Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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  1. I have to admit, I would be tempted to discount such phenomena... were it not for the following:

    Two patients of mine, both victims of abuse reported to me (one I also witnessed) phenomena which defy rational explanation, but which had occurred repeatedly.

    One woman reported that at times when she walks under a streetlight, it will go out. And once she's beyond it, it comes back on. She says this at times occurs when she driving - that a light on a street or highway will go out as she passes under it - turning back on afterward. (I was with her on one such occasion as we walked from a psych hospital to a nearby ice cream shop - and back. It only occurred once - but that was enough!)

    Another woman had to repeatedly tell men she slept with that if they did not remove their watch, it would stop working by morning.

    Both of these women had multiple personalities. I am not suggesting in any way that is the case with Colleen. But I suspect that dissociation, due to a need to tune out and "split" psychologically during an abusive childhood, likely taps into something, some kind of "power" as Colleen referred to it in maybe her first post in this series.

    I cannot really speculate further than what I've just said. But it shows us, I think, that the mind, the spirit, has far more capacity to connect with the cosmos than we are aware of. And, I suspect, that this can be used for good or for ill - depending on whether or how people choose to tap into this or make use of it (whether it becomes a guide or an awesome visitation or whether someone seeks to "control" or "use" it for some purpose).

    In the case of these two individuals, I believe it's likely these phenomena were "protective" of them in some way.

  2. There's very little dispute that the capacity for disassociation is a critical component in the expression of any 'psychic' talent.
    That's why the MK Ultra program used a very specific series of abuse scenarios in order to create their 'super psychic soldiers and spys'.

    Disassociation is not always a product of abuse. Padre Pio for instance grew up in a family which encouraged his dissasociative states and he recorded these experiences from a very early age. They continued through out his life probably because his parents encouraged them rather than discouraged them.

    I've had clients with the same ability with the street lights. My daughter can do it as well and it was always fun taking night walks with her seeing if she could break her record for most consecutive lights turned on and off. She's also really good at spoon bending, something I can match her at. She's way better at the street light thing.

    In a lot of respects what we call psychic talent is about being open to channels of reality we don't normally access and that seem to transcend Newtonian physics. All of this seems to point to the fact that human consciousness has components that aren't biological or material. They may in fact be all about the quantum reality, and that brings up even more questions.

  3. It is very interesting about the lights. Just last week I was talking with my husband and as soon as I mentioned St Francis one of the lights in the room went on. As I proceeded to speak to him, when I mentioned the Church hierarchy the light went out.

    That was really awesome!!! That was a first too!! Never happened before.

  4. This link seems appropriate here. A word of caution. It relates to "perceiving truth":

    The perception of truth depends as much on the state of him that desires to perceive as on the objects that are presented to his view. No slight or swift or uniform process will enable any one to master the mere art of discerning truth from false appearance. But, not to speak of this most needful and most various mental preparation, there is another condition which is never forgotten with impunity. The more we know of truth, the more we come to see how manifold is the operation by which we take hold of it. It is not reached by one organ but through many. No single faculty, if indeed there be any single faculties, can arrogate a right to exclude from the domain of truth what cannot be readily subjected to its own special action. It may be that no element of our compound nature is entirely shut out from taking part in knowledge. It is at all events certain that the specially mental powers will never be able to judge together in rightful relation when the nature as a whole is disordered by moral corruption. There is no evil passion cherished, no evil practice followed, which does not cloud or distort our vision whenever we look beyond the merest abstract form of things. There is a truth within us, to use the language of Scripture, a perfect inward ordering as of a transparent crystal, by which alone the faithful image of truth without us is brought within our ken. Not in vain said the Lord that it is the pure in heart, they whose nature has been subdued from distraction into singleness, who shall see God; or, we may add, who shall see the steps of the ladder by which we may mount to God.

    The steadfast and prescient pursuit of truth is therefore itself a moral and spiritual discipline.

    From here:

    Discernment is important. I think we all agree. Especially if one is receiving info from channels which are not the "usual" ones of everyday life.

  5. There's no question discernment is a big part of this. One of the most time consuming part of this entire process for me has been research in neuropysiology, quantum physics, and microbiology and those are just some of the hard core sciences. Then I've had to add metaphysics, mysticism, creation stories and a whole host of other spiritual and theological writings.

    The point of all of this is to increase my available rolodex. Just because a person is shown something in a vision doesn't make it literally true. The vision can only be as good as the rolodex or base of knowledge in which it can be expressed. If your rolodex is stuffed with Catholic data and has no quantum physics you are going to get Catholic mostly Catholic data and where possible some other representation.

    Here I'm thinking of Sr Faustina's vision of the Sacred Heart with the light beams coming out of it. She interpreted this one way, I would probably interpret it a little differently. I would see the light as a significant aspect of this vision--in a quantum sense.

    It's like the street light thing. That seems to be as much a function of the fact the lights are merucry vapor as any psychic talent of the person turning them on and off. Why mercury vapor lights are more susceptible to this phenomenon may be as important a question as why some disassociative personalities can trigger it.

  6. Good question and connection Colleen. I am not a scientist but good question as to the importance of the reaction that takes place that moves the mercury to turn off the light. Something unseen & hidden is at work here. Mercury, the stuff of old fillings and of gauging the temperature is "moved" perhaps like it is moved with the change in the temperature. What causes it to move & turn the light out, the properties present in the phenomenon of psyche which seems to move it to go off is the other question. Something from the person seems to reach it that causes the mercury light to go out. What, is the question. Are there any scientific studies of this phenomenon?

  7. I do believe that many street lights are programmed to go out and come on again as an energy-saving device. This is familiar in many communities.

  8. Anon, that makes a lot of sense. In this scenario the sensors would be reading a particular energy signal which would be outside normal human visual perception. This could be why some people can turn them off. Turning them on would require a different energy reading.

  9. Well, my patient did both. They first turned off. Then on. She had to pass beneath them for them to go off. They stayed on otherwise.

  10. TheraP they more than likely turned themselves back on as your client passed beyond their range.

    I was referring to turning them on in broad daylight.

  11. Ok. Yes! Got it!

    (I'll check on that one...)