Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Art Of Healing

Yesterday's piece on the Opus Dei research hospital has generated some good commentary about the nature of disease and healing. Interestingly enough there is also a discussion on Catholica Australia about the nature of miraculous healing, and yesterday the Vatican released some documentation concerning their original investigation into Padre Pio from the early twenties.

All this synchronization shouldn't be ignored, so I've decided to add my two cents. Miraculous healings are miraculous only because we don't know very much about how concsiousness works on any level. We're getting better at defining the effects of consciousness, but we're just sticking our toes in the water with regards to the underlying operations of consciousness.

I'm using the word consciousness here for both the day to day active concsiousness and all the unconcsious activities--such as dreaming--which mostly take place in the right (or non dominant) hemisphere. I'll also be getting speculatively out on a limb.

It maybe that we're not making much progress in really understanding concsiousness because of a very fundamental flaw in our approach. Especially in the West. It may be that we are actually two different consciousnesses. The one we perceive as "I" and one we don't perceive at all except in dreaming and other states of non ordinary reality. This second "I" may have far more capacity to manipulate our actual material reality than our day to day "I". I shall call this second "I" the ubiquitous Higher Self.

The seat and operating center of the higher self may be in the non dominant cranial hemisphere. This hemisphere does not operate from a sense of time, does not understand the concept of the negative, makes no judgments, is poor in verbalization but high in puns and alliteration, and operates without giving prominence to our day to day reality. In other words, it is extremely literal which can be seen in hypnosis when people will react exactly the opposite to the way they would in normal reality. Hypnotised people told a burning cigarette won't hurt them don't experience burns or pain.

Think about this for a second. This concsiousness has a reality in which all things are possible and acts in the moment, without making judgments, free from negativity. These are all the attitudes which are necessary to create a new reality.

It's the dominant hemisphere which lives in context of a time continuum, sees itself as a completely separate 'I', judges ideas to death-literally-, and loves the concept of negativity. Unfortunately we actually live the reality created by the dominant hemisphere. Lucky us. There's no question we need to function in a stable reality, but we could have done a better job with defining that reality.

The Corpus Collusum serves as the connecting bridge between the two hemispheres. It's the place where information gets passed back and forth. In most of us this two way communication is stunted to say the least. The more an individual operates out of the dominant hemisphere in context of their over all approach to life, think Alpha male, the less communication between hemispheres. On the other hand, sometimes this communication can get completely out of control and that can result in all kinds of mental illnesses in which the person seems to get caught between competing definitions of reality.

The problem for the Alpha personality is that this type of person will rarely question the status quo, instead they will place all their energy into succeeding with in the dictates of the prevailing culture. They will not seek to create a new reality, instead they will seek a dominant position with in the existing reality.

In our current Western culture, should this person become cancer stricken they will be far less likely to experience a 'miraculous' healing because the dominance of their world view will lead them to believe without question the diagnosis of the prevailing medical establishment. They will experience exactly what they're told to expect because it validates their world view. The "I" of the dominant hemisphere is heavily vested in validating it's world view, even if it means it's eventual death--although at that point things can open up a little.

In my experience miraculous healings occur when the world view of the dominant hemisphere no longer exerts operational control. I suspect that's why these types of healings occur more frequently in young children. They don't actually operate from a dominant hemisphere because they don't have one yet. All things are equally possible and it's easier for the 'higher self' to communicate and create a different reality.

I think one of the things that is overlooked about both Jesus and healers like Padre Pio, is that their really important ability was not the physical healing. It was the identification of the root event which created the manifestation disease in the first place. They could 'read' souls. Until all the competing negative emotional energy around an event is neutralized, the higher self cannot create a new physical reality.

Really good intuitive healers quickly see the energy blocks and the events which triggered the disease to manifest in the body. Once all that energy is gone and the person is in a neutral state, their higher self can indeed create a new physical reality and it does it by changing the existing DNA structure or reverting the DNA back to it's non diseased state. Sometimes it's instantaneous and sometimes it takes a little time. Usually no more than 3 or 4 days.

I suspect this is the reason most of the miraculous cures don't involve things like growing new limbs, even though a previous pattern of genetic wholeness would be available. In order for a new limb to grow it would involve the resetting of the physical DNA for the whole body in order to set up the parameters in which growth occurs. Such a regression would be counter productive.

Although I hold open the possibility of instantaneous regeneration, the observation of such an occurrence would likely topple the sanity of the person involved and many other observers. That possibility is an important control device. One of the other things about this higher self consciousness is it knows it isn't a separate entity and it does not have the authority to topple the sanity of other people who share this experience with it. It is aware of the importance of group consciousness. The higher self seems to operate under the principle of do no harm.

One last thing before I end for today. Intuitives can read a person's soul through what appears to be specific receptors somewhere in the brain which takes in information about a person in an holographic sense. Instead of just seeing the person present, they see the total history of the person, and the best, like Padre Pio, are very accurate.
This also implies that on some level we really are open books, sending our stories out on some level most of us can't access. It may actually be that most of are accessing this information, but we don't have the necessary communication channels open through the corpus collosum. It may also be that there are very very good reasons we don't have these channels open. Most of us are don't have the necessary moral maturity to make good use of this information. Jesus was no dummy, it's why He taught selfless love, non judgmental compassion, and egoless living.


  1. This post brought up several questions.

    1. why do we not see more miraculous healings?

    2. if the magisterial authority is the direct lineage that they claim to be, why is it we never see any miracles by or through them?

    3. John 14:12-13 is very explicit, these things you shall do and more, yet, we rarely see anyone in ministerial ranks performing any of these works. Why?

    3.5 Why do we see so much abuse in congregational leadership?

    4. when miracle healings do occur, it is usually an obscure member of the laity or congregation, rather than leadership. Why?

  2. Answer: Because they are fallible human beings and they are too busy doing administrative work?

  3. My guess Carl is that our leadership is alpha in attitude and that makes them very left brained. Benedict speaks constantly of faith and reason, but this takes a type of faith that transcends left brain reason.

    Dissecting the scripture and past theological treatises is a left brain process. It does not develop the connections across the corpus collosum that fosters communication between the hemispheres.

    Padre Pio's biggest advantage was to grow up in a family with a psychically gifted mother and a father who supported both of them. In many ways Pio's early life was a fantasy land which fostered the development of both hemispheric modes of thought and communication.

    Then there is the issue that women have more communication between halves of the brain, and hence a lot of women are involved in healing work. A lot of them have been killed for it too.

    In this type of talent, direct lineage is genetic, not by the laying on of hands in Apostolic tradition. While I think everyone is capable of this, it's spread across a continuum like intelligence. Genes count and genes pass to the next generations.

    The fact is that any talent our leadership has would die with them, courtesy of celibacy. It's almost like we have a built in system to insure that genetic spiritual/psychic talent in the religious and clergy dies off.

    Natives would say this is a dumb thing to do. Then again, their spiritual leadership is based in psychic/spiritual talent. If you don't have it, don't show that you can communicate with other realities, you don't get the appropriate training or you don't pass beyond certain levels. They have also seen a very definite genetic component, and like Pio, in many cases the training and environment is designed to foster the talent when children are very young.

    Catholicism does not see these talents as gifts, and in fact spends most of it's official work trying to disprove and debunk it, rather than train and foster it. Pio was subjected to decades of sanctions by superiors who couldn't handle what he did. That is the norm, not the exception.

    From my perspective the Church has done everything it can to prevent doing these things and more, to stamp them out, to assign them as products of Satan. Medjugorge is just another example in a long line of examples.

    The reason is obvious. It threatens the absolute power of the male clerical system, which is based in the unprovable theology concerning transubstantiation and the power of ordination. These we are expected to take on Faith, not observation.

    As my daughter would say, only Muggles could have come up with this system.