Friday, September 5, 2008

Satan And Negative Plane Energy

I guess I'm a day late with this post on Satan and his minions. Although, depending on one's point of view, maybe yesterday's post actually did deal with the same topic. The republicans must be having second thoughts about their pitbull because according to an article on Huffington Post, Sarah won't be giving interviews and will be restricted to canned speeches. Somehow I seriously doubt this will stop the media from doing their job. I feel compelled to point out that if you feel the need to keep your vice presidential candidate on a leash, perhaps you should find another candidate. The devil made me write that. :)

The topic of negative plane energy is as complicated as any other topic that deals with the quantum universe. A person needs to dump issues of either/or dualism and take on the previously discussed 'both/and" mentality. Free choice cannot exist in a vacuum of one side of the energy spectrum. In this case what we experience as negative has it's place in God's kingdom. It needs to be honored and respected for the part it plays in our ability to choose. It needs to be honored and respected for the part it plays in the lessons we learn and the development we make.

When a person truly understands this "both/and" proposition, evil or the negative, loses some of it's power over us, especially the emotional component. Jesus never demonstrated any fear of personified evil. In fact He demonstrated exactly the opposite. Demons weren't much of an issue to Him. They held nothing over Him. That's why He was an effortless exorcist and in the stories of His exorcisms, the demons recognized Him right away. Jesus's energy and the demonic energies were completely incompatible. Demonic energy could not sustain itself in His presence. He knew that and they knew that. I love the story of how He sent the legion of devils into the pigs. The allegorical nature of this story is brilliant.

The best way I've come across to understand the effective component of what we call evil, is to understand it in terms of energy wave lengths. Like the angelic realm, the realm of negative plane energy is attracted to certain wave lengths of energy. In this case it's emotional energy. Emotion has it's own discrete wave length and we are getting to the point where we can measure it not only in it's physical manifestations--lie detectors for instance--but also in it's effect on the quantum signature of our bodies--auras. Negative plane energy is attracted to the lower frequency bands in the emotional spectrum. Emotions like fear, anger, hate, victimization, despair and hopelessness are energy bands which literally feed these negative energies.

Here's a true story. I did a healing journey for a young man who demonstrated aspects of Dissociative Personality Disorder. In most cases DPD is a product of a splintered personality, usually brought on by early childhood abuse, but in other cases it's really a case of an attachment disorder. Classic Catholicism would call it obsession or possession. In this young man's case it seemed to be mostly attachments of dead relatives, especially the dead uncle who originally abused him.

As the journey progressed, I came face to face with this energy. Although one part of me felt it's presence, it manifested in my mind as the classic demonic being. I've done this enough to know that this is my mind's way of giving me a visual representation of what is really an energy being. It no longer startles me to see these presentations. Anyway I was asked by this being if I thought I was really going to remove it without resorting to the power of Michael. I knew Michael was hanging around, but he wouldn't act unless I requested it. In a sense this being was testing my own self confidence in my own energy.

I reacted to all of this really strangely. Instead of engaging in a confrontation, I asked this demon why his kind didn't learn how to feed themselves, to find a self sustaining method, instead of attaching themselves like blood suckers to human energy. The image was taken aback, Michael started laughing. It was like this energy had never even conceived of such a notion. So the demon asked me if I thought it was possible. I literally had no idea, so I said something to the effect that if anyone could teach them how to do it it would be Michael's kind. Michael said it could be done, but it would take time, and the negative plane would have to listen to what they were told. As this particular vision ended, the negative entity was in deep conversation with Michael.

The young man is doing remarkably well by the way, and was released the very next day from the state mental institution. The attachments are apparently gone or in remission and he is beginning the process of evolving a personality of his own. He's got a long ways to go, but he finally has the freedom to do so.

As the days have gone on since this encounter, Michael told me what was really important about my encounter with the negative was not the solution itself, but the introduction of choice to a level of consciousness that had never conceived of it for themselves. Because they had never conceived of it for themselves, they had no understanding, much less respect, for the concept in humans.

This idea that negative plane energies made a choice to rebel is one of the most damaging of all the myths. Free choice is man's gift from God, and is necessary for the progression of the material universe. The negative plane energies are lower in consciousness than mankind and never did have a concept of free choice. They are now, and always have been, single minded parasites. This doesn't make them powerless by any means, but it does make them less terrifying. Highly evolved spiritual humans are by their very quantum nature a major threat to this low level energy precisely because their light shines too bright. Darkness is incompatible with light.

Having said darkness is incompatible with light, it then becomes logical that secrecy and stonewalling are the tools of negative plane energy. Negative plane energy can manifest in many ways. It's not limited to the entities of attachment disorders, it can be more pervasive, more global, more diffused---like in the clergy pedophile crisis. Once this matrix of secrecy, shame, and stonewalling is set up, it becomes a source of food for all kinds of other negative plane energies. It becomes a self sustaining factory for the very evil it's trying to conceal.

The trick to overcoming evil is to get the lessons involved and move on. This is why the Church absolutely needs to effectively deal with the pedophile crisis. The doors on this particular factory must be closed. That it isn't happening is testimony to the power of evil to cloak itself behind worthless verbal statements. The pope can apologize all he wants, but until the system which foisted this evil on the church is cleaned up, the clerical system itself, the apologies only serve the purpose of the energy which feeds on the crisis. Roman Catholicism will continue to slowly die as these energies suck the life right out of it.

Tomorrow, assuming I'm not side tracked again, I'll get into the whole notion of why sex is such a door to negative plane exploitation. Bishop Robinson has it right. As far as the Church goes it's all about sex and power.


  1. Colleen, the duality you describe permeates every metaphysical and spiritual discipline under different names, but all describe the same thing, the duality of fear vs love.

    You mention that this is a complicated topic, however, I think that is part of the illusion that the "dark forces" use to keep us from fully embracing light. I believe that it is really simple, as simple as flipping the light switch or striking a match to light a candle. My experience has been that when it seems complicated, when it feels like I am trying to walk through mud, those are the times I am being subtley influenced by the darkness. Conversly, when the light shines within me, it is easy, everything flows, and the path is clear.

    An analogy would be the difference in the ease of following a deer trail at noon on a dry day vs on a moonless night after a hard rain.

    We see evidence of this daily in the NCR postings. It is easy to spot those stuck in the darkness of fear mode and it is equally easy to spot those in the light of love. (At least easy for us) Interesting that those in the darkness are blinded by the light and hide from it. Much like Adam and Eve in the garden. I wonder if that wasnt the point of that parable.

    (I wonder what the world would be like if Adam and Eve had said "hey God, wow! thanks for the great endowments, and this sex thing ... wow!" instead of hiding in the shadows)

    Regretably, the majority of the leadership secular and religious seem to be stuck in the fear side of the duality. Those who do allow their light to shine, like Sebelius, Pelosi, Reuther, Roth, Gumbelton and others and find themselves the targets of persecution by religious leaders.

    Your comment about entities that feed on the fear is interesting. It certainly would explain what is going on now. As more of us choose to step into light, that leaves fewer to feed the "hungry masses", which means that in order for them to be fed, they have to suck more out of their dwindling food sources, which means those sources have to be more hateful make up for the loss of numbers.

    Since the "dark forces" cant stand light, as more of us embrace light and spread our light, the "dark forces" are forced to concentrate in specific geographic areas.

    You also said "The devil made me write that. :)"Was that the person in the red dress or the black suit? (yesterdays picture) Do you ever wonder whether it is McCain or Palin who is REALLY pulling the strings?

  2. Carl, Rove is still pulling the strings. That however could change. It all depends on which side of the Republican party finally takes control of it's future. I am really watching the governor of Lousiana. This kid seems to have his ducks in a row.