Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Power Of Human Consciousness

There might be more to this than coincidence

Human consciousness is a force, and it's real, and it sometimes manifests in 'striking' ways.  Yesterday the world's consciousness was focused on the Vatican and lo and behold it's struck by lightening.  Pope Benedict's resignation was a bolt out of the blue itself.  There was a time in my life I would have passed this event off as coincidence but not anymore.  Here's a story and it's about one of my eye opening experiences in the real time effects of the spiritual reality.

Just about a decade ago I attended my first Sun Dance on the Pine Ridge reservation.  I was a complete novice having never been to a Sun Dance and having only anecdotal stories from which to understand the event.  The first evening was spent around a campfire with one of the Dance Intercessors discussing how atypical antipsychotics interfered with spiritual ability.  Joe obviously knew a whole lot about atypical antipsychotics and their effects.  He went on at some length about how western psychiatry didn't know what they were on about and couldn't tell spiritual phenomenon from a load of hay.  Or words to that effect. The last thing I expected was to be sitting around a campfire with a Native elder who was critiquing western psychiatry in psychiatric lingo and talking about quantum singularities, collective consciousness, and quantum entanglement.  

When I asked him why he was bothering with us when we weren't dancing, were basically spectators, and he had fifty dancers to worry about he said "There are orbs all around your group. You were singled out. I had to satisfy myself as to who you were." 

That brought us up short because we had been taking orb photographs for months.  So we asked him if he could actually see orbs, and he laughed and laughed.  He then said, "It's not surprising to me that whites need some kind of technology for them to 'see' what we 'see' naturally. It's how you are all programmed to think and view the world. You can't do anything without technology. Yes I see what you call orbs. It's how we know who should dance and who needs more preparation or who the ancestors are pointing out."  I was stunned. But it got more interesting.

On the second morning the intercessors started watching the sky and talking about the need for 'purification' of the dance grounds.  Apparently there had been some alcohol brought in the previous evening or some bickering amongst the dancers, or arguments amongst the kitchen staff or all of the above.  Anyway things were 'out of balance' and needed purifying and that usually meant a rain storm.  A gentle one if things were close to balanced, a more vigorous one if things were really out of balance. 

I am not believing what I'm hearing.  The implication is the weather will respond to the needs of the Sun Dance. Not going there.  I sort of laughed the notion off, but the Intercessors were dead serious and eventually pinned the kitchen staff as the real problem. A kitchen staff fighting amongst themselves while preparing the food put their bad energy in everything they cooked. This was not so bad for the dancers, since they didn't eat for four days, but it was very bad for the drummers.  We would have to have a big storm.  

My friend and I take off for Chadron, NE on a mercy run about noon.  We were kind of laughing about how disappointed the Intercessors would be when a storm didn't show up because there was not one cloud in the sky and it was 95 degrees. We were gone for about an hour and a half.  On our way back we are about ten miles from the camp ground when we drive around a corner in the road and see a huge rainbow that seems to be settled right over the camp ground.  It's lit up against a background of very dark clouds.  It seems a localized storm of some sort had rolled in from the East.  We however, are struck with the magnificence of the rainbow and not really thinking about the mornings' talk about 'purification'.  

I had to turn onto a sort of 'road' that went through a plowed wheat field in order to get down to the camp ground.  The 'road' was a sea of red clay, obviously having been hit be a ton of rain. It wound up being some of the slickest driving I had ever done in my life, and that was in four wheel drive and in four low. We crept/slopt up to the edge of the precipice we had to drive down and got our first look at the camp ground below us.  It had literally been hit by what looked to have been a tornado. The only two tents left standing were ours, every other tent was blown half a county away. The kitchen tent, which was a very large, very heavy military affair, was obliterated. It took a direct hit with wind gusts estimated to be over 85 miles an hour.  The storm dropped over an inch of rain and lasted about five minutes.  There was not a dry thing in the camp including our sleeping bags.  Our tents survived the wind but were still filled with three to four inches of rain.  It looked like a war zone.

A halt was called in the Dance and the dancers were allowed out of the compound to help relatives get some semblance of order back to the camp.  The kitchen tent was beyond repair and one of the cooks, the not so nice one, had been transported to the hospital with a broken leg and would not be back.  It was quite a scene.  I became a true believer in the power of directed consciousness.   The next two and a half days were pleasant and uneventful with a number of impressive healings occurring the next day.  Very pure grounds helped.  

The Intercessors saw the storm as a product of their tradition, in that these kinds of storms always come when needed, coupled with the power of the "Four Directions and Other Side Camp" who work closely with the medicine people for the good of the tribe, and finally, the collective conscious need of the people.  In Catholic terminology it would be the impact of traditional sacramental practice, the Communion of Saints and Angels, and the earthly participants--the pew potatoes-- all working together to bring what's needed.  Not necessarily what is wanted, but what is needed.  Purification is critical because otherwise things get chaotic and out of balance.

So I see last night's demonstration at the Vatican as a very good sign.  St Peter's was purified and the Communion of Saints and Angels gave notice that they are paying attention.  They should, it's their Church too.  Now the collective consciousness of the earth bound church just needs to focus on electing the pope that's needed, not necessarily the one that's wanted.

Here's my little bit of advice for whoever is elected.  Native elders have a saying:  "The people know what's wrong and the people know how to fix it."  What they mean by this is when left to their own devices, the people will identify and fix what needs fixing.  They may not know how they know what's wrong or where the solution comes from, but they will know it and the solutions will come. I hope the next Pope takes this little concept into consideration because it honors the People of God and will take a huge load of his shoulders.  He just needs to trust in the collective consciousness of the People of God and the answers to the problems will be found. Otherwise, the purifications will keep on coming and they may not be so gentle.



  1. I'm glad you pursued this, Colleen. As you did briefly in the previous thread.

    I'm in agreement that the Lightening Strike "tells us" many things.

    You point to consciousness and provide a powerful example of another "weather event" related to a different set of social/cultural disruption (and the ability of some to read the "signs of the times").

    I see this in an even larger context, related to quantum theory, related to the interdependence of EVERYTHING down to the level at which we and the entire cosmos are interrelated. I start from the Trinity, which quantum science, of course, does not speak. But from within this, to my mind, most mind-blowing Mystery, we come to see Relationship as the Tie that Binds. And in quantum theory, we learn that the quantum leap, as we call it, is a simultaneous movement of all the quanta in the entire universe. So, somehow, across the cosmos, there is communication and harmony in the timing of the "leap". This blows my mind!

    Now, interestingly, while the quanta all "move" at the same, exact moment, they don't all move in the same direction and indeed "direction" or "place" is maybe something the quanta don't really inhabit, since they can be "here" or "there" or in "multiple places" simultaneously. Yeah... mind-blowing!

    All of this, I think, puts what you've said in a context. In the context of Holy Mystery. In the context of creation. In the context of a Communicating Creator, who, in Christ, is ONE with us. Who seeks to heal. To bind up disruption. Sometimes via disruption.

    Yesterday, I thought a lot about the Lightening Strike. I pondered its portent. I pondered it as an image of the Crucifixion and even, as in John's Gospel, how the Crucifixion is also Resurrection/Ascension. A mind-blowing event with Cosmic implications.

    I would suggest to all who read here: Ponder all these things. Let's put our consciousness to bear, considering what Colleen writes above. Open the window of your heart to the Great and Holy Mystery, which cannot be put into words, which transcends and fills all things, which was working at the Crucifixion/Resurrection, which is working in our midst, using the very language of Creation.

  2. Many new and old psychotropic drugs do cause people "not to be able to feel" -- that includes Wellbutrin. Many others including the Serotonin reuptake inhibitors are only proven successful in about 33% of the studies. Of course, these are the studies that the drug companies use to market these drugs. It is of course very interesting that the number 33 % is often thought of as the iatrogenic effect of drugs

    Here is a clip that might be of interest to some:



  3. Here is an example of the response that the RCC failed to make and maybe this lack of "confession" in both the sexual and financial scandals is what brought down Benedict and continues to bring down this institution that has helped and hurt so many.


  4. When a "treatment" only "works" one third of the time, that's not even better than chance, of course. And when that takes away not only your "bad feelings" but also your good ones, it's not surprising so many people go off them. Or go to Dennis. Or came to me. (Good move!)

    As Dennis is perhaps suggesting, relationships can hurt or they can heal. And therein lies a caution. A "sign" one could say. There are so many of these signs in our lives. It behooves us to pay attention, as even Jesus urged time and time again. To pay heed. To look at the big picture. Or see the deeper realities at work.

    Here's a great link: http://liturgy.co.nz/ash-wednesday-dragon-sickness/13785

    Thank you, Dennis!

  5. You should visit the Orkney Isles, just north of the Scottish mainland, the site of many Neolithic ruins. My wife and I were only there for a few days but could easily feel how "thin" the barrier was between this world and the other. We saw at least three rainbows while there. The Ring of Brodghar, Skara Broe, all remnants of the ancestors of many of us, were very powerful places.
    Besides, the people are incredibly nice and it's not a Club Med destination. The vistas, green hills and the sea, blue skies and clouds,all of this was broadening the mind and spirit.

  6. "Yahweh's voice strikes with flashes of lightning." Psalms 29:7

  7. I noticed something similar in connection to Pope John Paul II. He was born 18 May 1920, on which day occurred a partial solar eclipse. His funeral, 8 April 2005, happened on the same day as a total solar eclipse.



  8. Collen, all I can say is, "WOW"! and "THANK YOU" for the back story. Lots of food for thought with which to begin Lent.

    May God continue to bless your ministry.

  9. Wisdom Chapter 5:17 He shall take his zeal for armor and he shall arm creation to requite the enemy; 18 He shall don justice for a breastplate and shall wear sure judgment for a helmet; 19 He shall take invincible rectitude as a shield and whet his sudden anger for a sword, And the universe shall war with him against the foolhardy. 21 Well aimed shafts of lightnings shall go forth and from the clouds as from a well-drawn bow shall leap to the mark; and as from his sling, wrathful hailstones shall be hurled. The water of the sea shall be enraged against them and the streams shall abruptly over-flow; 23 A mighty wind shall confront them and a tempest winnow them out; Thus lawlessness shall lay the whole earth waste and evildoing overturn the thrones of potentates.

    The entire reading of Chapter 6 and 7 in the book of Wisdom seem appropriate and food for thought for the times.

    I hope the next Pope will honor the People of God too, Colleen, or as you say, "the purifications will keep on coming and they may not be so gentle."

  10. My son got me a camera and I've been finding orbs in a lot of the pictures. What are orbs? I've done a little research on the internet and it seems that they like to congregate in places where there are people and music.