Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here I Thought Subliminal Imbedding Was A Thing Of The Past

"The Washing Of The Feet" by Fr. Seiger Koder. Is this just an interesting depiction or something more sinister? Enquiring minds will have to decide for themselves.

I don't have much to say about this one. Readers will just have to follow the links and come to their own conclusions. Here's the link to a school website which gives an idea of some of the teaching instructions in the Pauline Press material. Having first watched the video, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Clerical Whispers - 3/24/2010

Amidst the new abuse scandals whereby Catholics are directing their ire to Pope Benedict XVI, well-known German countryman priest Sieger Koder, who was previously promoted by Pope John Paul II to Monsignor, has painted a Jesus image performing a sex act with St. Peter.
The painting entitled “The Washing of Feet,” instead shows a faceless Jesus figure’s head ensconced in the genitals of a St. Peter figure, surrounded by sexual elements including the words “sex,” according to the feature film documentary “Rape of the Soul,” directed by Michael A. Calace, himself a devout Catholic. (Not exactly.)

Production studio Silver Sword International, which released the film, has made available the Sieger Koder scene, deciphered by the world’s foremost authority on pornography, Dr. Judith Reisman, and embed art expert Mr. Calace,
Dr. Reisman said, “People become mesmerized by this picture because they know that there is something very wrong, yet they can’t figure it out for themselves and thereby have a higher arousal from it, causing a continuous return to the imagery in their own mind.”

Sieger Koder, who was a Nazi soldier in WWII, painted the work for worldwide distribution, utilizing the same propaganda techniques of embedded imagery made famous by Joseph Goebbels, as clearly depicted in “Rape of the Soul,” alleges Calace. (Seems someone really doesn't like this painting.)

Catholic publisher Pauline Books and Media, incredibly describes this artwork on their own website as, “All the drama and intimacy of the encounter between Jesus and Peter are focused centrally where their two heads meet.” Pauline distributes Koder’s artwork internationally.
Mr. Calace stated, “In my opinion, and what concerns me most as a Catholic, is that Satan’s influence is alive and well in the highest levels of the Church, as it is evil that uses its own people to promote such heretical sexual behavior as one of the fuels to feed the driving force of anti-Catholic destruction from within the Church itself.” (Seems to me the hierarchy is doing a pretty good job of fueling this anti-Catholic destruction all on it's very own. Evil is like that.)

Embedded imagery programming along with stunning visual proof is identified and extracted in plain sight throughout the documentary, which discusses the cause and negative effects in both historical and contemporary artworks, and the Church's subsequent attempts at covering up scandals.


  1. First off, there is something subliminal going on here, but not of the type that Sieger Koder is being accused of here.

    The anatomy of the two in this painting does not show "Jesus figure's head ensconced in the genitals of a St. Peter figure." Peter would have to have quite a very long, you know what. The imagination is up to the beholder here, who is dreaming perhaps that Peter is so endowed? They obviously never had a class in anatomy to make this type of conclusion.

    The background does seem to show a large rear end and I am not sure what the artist is trying to say here. Perhaps the artist is very confused.

    I do not see this as "pornography" though, nor do I wish to return to it to be aroused!! Far from it!! But it may be revealing something else about the all male priesthood.

    In the Gospels, Jesus did not wear a Jewish prayer shawl, so that must have another meaning that the artist wishes to subliminally display, perhaps about the Pharisees in the Church today. It's unclear.

    It could just be the artist priest only affection he receives is from someone washing his feet and that he is sexually aroused by it? Pretty said if that is the case.

    Laugh or cry? Maybe a little of both.

  2. Stunning or stunned?

    Wilson Brian Key was quite popular with his books about "Subliminal Seduction", "Media Sexploitation" etc. back in the '70's. There is some basis in fact for artists and advertisers using subliminal messages.

    Here's an unfortunate stained glass window that was not photoshopped. I've not got the time to track down the original source at the moment but I believe the window honors Confirmation in a Californian Episcopal church. See:

    Creepy, isn't it?


  3. If someone here has a dirty mind, i think it's Mr. Calace, not Fr. Koder.

  4. p2p there has to be lots of subliminal messages in all that stained glass. One would think it might be time to change that stained glass window. At least it's not in St. Peter's.

    I can remember a psych class in which we had to scan photos for this type of imagery. Ice cubes in hard liquor adds were gold mines.

  5. Ok, first of all, to me, this looks like an Orthodox depiction of confession. The penitent is covered with the stole across the shoulders as forgiveness is extended. And the priest / Jesus compassionately listens, while God is the forgiver. Prostration is also very common among the Orthodox, though not usually in confession - but indeed both the penitent and the priest bend low together as this is done.

    I'm assuming the water and foot washing indicates that the priest himself has been washed as a sinner. Yet the foot has a nail hole, so the crucifixion is foreshadowed. To me we see a face in the water. The face of Jesus / the image of God. The forgiving one who washes feet. The servant. You see the bread and wine on the table. The footwashing in John stands where the Eucharist does for the other gospels. I see the green color in the bowl as the "living water" of John's Gospel; it appears to be moving. The color green stands for hope, I believe. And we see the hole in the foot of the priest/Jesus.

    I don't see this as pornographic. Some people have imaginations, which go beyond mine. These are strong figures.

    I personally find this painting very touching. Very beautiful. It is a sign of God's Presence, God's love, forgiveness, the call to serve and not be served.

    I think this is a mystical painting. It speaks of Christ's presence through time and eternity. It offers mysteries / sacraments of this Presence.

    Look, I am not into pornography in the slightest. But I would gladly receive this painting with reverence and hang it with joy in my living room!

  6. Somehow I posted before I was ready.

    What I'm trying to say is that this painting is so mystical that it provides us with images of time and eternity. It's like the Last Supper and the foot washing, but also depicts the foot of Jesus with a nail hole. So that's as if it's after the crucifixion. It looks Jewish in terms of the stole. Yet Orthodox in the compassionate ministering of the priest to a penitent.

    I see this as holding elements of both sacraments and Gospel events - hinting of John's Gospel, a mystical Gospel.

    I love this painting! I could look at it for hours! It's like an Icon.

    If this is pornography, then I must be perverted! ;)

  7. There seems to be a hole in the foot. But none in the hand. As if we have priest forgiving and praying. And the foot and face of Jesus in the water. So the priest as also penitent, washed by Jesus.

    There is so much here!

  8. Who cares? At the end of the day it's how the picture strikes you personally. First impressions are the most powerful. I personally just saw Peter whispering in Christ's ear trying to prevent Him from the act. Maybe I'm just dull... :-)

  9. ## Sorry, but I don't see it.

    Some people have weird minds....

  10. I guess I'm one of those with weird minds. It looked exactly like fellatio to me which gave me a shock. I found it immediately recognizable and disturbing. And the video on utube is very convincing.

  11. No doubt that this Koder pic is a huge bent over butt and oral sex by a Jesus.

    Besides, ‘sometimes’ is not this time, especially when the ‘cigar’ is a phallus and scrotum on that picture above anyway. A cigar is only a cigar when it is a cigar itself.

    Pauline Press quotes are obviously carefully planned to teach the children this severe blasphemy not only in the Koder picture, but in their nasty instructional key words - drama, intimacy, encounter, head, queen, meet, servant etc. Sickening!

    By blindly criticizing Mr. Calace and Dr. Reisman for uncovering the truth, people then defend these abuser prists, which is a sin equal to the abuse itself.