Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Nuclear Christian Warrior And A Bankrupt Spin For The US Navy

An "Undersea Nuclear Christian Warrior" on Wheel of Fortune
By Chris Rodda Fri Dec 18, 2009 Talk2Action

It's "Heroes Week" on Wheel of Fortune, a week honoring the military by having military personnel as contestants on the show, and it seems that one of those contestants decided to seize the opportunity on Thursday's episode to proclaim his religious devotion to millions of TV viewers, outrageously introducing himself as an "undersea nuclear Christian warrior."
Almost immediately after the show aired, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) president Mikey Weinstein received this email from the mother of a cadet at one of the U.S. military academies.

"I happened to be 'channel surfing' and landed on Wheel of Fortune as they are doing a tribute to military 'heroes.' As the host was interviewing the contestants he came to one and asked the gentleman what he did. The officer answered, 'I am an undersea nuclear CHRISTIAN WARRIOR' and a submarine commander. I was so astonished and outraged I had to rewind the program to make sure I had heard it correctly; unfortunately I had. The quote is a direct quote. I even wrote down his name I was so angry; Steve Sincata (I don't know if the spelling of his last name is correct but that is how it sounds.) My first thought was, my terrible sadness for the poor crew that is under this Christian supremacist's complete command. My second thought was to immediately contact you and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation to ask for help.

"Mikey, this man was in FULL U.S. Navy uniform and on national television in front of untold millions of viewers! I support you and your organization 100% and it is my strongest hope something can be done about this insensitive, imperious and wholly unconstitutional military commander who just disgraced his oath to the Constitution. It makes me feel better knowing there is someone like you and an organization like MRFF out there that will carefully listen and respond swiftly. ..."

Posts on message boards and Twitter confirm that the writer of this email heard correctly. As unbelievable as it sounds, Cmdr. Steve Cincotta, a submarine commander stationed at Navy Mine Anti-Submarine Warfare Command in San Diego, did, in fact, embarrass himself and the entire U.S. Navy by identifying himself on national TV as an "undersea nuclear Christian warrior," and MRFF certainly will be responding swiftly!


I can't begin to imagine the uproar had an American Muslim nuclear submarine commander made a similar statement on national TV by describing himself as an "undersea nuclear Muslim warrior." The FBI, Homeland Security and Shore Patrol would have been all over him before he got off the stage.

I have written previous posts about the infiltration of our military by the New Apostolic Reformation. In these posts I pointed out that the recruiting of 'Christian warriors" was targeting our military academies, especially the Air Force academy. It seems they have also been successful in the Navy. These two services control most of our nuclear weapons. That is a scary thought and one I'm quite sure Christian warrior Captain Cincotta wanted folks to think about. Just who is he taking his orders from?

The US Military needs to get a handle on the 'Christian warriors' in their ranks before we all find out there are too many officers acting on their own initiative. We already know what happens when 'Christian warriors' are allowed the freedom to act under the guise of the military. Components of the security firm Black Water have shown us that truth acting on their alternate set of orders in Iraq. Black Water is led by Eric Prince, the Catholic traditionalist and Legion supporter who also sees himself as a modern day crusader.

Vanity Fair has an in depth look at Prince which is well worth taking the time to read.

I sincerely hope the Navy acts in the case of Captain Cincotta and sends a different kind of message to other 'Christian warriors'. The United States is a secular democracy and not a source of nuclear weapons systems for an armed militant Christianity on an agenda of a modern day crusade. Actually the entire world needs this message.


  1. Thanks for researching this. Wonderful reflection during these days of Advent when we should be focused on Peace. There is lots of work for us to do to keep religious fundamentalism from owning the us military.

  2. This is a dangerous phenomena! To think that we could get a rouge commander listening to a Texas Minister about attacking another country. It was a few years ago when Pastor Hagey was advising President Bush about the need to attack Iran. The words "do it now, do it now" rumble through my mind. It is imperative that the military rid itself of these rouge officers before someone is foolish enough to believe that a current sitting President is not on “the right” side. It is just a matter of time that an individual will think he is doing “the right thing” by attacking just as other extremely doctrinaire people attack and kill physicians that they believe are killing babies. In the mind of some folks, killing justifies killing. When the using of a frozen blastocyst for research is defined as murder, by the teaching of some uninformed “Christian” demagogues that believe they know “The Right thing” to do, it is not hard to see a potential disaster of murdering many breathing, thinking walking humans that happen to be Moslem or some other "enemy."

    It is unfortunate enough that the whole country elected a President that took us to a new crusade by attacking a country that had not attacked us but to think that one or a small group might be able to do this is sickening.

    May we have grace generated trough peace!

    R. Dennis Porch, MD

  3. Check out this link about contractors in Afghanistan paying protection money to the Taliban. The US sends billions a year to Afghanistan to rebuild it and multinational corporations pay the Taliban as security forces to protect their workers. The Taliban then uses that protection money to kill US soldiers.|main|dl3|link3|

  4. "So help me God."

    Last four words of the Officer's Oath of Office. Learn to read and be more open-minded instead of complaining and losing your cool over something you can't comprehend. Just a thought.

  5. Questioning my reading comprehension does not address my concern.

    When you ask God's help to keep your oath, which God of America's multiple definitions of God are you asking? If a given officer's understanding of his God includes discerning that his God's help means ignoring his immediate military command structure, what then? Just some thoughts.