Friday, February 12, 2010

The Skewed "Ethical" Concerns Of New Mexico Bishops

New Mexico's bishops say domestic partnership bill would undermine true nature of marriage
Santa Fe, NM, Feb 12, 2010 / 07:14 am (CNA).-

The bishops of New Mexico have voiced opposition to a bill in the state legislature that would create domestic partnerships for opposite- and same-sex couples, saying it would undermine the “true nature” of marriage and would serve as a foundation for the implementation of same-sex “marriage.” Last week the bill passed the Senate Judiciary and Senate Public Affairs Committee. It needed to pass the Senate Finance Committee before heading for a full vote, reports. (I love how CNS always puts 'marriage' in quotes when it comes to gay marriage.)

In a January statement, the New Mexico Conference of Catholic Bishops (NMCCB) said they cannot support the proposal because of “ethical concerns.” They said the language could serve as a “stepping stone” for a state court’s future approval of same-sex marriage. (Seems to me there are other goings on in New Mexico that should generate far more 'ethical' concerns.)

Citing Jesus’ words about how a man and woman become “one flesh,” they emphasized the unique nature of marriage as a “permanent bond” between man and woman that is “naturally ordered” towards authentic union and new life. (What about that other permanent bond in New Mexico between Los Alamos and the state legislature?)

They also voiced concerns that the bill would lead to the teaching of homosexuality in public schools and would affect religious freedom.

The bishops’ statement made clear they oppose any unjust discrimination and “emphatically” condemn hate crimes directed at anyone, including those of homosexual orientation. (Blah, blah, blah. How many openly celibate gay employees do these non discriminatory bishops have? Probably none. Where as they have a whole lot working for Los Alamos or other DOD contractors.)

Catholic News Agency contacted the NMCCB for further comment but did not receive a response by publication time.


This holy ethical concern over gay partnerships is utterly laughable. New Mexico probably has as many nuclear war heads as it does gay couples, with more on the way. Last I checked, two nuclear warheads destroyed Nagasaki and Hiroshima, not two men having sex.


  1. Colleen, you rightly point out the "Skewed Ethical Concerns of New Mexico Bishops."

    This is so sad to witness these religious leaders ignoring the biggest threat too all of us on the planet, nuclear warheads. Hello Bishops - TIME TO WAKE UP - THE PARTY IS OVER!!! GET REAL!!

    Sorry, I couldn't help but shout this to these blind and deaf ones to the real threats!!!

  2. We had (sadly one person died recently) 3 gay partners in this neighborhood. So far no divorces that I know of - despite the 3 gay partnerships. No people have stopped having families either. No one has stopped going to church - to my knowledge, not even the Protestants. We must have a dozen Catholic families in this neighborhood. Even the recently deceased gay man was Catholic - and 3 sets of Catholic neighbors attended his funeral.

    No evidence - based on my eyeball research - of any threats to marriage/family life due to gay partnerships!

    Meanwhile how many families are losing homes? Jobs? Healthcare? And no one is noticing how that may harm marriages!

  3. So true, TheraP - "Meanwhile how many families are losing homes? Jobs? Healthcare? And no one is noticing how that may harm marriages!"

    Not only does it harm marriages, it harms their entire future for themselves and their children. It harms their health as well. Stress Kills!!!

  4. Unfortunately, bishops today are much less concerned about their flock than about advancement. They know that if they don't make statments like these they will be marginalized by hierarchy and won't advance. You know, Colleen, the LA see is open. You can bet they want that post!
    Rome is gonna be quick to replace Cardinal Mahoney with a right-wing Latino (picking a latino will prove they're "open" and "progressive") who isn't going to shy away from speaking out against LGBT people, Hollywood and the questioning of the legitimacy of the Prop 8 vote.

  5. Matt, I just caught your comment. No question the other 'big apple' in the American Catholic orchard is LA. I think your analysis is on target.

  6. Colleen, I just read a linked article about the former Archbishop of Santa Fe resigning after it came out that he had 5 girlfriend. Also the New Mexico center for pedophile priests, let some of them out to say Mass in local parishes where they abused more kids. I would say they do have "skewed ethical concerns." Matt, please dear God, please don't give LA an Archbishop who feels that he must speak out against "disordered" LGBT people. Give them a non-prejudiced healer.