Monday, December 7, 2009

The Mahattan Declaration And 500 Year Cycles Of Energy

I sometimes wonder if Archbishop Chaput is aware of the fact he is selling the mission of Catholicism, as given by Christ, to the 'New Apostles' of the New Apostolic Reformation. Maybe he see himself as some sort of new Catholic Apostle. That would be heresy.

Archbishop Chaput: Manhattan Declaration will ‘galvanize’ Christians in difficult times
Denver, Colo., Dec 7, 2009 / 03:11 am (CNA).-

In an exclusive interview with Catholic News Agency, Archbishop of Denver Charles J. Chaput has explained his reasons for signing the Manhattan Declaration. He said the Declaration should “galvanize” Christians and others in defense of pro-life issues, the nature of marriage and religious freedom. (Religious freedom, in the context of the Manhattan declaration, trumps all other constitutional freedoms and it basically extends this super freedom to Christians and only one Christian perspective at that.)

“I was glad to be invited to sign the declaration, and glad to sign because I believe in its content,” Archbishop Chaput told CNA.
He described it as a “straightforward” statement defending the sanctity of life, religious liberty and the definition of marriage as a union of husband and wife.
In a sensible world, none of these things would be in question. But we no longer live in a sensible world,” he commented. (In your definition of a sensible world.)

The archbishop thought one of the goals of the declaration is to “galvanize good people,” beginning with Christians but including others, in order to organize to work to change the direction of the country and to “resist” when necessary. (Hmm, shades of Cardinal Barragan.)

Archbishop Chaput commented that the signatories of the Declaration did not create the political environment that “forced it to be written.”
“The signers didn’t create the declaration's urgency or its timing. Others did that for them,” he told CNA. (The signers are now forced into what they have written because they are victims of 'others'. Victimhood is not about the power and truth of your message. It's about the exact opposite.)

He said the effort was provoked by those who want to “force” religion out of the public square, to “redefine” marriage and human sexuality, or to “sacrifice” women and unborn children on the “altar of a fraudulent ‘right’” to abortion.

Asked about the claim that the Manhattan Declaration neglects social justice issues, Archbishop Chaput pointed to the “outstanding” track record of the Catholic Church and other religious communities in serving the poor, the immigrant, the homeless and the infirm.
In his view, the claim that the Declaration neglects such issues is “without merit” and “designed to distract.” (Archbishop Chaput seems irritated that some of us failed to fill in those very missing blanks with the appropriate thoughts.)

To the argument that the Declaration violates the separation of church and state because it features Christians telling the government what to do, the archbishop replied:
“In the United States, citizens ‘tell government what to do’ all the time. It’s called democracy.”
Nothing in the U.S. Constitution bars religious communities, religious leaders or individual believers from taking a “vigorous role” in public debate, he added. (The Constitution might have something to say though, when vigorous debate is waged from pulpits especially when those pulpits tell people how to vote and then punish them for not following orders.)

“In fact, the American system depends on exactly the opposite: In order to survive, our democracy requires citizens to advance their beliefs energetically and without apologies in the public square.” (Too bad there is nothing about "without lies and distortions".)

The archbishop explained that he was not involved in the development of the Manhattan Declaration, but said he knows and respects many of the other signatories. He reported that the main Catholic input for the Declaration was provided by Princeton University’s Professor Robert P. George.

The Declaration’s signers want people to realize “how difficult” the present moment in U.S. history is, he added.

Our rights and liberties are never really guaranteed by words on a piece of paper. We guarantee them ourselves, under the sovereignty of God, by struggling for what we believe.” Real hope has “a cost in sweat and hard work,” Archbishop Chaput said to CNA. (In the case of gay marriage you and your friends took away rights that had been guaranteed in law. Which means you are defending your right to take away the rights of others and blaming it on God when you are not claiming to be a victim.)

“Now and always, we need to trust in God; and then we also need to act. Right here, right now, in this country, the work of organizing and struggling in the public square for what we believe belongs to us. That means all of us, and each of us.” (Yes it does, but only your side is taking away baptismal rights because you disagree with the other side. Which is another example of taking away someone else's rights to defend your right to take away their rights.)

As of Friday afternoon, the Manhattan Declaration’s website claimed over 252,000 signatories since its Nov. 20 release. Its website is at


First I want to encourage readers to read some of the latest postings at the website Talk to Action. Like this one. The group of fellow culture warriors that Archbishop Chaput, and other Catholic signers have aligned themselves with, have a very different agenda than that which they put forth in the Manhattan Declaration. I've written extensively about this agenda and won't add to that writing in this post. Instead I want to reprint something I wrote back in April.

The post dealt with Indigenous concepts of five hundred year cycles and the energy battle for the direction of human consciousness we are now enacting.

"Traditional indigenous belief says that unless one works through and reconciles the past 500 years the same energy from that era will be brought into the next 500 years. Many indigenous tribes believe the spiritual consciousness of man works in 500 year cycles. This is why it was important for the Grandmothers to go to the Vatican and meet with Pope Benedict. It wasn't just an apology or a rescinding of the bulls they were after, it was also an offering to work through and reconcile the energy of the past--for both groups.

Previous to his death, when Navajo Grandfather Leon Secatero was here in Helena last summer, (June of 2008) he spent a great deal of time teaching on this very subject. He taught that it was critically important that both individuals and cultures work to pass through their real and perceived injuries and hurts by finding the good in them, the lessons in them, and then drop them by the wayside freeing oneself of those burdens. He taught that both the conquered and the conqueror were carrying the same burden, that of exploitation, and that both had to reconcile their active participation in that dynamic. (This is why the signers of the Manhattan Declaration can claim to be victims while they actively take away the rights of an exploited minority.)

He taught that for the past 500 years the signature energy of humanity was the exploitation of one group or person for the profit of another. This was not to be the signature energy of the next 500 years, but we had much work to do as people to see that this energy of exploitation was not carried forward. He also said that we would see many things happening around us which would show that exploitation was a failed energy and that it could not sustain itself much longer. (I would say that was somewhat prophetic given the last eighteen months and the failures in the economic world and the repeated revelations of abuse and clerical exploitation in the Catholic world. Even Tiger Woods is not immune.)

He also said this was a difficult thing for Natives to hear, that one of the things which whites had taught Natives well, is that their true place was to be a victim. He also said that until Natives passed through this mentality that whites would be slow to get their own lessons and that Natives would continue to victimize each other. Strong words that made all of us who heard them uncomfortable. Leon was one of the most gentle people I have ever met, and it was the dispassionate and gentle way in which he said these things that made them that much more powerful.

The thirteen Grandmothers who went to the Vatican were on the same mission as Leon. It's really unfortunate that Pope Benedict didn't get a chance to meet with them. The Indigenous leaders who are bringing this message to the world are giving the world an incredible gift about how they see the future. It's a vision in which women take a much larger role in nurturing the planet and empowering spiritualities. It's a vision in which exploitation is not tolerated and where there really is union in diversity. In other words it's a consciousness of both/and, not one or the other.

This is not the Kingdom of Heaven that the New Apostolic Reformation sees, and is being promulgated by numerous conservative Catholics. The kingdom they see is one of domination and exploitation of the 'unsaved' for the temporal sake of the saved. It is the exact vision enacted in the Papal Bull Roman Pontifex (1455) and for the exact same reasons.

In our present time this reflects old energy defending itself against the incoming new energy. This battle of energies is what I find so fascinating about the Grandmother's experiences with the Vatican. The old energy folks call them pagan, anti Catholic and want to chase them out, while the new energy approves of their efforts and invites them in---and this from official representatives of the same church.

All these denominational and political battles are not really between the left and the right as much as they are between people working in the new energy and people defending the old. There are people of the new energy on the right, just as there are people of the old energy on the left. If one can hold to their opinion with out fear or the need to conquer the other, one is operating from the new energy. It's really pretty simple, and it's one of the core teaching of the true Christian message."

Archbishop Chaput and other Catholic signers of the Manhattan Declaration are defending the old energy of exploitation and dominance. Jesus introduced the consciousness of the new energy dynamic two thousand years ago, or as the Natives would put it, four cycles ago. Entering into the fifth cycle since Jesus came, I can only hope this time we finally live in the energy and consciousness of the love and inclusivity He lived and taught.

If we don't, I doubt we will have another chance at it, because our weapons of exploitation are already outpacing our ability to effectively manage them. This is a much bigger battle in which gay marriage, recriminalizing abortion, and religious freedom are tactical skirmishes proponents of the old energy are using to keep the new energy in check. I have to keep reminding myself of that because these skirmishes can get so frustrating and anger inducing. I'm sure there's a lesson in there somewhere for me and I hope I get the lesson real soon.
In the meantime Archbishop Chaput and other like minded bishops are selling out the spiritual soul of Catholicism for the sake of 'friendship' with Chuck Colson and other NAR Catholic bashers.
Here is a link to the blog Gayugandan. In it is a plea for Catholics to agitate our bishops for a statement on the Ugandan legislation targeting active gays for execution. Chaput has aligned himself with the very same American Evangelicals who have be so instrumental in importing our culture wars to Uganda. Chaput is so selling out Catholicism. Here's a quote from the blog:
"So, like Rick Warren has been ridiculed and pressured in America, why don’t we start piling up the pressure on the Catholic church, from the parishes where we live, to the bishops, and, of course to the Vatican itself? If you are catholic, more power to you. You are just expressing your concern. If you are not Catholic, why, you respect the Catholic Church, and are wondering how come that venerable Bride of Christ has not come out against something which is inherently inhuman, cruel, and against the love of Christ like this genocidal bill.

A tiny fulcrum. But, with all of us together, we can move that world."


  1. "Entering into the fifth cycle since Jesus came, I can only hope this time we finally live in the energy and consciousness of the love and inclusivity He lived and taught. If we don't, I doubt we will have another chance at it, because our weapons of exploitation are already outpacing our ability to effectively manage them. This is a much bigger battle in which gay marriage, recriminalizing abortion, and religious freedom are tactical skirmishes proponents of the old energy are using to keep the new energy in check. I have to keep reminding myself of that because these skirmishes can get so frustrating and anger inducing. I'm sure there's a lesson in there somewhere for me and I hope I get the lesson real soon."

    We all need to learn the lesson Colleen. While we focus on these issues we cannot really promulgate the message of Jesus Christ. That is perhaps the lesson. We need to bring in the new energy that is from Christ. But we're always bamboozled into the negative energy, to expose it and condemn it for what this bigotry represents.

    Chaput is not being the least bit sensible. His definition of "good people" is not the least bit good or sensible as they are bigots. Bigots are good? He is redefining that bigotry is good.

    Bigotry is sensible? For bigots tyranny is considered sensible and everything else is not sensible. Chaput is redefining democracy in the public square as a theocracy and a dictatorship of relativism.

    I am really sick of these bigots. I read the Roman Pontifex and what Chaput has aligned himself with are those of the spirit of that Papal Bull Shit.

    All I can do is shake my head in shame that Chaput, a Catholic Archbishop, is causing a lot of the old negative energy to surface. He and this New Apostolic Reformation need to be formally accused of violating US laws prohibiting Churches from dictating who their congregations should or should not vote for, especially when the choice now becomes no choice at all, because it is immoral bigotry.

    The Democrats, sad to say, have not come out in favor of Gay Marriage and yet they are deemed liberals. They should come out in favor of Gay Marriage and get the discussion rolling about the truth, and we need to bring that into the public square, our Christian principles that refute the theology of bigotry.

  2. Colleen, thank you for exposing and challenging Archbishop Chaput's lies. Among the Catholic prelates leading the culture war battles in the U.S., he's one of the worst. He is blatantly partisan, and blatantly in the pocket of rich Republican businessmen.

    Archbishop Chaput's Catholic News Agency (which my mind keeps wanting to rename the Chaput News Agency) has hit some new lows lately, by 1) trying to lie about the recent anti-gay remarks of Cardinal Barragan, and 2) maintaining that there is no boycott of the investigation of women religious by American nuns.

    Truth seems to matter little to the propaganda machine that Chaput heads, though he claims to own the truth in some unique way. Look for a real spin campaign when he releases the results of his investigation of the Legionaires of Christ--one that exonerates them.

  3. Amen to your posting and all the comments.

  4. Colleen, thanks for bringing my attention to the Mahattan Declaration as it had slipped beneath my radar. ArchBishop Chaput on the other hand is just part of the extremely poor leadership that I have been warning people about for several years. dennis

  5. Butterfly, it seems to me too many democrats are demonstrating a willingness to be situational theocrats. This trend is the real threat to American democracy.

  6. Bill, I thought it was very telling that the editor of the canadian website lifesite news insisted I retract my parenthetical comment comparing lifesite news to pontifex.

    I did edit the comment off the main post but couldn't help but wonder why the sensitivity, it's not like lifesite hasn't been a bull horn for gay bashing.