organizations and why it happened. That includes some male NRA members.

  2. As far as arming teachers in schools I cannot picture Mother Superior, even a very stern Mother Superior, wielding a gun.

    As for protection, today's shooting of four (two were killed) firefighters, responding to a house fire in Webster, NY in an apparent ambush attack, once again proves that more guns is not the answer. Will every fire department and ambulance call have to be accompanied by an armed militia? Will every mall, movie theatre, opera house, amusement park, public beach, restaurant, church, hospital, college campus need an army of "good guys with guns" to cover every square inch in search of "bad guys with guns"? How ludicrous.

    Jesus certainly had words against violence...what is the church's response to the ever increasing blame same sex marriage and feminism as threats to peace on earth? How can there even be a reasoned dialogue about any important issue? As the saying goes, "God help us."

    1. 'what is the church's response to the ever increasing blame same sex marriage and feminism as threats to peace on earth?'

      Well that's been the Vatican's response since Ratzinger was elevated to the papacy. Do you seriously think that's going to change?

    2. "'what is the church's response to the ever increasing blame same sex marriage and feminism as threats to peace on earth?' "

      this is very unfair and wrong.
      I dare you to take all the speeches of the Pope and to tell me how many times he has addressed this topic.
      The reality is that English international agencies spread news about the Pope only the few times he talks about these issues because to be interested in these topics are not the Pope but those who disagree with him.
      Fortunately, the Pope's speeches and messages are available for all.

    3. The Holy Roman Empire has shed more innocent blood than all organizations in this world put together The Vatican will answer to a higher authority and it will not be absolved.

    4. Domics, Pope Benedict has chosen Christmas for these sometimes direct and sometimes sideways attacks on gays precisely because he knows the global press will cover it. It's intentional whether you care to believe it or not.

    5. anonymous if you think that in the 'Holy Roman Empire' commanded the Vatican, well you need a basic history course.

      ColKoch: your answer to my question is very clear.

  3. Yes we need the Dorthea Dix's and the Martin Luther King's of our day. Unfortunately, these people will not be blessed by the Mumio's ( Mummies)in the Vatican. They well be excommunicated by these old traditionalists. True Traditionalists are swayed by the passion and challenges of the day like was Jesus Christ. They do not worship the ashes of the past. dennis

    1. Fear sells far better than hope and joy. We both know that Dennis. Yes worshiping the ashed of the past is security for very many rich people and they are more than willing to pay for what they need to hear. Death bed confessions. I have no idea how we counteract that unless more gifted people come forward and detach themselves from the chains of the Vatican.

  4. Perhaps we need private guards to protect firefighters now at private homes, violence continues today.

    1. Yes, and when does it all end? When 98% of us are employed to protect the lives of the two percent? Or do we finally understand 'Fear is as fear does', and give up being afraid, even if it costs us our lives?

  5. I also recall when I was growing up in the early 80's back in the Northeast that gun shows were like your description of the NRA; all about hunting game. My Boy Scout Troop had a few members earn marksmanship awards from the and there was nothing scandalous about it. My Troop was sponsored by a Catholic parish so a K of C Gun Show or Range Day wouldn't have bugged me. Today, knowing First hand what element has gained the influence at these events , my opinion on a K of C gun show raises some red flags. Guns have find from tools used by hunters and ranchers into talismans for suburban male. Right-wing political ideology today is mainly the White Guy's Ghost Dance. Although it's a clumsy analogy, the Native Americans who did the Ghost Dance were really losing their heritage and culture, the American white straight male is only losing privledge, not even close.

    John Fremont