Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Question Asked And Answered--Sort Of

In a comment concerning yesterday's post, butterfly asked if I would go into more detail about what I meant when I wrote " "The veil between dimensional realities is indeed very thin in some places in New Mexico." Today I will add some more information which hopefully will illuminate that quote a little bit.

While I was in and around this particular area of New Mexico I had a number of non ordinary reality experiences. In one instance time shifted for myself and one other couple while we were approaching the entrance to the property. We were part of a caravan of cars, but due to the amount of dust, we found ourselves dropping a little behind the group in front of us in order to actually see the road. As we approached the gate to the property we were about a minute behind the group in front of us. We came around a final blind curve and arrived at the gate, only to see the group in front of us over two miles away, having gotten through the gate which was once again locked and with no one else around.

There was absolutely no way we could have found ourselves in this position had time moved normally. Somehow we had 'lost' about ten minutes. I've had this happen to me before, so I wasn't terribly surprised, more frustrated because I didn't know when anyone would be back to unlock the gate. The other couple was not so sanguine and spent a considerable amount of time back tracking and looking for a turn we 'must' have missed, all the while trying to figure out how it was possible to have gotten so far behind the group in front of us. Eventually they came to the disorienting realization that time had indeed shifted. They were kind of consumed with this experience the entire time we were there.

I had another experience sitting around the hogan fire the following night. I was sort of day dreaming when I saw the ground between the fire pit and the edge of the circle start to ripple like water in a large puddle. I completely focused on it and watched it happen for about two more seconds when it stopped and the ground reverted back to normal. No one else noticed anything. The following morning I sat in the same spot and watched the same thing happen again in the exact same area. Again it lasted for about five seconds and the ground reverted back to normal. Well at least I think it did. I don't know for sure because I can't say exactly how this patch of ground looked before the phenomenon started. It could be that there were small changes that I just didn't perceive.

The fact it happened in the exact same spot leads me to believe that this was some sort of small localized singularity where I could actually see dimensional shifting happening and matter reforming in this reality. What I perceived was the ground taking on a kind of translucent wave quality and then re solidifying. I didn't see this happening when anyone was actually walking on that particular piece of ground. That may not be accidental, and I'm sure it's not accidental that this hogan site has been used for centuries for ceremonies and sacred ritual. Sacred areas almost always are chosen because medicine people 'see' the ground is appreciably different than the surrounding ground. It can also be argued the other way, that centuries of ceremony effectively change the physics of the ground. I tend to go with the first option.

Other people had other experiences which testify to the unique physics of this area. Petroglyphs will change or switch spots from year to year. Changes were duly noted this year. These changes are seen as a form of communication from the Holy Ones. Some people had direct communication with the Holy Ones, although I personally did not--at least in any auditory or visual sense. Some would say I did have meaningful experiences designed to show me the nature of the reality of this particular area. Since my frame of reference is not Navajo spirituality, I saw the nature of this area in ways I would understand for a person coming from a Western scientific bent. The Navajo say one receives gifts from the Holy Ones in the language one best understands.

Contemporary Navajo see these experiences in both terms of their traditional spirituality and modern quantum physics. In fact quantum physics, molecular biology, and modern genetics has added much to their understanding of some of the petroglyphs and what their far ancestors were trying to tell in the arrangement of the petroglyphs. They now believe that these original petroglyphs show that man evolved from a single cell organism, and that although evolution explains much of the created biological world, it doesn't explain the totality of mankind. Mankind did not descend in a straight line from primates because there was intervention in the genetics from the Holy Ones at the single cell stage. Catholics actually take a similar, if not so directly stated approach, concerning the Incarnation of Jesus. In a very real sense both groups are talking about direct genetic intervention from outside intelligences.

This is the generally held belief by many Indigenous populations which is why they consider us all descended from the Star People. They have an entirely different take on Extraterrestrial life and told many stories of strange ships, light beams, and other phenomenon which have occured on this site. If Extraterrestrials have developed some form of quantum inner dimensional travel, time and distance may not be a very large issue. It certainly is food for thought given the unique physics of this particular area.

Butterfly, I hope this explanation helps, although I'm sure it will raise more questions than it answers. That's the fun thing about all this, it does give one food for thought and is always challenging to one's preconceived notions--and besides that, experiencing this is way cool.

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  1. Colleen, thank you so much for sharing this and it is fascinating food for thought. Much to contemplate here. My brain is storming into the interior dream castle.

    As you know, I've experienced or received some non ordinary reality experiences. I believe that if one is truly oriented to the spiritual life and open enough or ready to see, or prepared or being prepared, that these experiences would be more common, researched on a quantum level and a mature understanding of these phenomenon would be more widely accepted.

    The shifting of time sounds fascinating. One of the first things one learns in theology is that Divine nature is God and God is not in time but in eternity. The description you provide makes me think of the symbolism of the gate into eternity, in God, as St Theresa of Avila would say. Saul who became Paul probably experienced a really spectacular non ordinary reality experience and the light blinded him for a few days or that is metaphor for his time shifting experience and the immense power and energy of transformation of consciousness he received as a gift.

    "The Navajo say one receives gifts from the Holy Ones in the language one best understands."

    That makes a lot of sense and I can only intimate about my own mystical and personal experience with receiving music and I know that is a gift from the Holy Ones. I think of Gallileo, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin or Einstein, Mozart, Beethoven, Michaelangelo, Gandhi, MLK, Padre Pio, St Francis of Assisi, as those receiving gifts in the language they best understood. I believe we are all capable of receiving these gifts. Writers, artist, actors, scientists, priests, shamans, healers, poets, dreamers, mothers, fathers, children; all can receive gifts from the Holy Ones.

    What you say about evolution makes sense to me. In the evolution of the Earth each Era became more complex in molecular and biological structure. Mankind is more than just a molecular and biological structure evolving and is unique in intelligence and consciousness which resides within which is divine and hidden from view. The divine is revealed in the works or acts of mankind; the gifts reveal the divinity within. The power of choice to do good or evil with ones gifts is always the choice one has to take. Such gifts that are used for evil purposes are usually taken away by the force which is always greater which contains love.

    Somehow love has to come into the equations for us to have more understanding of anything or our consciousness is veiled in shadows of ignorance.

    Wow, you really got my mind going today. It is fun, Colleen. Lots of fun and it is joyful to hear a question asked and answered, sort of.