Monday, September 6, 2010

The Weary Traveler Is Finally All Rested

I hope everyone is having a restful labor day.  I for one can certainly use a restful labor day.  Last week was enough labor for me to last at least the next month.  But in the end, I am safely moved and have my latest abode pretty well shaped up.  Even the three cats have settled in,  having survived two days of continuous driving courtesy of loopy pills from a kindly vet.  I thank God for kindly vets.  I also thank God for the US Postal Service.  I was shocked that all twelve boxes I shipped parcel post arrived before I did, and even though the boxes showed some wear and tear, the contents did not.  All in all it was a busy but successful week.

I've spent the past two days catching up on all the things I missed in the Catholic world, and there is quite a bit I could write about, but I will save those thoughts for later.  For now I want to relate two personal stories.  The first happened the day before I left for Montana when I was packing up the last of my boxes to ship.  The youngest of my cats bopped through the bedroom window to share her latest catch with me.  It turned out to be a humming bird.  This was the second such gift she had managed to catch.  The first she had brought three months previously and it did not survive the giving.  At the time I had this sinking feeling because humming birds represent joy in many Native cultures.  It did turn out that next three months were not full of joy for yours truly.  So being brought another apparently dead humming bird, right before I am to embark on another stage in my life, did not inspire a lot of confidence.

I managed to retrieve the humming bird which lay comatose in my hand and proceeded to take it to the front of the house with the intent to bury it.  Along the way I get the distinct message that maybe I shouldn't be so quick to bury it.  So I do a little intentional energy work and as I'm doing so the beak begins to open and close with the rhythm of my hands.  I straighten out it's feathers and place it gently on the ground where it cheeps once and then zooms off, apparently none the worse for wear.  In my head I hear the comment "Joy resurrected."  It seemed to be a very good omen. Not to my cat though.

The next day as I began my drive back to Montana I did my standard meditation for a safe journey.  In this meditation I visualize a cone of protective energy around my vehicle.  This time I hear: "That's pretty selfish".
I'm seriously stopped in my tracks. What?, I ask.  The response comes back that I could, if I wasn't being so selfish, extend the cone of protection out to about a fifty mile radius and include everyone sharing the road with me.  I'm like, I can do that?  The answer came back "No, but we can through you.  We can use you and your vehicle as the center point and extend the cone out to more or less that radius."  Since I didn't have any particularly good reason to deny the request I agreed.  My version of a protective cone includes no accidents and no breakdowns.  In the two days and over twelve hundred miles, I saw no accidents and no breakdowns, and I thought a lot about this particular interaction.

While I was driving through Denver I was hyper alert for accidents or breakdowns because statistics would indicate it was this time on the road where I would see accidents or breakdowns.  I saw none and blew through Denver without even having to slow down.  So I'm thinking to myself if this whole thing is actually true it would be quite a gift for a lot of unsuspecting drivers.  At which point the same voice says: "Imagine what this 'trick' of ours would be worth to an auto insurance company?  They might pay good money to make sure people with this kind of connection were always on the road in high traffic areas---that's just a practical observation."

Again I found my own musings brought to a halt by this observation.  I can't say that I would ever have conceived of the effects this kind of thing would have on insurance companies.  But it wasn't this practical application that contained the real lesson of this exercise.  It was the spiritual.  It was brought to my attention that this gift was extended to everyone who shared the road with me.  Given the roads I was driving encompassed one of the major drug routes it meant the gift was extended to criminals, drug runners, abusers, drunks, druggies, the generally irresponsible, Protestants, Natives, Jews, Moslems, true Catholics, lapsed Catholics, and all and sundry without exception.  Without exception. Just as Jesus fed the multitudes without exception or extended healing to all without exception, these kinds of gifts were meant to be given without exception--or merit or judgment.  Just given. Period.

I am not intending to state that this scenario was actually in effect.  One of my personal maxims is that one can not extrapolate from a data of point of one. All I know is that on this one trip I saw no accidents and no breakdowns and had a really fascinating mile eating mental conversation with some interesting ramifications.

Tomorrow I want to address some aspects of Catholic mysticism and some statements from Catholic mystics which do not necessarily fall into the usual categories of doom and destruction and hell and damnation.  In researching some recent visionaries I came across this quote from Padre Pio as recorded by his fellow Capuchins: 

Question: Padre, some claim that there are creatures of God on other planets, too.

Answer: "What else? Do you think they don’t exist and that God’s omnipotence is limited to this small planet Earth? What else? Do you think there are no other beings who love the Lord?"

Question: Padre, I think the Earth is nothing compared to other planets and stars.

Answer: "Exactly! Yes, and we Earthlings are nothing, too. The Lord certainly did not limit His glory to this small Earth. On other planets other beings exist who did not sin and fall as we did." (Maybe they didn't have quite the same free choice dynamic we do.)

One wonders if in Pio's 'travels' he didn't make some serious connections with other intelligent beings, or if he came to a different conclusion about the nature of angels and other 'supernatural' beings.



  1. It is certainly reasonable to speculate that God could have created intelligent life dwelling somewhere else in the universe.

    However, in re what we refer to as ETs, that is another matter. By definition, angelic beings (both the Angels & the Fallen Angels/Demons) are created intelligent extraterrestrial life. By definition, they are (literally) 'not of this world'. Thus 'extraterrestrial'.

    Angels & Demons have identical knowledge & abilities - far beyond that of mortals. We know this from both canonical Scripture & the Book of Enoch (which is valid Scripture). They have the ability of interdimensional & time travel.

    These words allegedly attributed to Padre Pio seem to come from a Msgr. Corrado Balducci; a Vatican spin doctor linked with Opus Dei.

    Now it is plausible that Pio may have said portions of these alleged words. Concurring with what is stated in the first paragraph above. But Opus Dei is known for spin; if not outright lies. Neatly covered with the garb of pretended piety.

    Angels most certainly are 'extraterrestrial' by strict definition; but they are not ETs. A great deception is involved in this,in which Opus Dei & its many Collaborators are deeply involved.

    It is the Obra which has an intense interest in either discrediting or manipulating to their advantage the words of legitimate mystics of God. They have used extreme Liberal elements to mock & discredit Marian devotions & her words.

    Over the past 150 odd years, God has used mystics & prophets to warn ppl of spiritual danger & deception. And to clarify the words of Scriptural prophecy.

    Not to speak of butterflies, rainbows & unicorns. Or speak of vague utopian conceptions.

    A sane parent warns a child of impending, unseen danger. He would not conceal it or sugar coat it.

    Anon Y. Mouse

  2. How big is God?

    Scripture, if taken literally (geocentric universe? Hello Gallileo...) isn't very big at all. A lot of it is very specific to a time and place. (Leviiticus: abominable shellfish, mixing of fibers for garments, the "right" kind of hairstyle etc. )

    How relevant is that to us today? Or for future generations? Isn't the revealed truth expected to be true?


  3. Concentrating on the subject of "Original Sin", I find the whole idea to be ridiculous. Always have. I find myself in agreement with Episcopal bishop Spong when he postulates that a theory developed from an incorrect understanding of the anthropology of humankind, i.e the Genesis story, cannot adequately explain the human condition. We are not fallen creatures striving to return to some kind of primordial perfection, we were not "created a little less than the angels," but a little higher than the apes. Humankind is not a child that ought to be punished for the self awareness it possesses, rather we are incomplete creatures striving to more completely be ourselves and rise above our evolutionary survival needs.

  4. "Jesus...extended healing to all without exception".


    He adamantly refused to heal many people, as they had no Faith. Yet He fed all, unbelievers included.

    This shows that God sustains all life, good & bad. But His healing is only for those who call upon His Thrice Holy Name in complete Faith.

    p2p -

    Thank you for defining your 'faith' . Biblical Literalism is a mental trap.

    What you have written could have been penned by any Agnostic or Atheist. A flimsy effort to discredit Scripture via 'cheap thought'.

    In reality....much of Scripture is NOT specific to 'time & place'.

    It is for this reason that Christ said: ' blind are they who WILL not see..". There is a difference between willful Blindness and lack of ability.

    You do not know what Time it is.

    Anon Y. Mouse

  5. Unfortunately for Bishop Spong of the ECUSA, whatever he believes in is not Jesus of Nazareth.

    Original Sin is the primordial disobedience (sin) of our ancestors to a very simple rule set by God. The result of this was what we know as the human condition. It's "stain' is upon each person, via a collective (not individual) sin. It is wiped away via Baptism.

    In committing this Sin, 'Adam & Eve' listened to the temptation of Satan, thus disobeying God's one simple commandment. Since then, Man has shown over & over that he is extremely stupid. Unable to follow the Commandments, set forth via Moses.

    They are truly simple rules.

    Angels are higher then Man, in that they are eternal created beings. With powers & intellect far above that of Man. Satan & his legions are also angels who revolted against God - yet retain their powers & abilities.

    Man is very much a fallen creature; proving this every day in each one of us. In sin.

    As to the Genesis story, it is correct. Just very time compressed & stripped down to bare essentials, so that primitive man could comprehend it.

    Those who dismiss Original Sin, and thus the need for the cleansing of Baptism, are at variance with Christ. For He not only validated it, but underwent it in submission to the Will of the Father. Yet He was Sinless. Teaching by example.

    May God have mercy on Spong - and those who agree with him.

    Anon Y. Mouse

  6. Whoa Mouse!

    Hold on a minute. I asked a few questions and you think a single comment is a complete philosophy, not a part of a dialogue? Perhaps I was asking a question that would invite your comment. There are many rhetorical devices. Perhaps I was hurried or distracted as I commented. (When I used "that" I was referring to the literal reading of the bible.) But the implication that I am agnostic or atheistic simply isn't true.

    Speaking of truth, just what parts of the scripture are universally true? How are they to be understood? Some have justified slavery using the Bible. I mentioned the conflict with science. Some, as you well know, do follow the scriptures literally including all the laws. What are we to make of Mosaic behavioral, dietary, and fashion laws?

    What about the many contradictions contained within the teachings? Are women not the equal of men? Why was polygamy, slavery, fratricide, and honor killing part of the history of our religion? Does humankind progress in understanding and righteous behavior?

    Did the Pope not condemn Iran's sentence of capital punishment for Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani? "Stoning is Barbaric!"

    Contrast that with biblical teachings that prescribe stoning for: cursing or blaspheming, adultery, a woman not being a virgin on her wedding night, worshipping other gods, breaking the Sabbath, etc.

    Well at least you didn't mistake me for someone from Opus Dei.


  7. Mouse- You consistently have the most bizarre, outlandish understanding of things more than anyone else here. Evolution is a FACT, like the world is round fact, like the earth is not the center of the universe fact. Just because you cannot or do not see it makes no difference on the reality of this matter. Adam and Eve are figments of a primitive imagination, baptism is an irrelevant ritual meant to erase a stain that was never there in the first place.

    And you can save your arrogant self righteousness for someone who cares.


  8. kalisti -

    There are two Creation stories in the 1st chapter of Genesis. It is made painfully obvious that Evolution is the mechanism God used to Create. "Adam & Eve" are the evolutionary selection He used, from ape-like precursors, to create Man. Into whom He breathed His Spirit, thus ensouling them. That is the meaning of 'created in His image...".

    True - the earth is not the center of the universe. But it is the center & focus of man's experience. So if Scripture appears to be from a 'geocentric' position, that would be natural. As that was what most ancient men knew via experiential knowledge. Astrophysics as we now understand it was unknown to the authors of the Old Testament. Scripture is collection of Spiritual (not scientific) knowledge.

    Yet, true knowledge of God is indeed 'high science' as Moses & Enoch can attest.

    If you truly think that baptism is an 'irrelevant ritual', then you are (sadly) not Christian.

    Anon Y. Mouse

  9. When did "he" create *Humans*? Where do you draw the line? Is homo erectus human? What about Neanderthals and the other species of hominids that became evolutionary dead ends, are they *human*?

    How come you're so enamored with an apocryphal book?

    More to the point, did you even consider that Orthodox xians don't embrace a theology of Original Sin at all?


  10. p2p

    Sadly, what you continue to write I have seen, almost verbatim, come from Atheists/Agnostics.

    Comprehension of Scripture requires context; the linear, linguistic, & cultural.

    As to references to slavery in Scripture....assuming that you work...are you not a wage slave? Slavery in various forms has been a common thread in human economy. God is not in any way justifying it. At the same time urging civility towards one's earthly masters (be they just OR unjust) is coherent with God's law.

    In re Ratz condemning stoning....that is a PR move. He would eagerly & overtly torture & kill many, if he could get away with it. So let's not play games here.....

    "...just what parts of the scripture are universally true?"

    The answer to that will be given to you if you read, asking & heeding the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Ditto for your other questions.

    "Does humankind progress in understanding and righteous behavior?"

    No, as history plainly shows. Were the opposite true, there would have been no need for the Great Flood....selection of the Jews as God's Chosen ppl....or the incarnation of Jesus in the mode of Messiah.

    Anon Y. Mouse

  11. No flood, no great genocide by an almighty mass murderer,(and really what kind of god would that be? Would that god not be anything other than an ogre?) No special, preferred class of people, would not the creator of all need be the God of the whole of humankind? "Must not the judge of all do right?" to paraphrase Abraham.

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  13. "Orthodox xians don't embrace a theology of Original Sin at all"

    Were that literally true, then they would simply be wrong. If they have a different understanding or expression of it (using different terms), that would be another matter entirely.

    There are several developmental evolutionary levels of 'man'. But a key element escapes many: 'Adam & Eve' were not the only humans alive at that point in time. You might call them an archetypal term for our spiritual ancestors.

    Question: where did Cain's wife come from? And of the mark placed by God upon Cain (that no man should kill him)of whom was he afraid....of the population of the world was four?

    There were many more humans alive then. 'Adam & Eve" were the evolutionary selective 'cut'. They were ensouled; others were not.

    So the correct & complete answer to your question about ancestral forms of man...would be a doctoral thesis. Most of the other forms died out. Or were eliminated in the Great Flood.

    BTW...the 'Flood" is referenced in the ancestral mythologies of many, many ancient civilizations. All vastly disconnected by region & distance. The implication is that there were regional "Noahs".

    This evidence would tend to indicate that there was such a catastrophic event.

    As to 'apocryphal books', Genesis & Enoch are both coherent & were both widely known and accepted as valid, until after the Council of Nicea....

    Anon Y.Mouse


    Learn for yourself the nuttiness of believing in a literal flood. The facts do not support you. (You know for someone so dead set *against* literalism you sure are wedded to the idea huh?)

    I find it ironic that you declare other groups of xians to not be xians. I also find it a disingenuous argument to try to plaster a bronze age fantasy about dirt boy, rib girl, the talking snake and the magical fruit to scientific facts.


  15. "No flood..."

    The preponderance of archeological & anthropological evidence is on the side of the "Great Flood". Now, the precise details of what & how it transpired are another matter.

    The ancestral mythologies of many, many ancient civilizations contain narratives of something resembling the flood of Noah. So widely divergent that the stories are indicative that it was near universal.

    Those who were destroyed in the Flood were those who would not heed Noah. Ample time & warning was given. But the majority just ignored the warnings & partied it up. Until the waters came.....

    It is like the flashing red lights & warning bells at a RR crossing. They come on well in advance of the approaching train. Plenty of advance warning to get out of the path of destruction. Those who do not heed......will regret, but be to late.

    An ogre would not have set up the warning lights & bells.

    As to God being the God of all....He is. And all have heard of Him. Or can easily find out. He is not a secret.

    The just (and thus saved) of every age have come from all peoples. One could never have heard of the God of Abraham, yet be saved. Due to how you lived; your charity & sincerity. God's law is in everyone's heart.

    The only ones who are 'damned' are those who damn themselves.

    Anon Y, Mouse


    There also exist global tales of a terrible monster that eats babies and steals the "seed" of men while they sleep. By that reasoning I suppose they exist as well? This is a non argument.

    Bishop Spong is so right when he declares it is time for xians of the 3rd millennium to realize they are xians of the 3rd millennium.


  17. Here's a more modern prophecy, more in line with what I truly believe and more in line with how quantum physics seems to work--beware the consequences of the observer effect.

    The Blessed Virgin at Medjugorje has said this concerning prophecy:

    "Do not think about wars, punishments, evil, because if you do you are on the road toward them. Your task is to accept divine peace, to live it, and to spread it."

    Mouse, you are not spreading divine peace.

  18. "We have the power to create sacred spaces..."

    Only God has hallow & sanctify.

    Legitimate mystics/prophets of God have always preached repentance & amendment of life. That any true joy will only come as a result of this, as one seeks union with God & His Will in prayer.

    "Good spirits do not make us tremble in fear and leave us in a hopeless state, nor do they help us to lose our way, or threaten us or accuse us, or condemn us."

    The question is: what are you praying to?

    The God of Abraham does not do any of those things. IF we have Faith in Him. He will test & refine you, but never abandon you. IF you are in & of Him, then you are led to greater faith - and shedding of faults & sin.

    We will each be judged. There will be reward or condemnation. We condemn ourselves by our sins. They are weighed in the balance. As everybody sins, an invoice will be presented.

    The true core of the Catholic Faith has nothing to do with fascism or fanaticism. The Sacraments are part of that Faith. So is the role of Mary.

    Indeed, God does judge. And he will soon dispense His justice upon the society of nations. The end of these times; not the end of the world. What you know will be wiped away. Another chapter will start.

    Not a material utopia. But a last, fresh start for humanity.

    Anon Y. Mouse

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  21. Mr Mouse is certainly entertaining but not educational.

  22. The locutions at Medjugore from 1981-83 are legitimate. After that point fraud enters the picture, courtesy of our friends at the Villa Trevere.

    As I have no clue or reference for the date or context of that quote, I disregard it. On face value it is incoherent with the other messages of Mary, which are apocalyptic in nature. Including that of Medjugore itself.

    Mirjana (1983):

    "...The ninth and tenth secrets are serious. They concern chastisement for the sins of the world. Punishment is inevitable, for we cannot expect the whole world to be converted. The punishment can be diminished by prayer and penance, but it cannot be eliminated."

    The words of Mary to Mijana (1982):

    "Excuse me for this, but you must realize that satan exists. One day he appeared before the throne of God and asked permission to submit the Church to a period of trial. God gave him permission to try the Church for one century. This century is under the power of the devil, but when the secrets confided to you come to pass, his power will be destroyed."

    Since 1983....curiously coincident with the enthronement of Opus Dei in the Vatican.....Medugore has been subverted. While it began as legitimate, post 1983 it is not.

    The words you quoted are either complete or partial fabrication, as they are in no way coherent with Mary's words. At Medugore or Fatima, Akita, Garabandal, or LaSalette.

    Anon Y, Mouse

  23. Butterfly -

    Let me ask you again.....gently....what are you praying to? The way you phrased that statement sounded very much like spirit/goddess worship.

    If this is mistaken, correct the statement. If this is correct (which I hope it is not) then it requires action on your part.

    In re EWTN....they would not be criticizing Ratzinger, the Vatican, Opus Dei...much less EWTN itself.

    Anon Y. Mouse

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  25. Mr Mouse needs meds.

  26. The visionaries have also said the seventh secret is no longer valid-hs been avoided- because of conversion and prayer.

    One of the major difference between you and I Mouse, is that I know prophecy is a probability call, and that the future can be changed by action in the present. The future is not set in stone, even though some time lines have a higher probability than others.

    This whole prophecy thing is far more complicated than the visions of various seekers or their understandings of what Mary may or may not have said or intended.

    The future has become much more open than it has been in the past, and much harder to predict with any accuracy.

  27. Kalisti -

    Bishop John Spong:

    "He calls for a fundamental rethinking of Christian belief, away from theism and from such doctrines and practices as prayer......He rejects the historical truth claims of some Christian doctrines, such as the Virgin Birth... and the bodily resurrection of Jesus..."

    In other words, he is not a Christian in any lucid definition.

    Anon Y. Mouse

  28. A realist who insists on being honest about the corpus of mythology bequeathed to us. Incidentally whatever is wrong with Goddess worship? I'm sure Shekhina ( is delighted.


  29. I must mention I'm more of a panentheist personally, a place where Spong and I differ.


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  31. WWII & all that has followed it & is to come could have been averted, had the Vatican obeyed God.But they did not, ergo....

    Like the 7th secret you referenced, it was conditional. However, in re LaSalette, Fatima & Akita the Vatican has chosen the "or" of the 'either/or proposition' offered by God.

    What has been prophecied will be fulfilled. The severity will be in accordance with man's response God. But it will be fulfilled.

    We are not speaking of probabilities, but of realities. If God says 'x' will happen, it shall happen.

    "This whole prophecy thing is far more complicated than the visions of various seekers or their understandings of what Mary may or may not have said or intended."

    That statement is a none too subtle dismissal of the souls chosen by God. They were chosen as their hearts & minds were pure. Free from guile. And that they would faithfully transmit a message. As individuals, they knew & understood what God willed for them to know.

    You make it clear by implication that you do not believe what they say.

    The Mother of God did not come to speak greeting card pleasantries. She came with messages of warning. A mercy of God, to save those who would listen.

    Anon Y. Mouse

  32. Kallisti -

    "I must mention I'm more of a panentheist personally, a place where Spong and I differ."

    Thank you for being honest - and as such I do not criticize you. It also helps me to understand your point of view.

    Spong, on the other hand is very dishonest. Very willing to clothe himself in the garb of a Xtian minister (and take the nice salary!), yet believing in something quite divergent.

    Anon Y.Mouse

  33. Butterfly -

    "Do you not believe in the power of prayer to God and Jesus?"

    Most certainly. But what you wrote was indicative of an 'alternative faith tradition'. You could have chosen to calmly explain what you meant. If an apology for coming to the wrong conclusion were then in order, you would have gotten one from me.

    "Don't you ever question my faith in God again! Do you hear me?"

    Had your own words not prompted the question, it would never have been asked.

    Anon Y.Mouse

  34. ("Does humankind progress in understanding and righteous behavior?"

No, as history plainly shows. Were the opposite true, there would have been no need for the Great Flood....selection of the Jews as God's Chosen ppl....or the incarnation of Jesus in the mode of Messiah.)

    To me this is the essence of my disagreement with you, Mouse. I think history clearly points to the evolution and the growth and development of mankind. This seems true to me just as the history of each and every one of us as persons from babies to adults to more mature adults etc.. Mankind, as each of us, has a choice for spiritual growth and development or for the lack of such development - the demon part of us all. It is the internal demon that we must attempt to understand for when that part takes over we choose to be less than we might be. We descend to boarder line and psychotic personalities.
    Sometimes men choose to be down right evil. Societal choice is what is important. It is interesting to me that when societies are not given that choice but are told what and who are right and wrong, society over time revolts. Whiteness what has happened to Catholic Europe (particularly France.)
    The other interesting concept is where do maturity, judgement and reasoning come from. Is there a right and wrong answer or are there answers that are more or less correct. The idea that science is right and philosophy or mystical understanding is wrong when it does not agree with science seems a futile attempt to REDEFINE DOGMATISM. To become a decent scientist, is similar to becoming a decent theologian. To understand that the hypothesis and the theory are what we work with and work through. We never reach THE TRUTH for that would take us to be one with the mind of omniscience. We as humans can never reach that, but we must reach toward it!

    Yes we all have our illusions of what is true, what is right and wrong, etc., but when these beliefs become fixed, we are in trouble as persons or societies. This causes psychosis in our world because our beliefs become nothing more than fixed delusions that will not be helped by injections of antipsychotic drugs!

  35. Kalisti,

    Thank you for reintroducing me to Mystica. I do not consider myself so much a pantheist but see pantheism as a human attempt to define the greatness of one God. The words he and she are indeed very small when it comes to thinking of the Powerful Other.

    To me it seems fool hearted to question your belief in God. I think, you, as I always have the right to reexamine what we believe. At times, we do become doubting Thomas' because the dogmatism seen in society requires a questioning mind to doubt. The harshness we see in society stems from the blind dogmatist. When my demon of dogmatism raises his ugly head, I have a lot to work through because I am in a place that makes it hard to love. This is more or less true at times of us all.

  36. Colleen, wonderful to see you back online and to know you're settled in. Your hummingbird story was amazing, and will be the theme of my meditation time today.

    I look forward to the Padre Pio postings. It's interesting to see the neocon world (a la David Brooks) now talking about the need to reconnect spirituality and politics. You're moving in a cosmic direction here, I think.

  37. It's good to be back Bill. I'd forgotten just how big the Big Sky is in Montana. Cloud coverage actually is seen as a ceiling when your view is unobstructed for miles.

    Makes for big rainbows too. (That was for you Mouse)

  38. "Had your own words not prompted the question, it would never have been asked."

    Mouse, That you are prompted by certain words is not my issue, but yours.

    rdp46 - "To me it seems fool hearted to question your belief in God."

    Where did you get the notion that I was questioning my belief in God?

    To all, you are very gifted with words. Talking is good to a point, but when it becomes insulting and rude that's when I need to flee.

    If it is true that we do not have much time, why do people in here squabble over petty differences or how something was worded, and then wind up accusing others they do not have any faith?

    Frankly, I've had a lifetime of people in my life that are so busy talking & are inside their own heads, that they never hear anything from outside their own heads. I've had a lifetime of bullies and very simply, I am walking away, far away from the madness.

  39. Butterfly, I was addressing what Mouse had said! Not anything you said. dennis

  40. Butterfly,

    What I wrote was confusing, I should have said, "It seems fool hearted for Mouse to confuse your belief in God." sorry, and lol dennis

  41. 1) When someone (anyone...) uses words or phrases which indicate beliefs which are profoundly contrary to the true core of the Catholic Faith, it is quite reasonable to question what that person actually believes in.

    2) For those who refuse to comprehend, the core of the Catholic Faith has little to nothing to do with the Vatican or Church Administration. It is founded upon Christ & His teaching in the Gospel. Principally in the Sermon on the Mount & Beatitudes.

    3) That core Faith also includes the Sacraments, and belief in the Trinity, Sacrifice of the Cross, literal bodily Resurrection of Christ & His Ascension into heaven. That He shall come again in Glory.

    4) That faith includes the (literal) Virgin Birth of Christ, the Immaculate Conception & Assumption of Mary. And in the Communion of the Saints & intercessory prayer.

    5) That we all sin; that unrepented sin has eternal consequences. That we must seek conversion & repentance - and to make amends to God & those fellow humans we have harmed.

    6) That there is a very real Heaven, Hell & Purgatory. The first two being Eternal; the latter in Time.

    7) That the Mass involved Transubstantiation; that the bread & wine are literally changed into the Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity of Christ. That reception of Communion is not a 'right', but a gift of God. That unworthy reception of it is our condemnation.

    These are the basics, which were believed by the primitive Church (before Nicea). Perhaps expressed in different words & terms (some even implied but not overt). But all true.

    Those who do not believe these things - now or 1600 years ago - are in error. And need to pray for the Gift of Faith.

    Anon Y.Mouse

  42. All of that might be true, mouse. But it is still perfectly possible to believe all that you've mentioned here and still NOT come across as self-righteous, judgmental and outright condemnatory as your postings here almost inevitably are. Your method is not one of peace.


  43. @ Butterfly,

    This thread has not been fun, but it reminded me of something Woody Allen once said:

    "I was thrown out of college for cheating on the metaphysics exam; I looked into the soul of the boy sitting next to me."

    No more cheating!


  44. Veronica -

    "Your method is not one of peace."

    Christ said: "I have not come to bring peace, but a sword". The 'sword' is Faith, which is Truth itself.

    "But it is still perfectly possible to believe all that you've mentioned here and still NOT come across as self-righteous, judgmental and outright condemnatory as your postings here almost inevitably are"

    You are free to think as you wish. But that does not alter by one iota what has been said.

    Jesus did not speak in diplomatic, equivocating terms, seeking to placate....much less distance Himself from the possibility of ruffling feathers. He spoke VERY bluntly, cutting to the heart of the matter. And He most certainly was 'condemnatory' in rebuking falsehood & deception.

    Actually, your words reflect exactly what Christ was accused of. He did not condemn those who repented of their sin. But those who were Blind to their reality; and those duplicitous in & of it.

    Anon Y.Mouse

  45. Mouse, are you done attacking people for the day? It's getting a tad bit old and you don't seem to be fostering much conversion. If you really feel the need to drag out your sword of truth and start whapping people there are other sites more into that kind of thing.

  46. Colleen -

    The only Sword is the Truth of Christ. Not of any mere human.

    Define: 'attack'.

    When one comes to a conclusion based upon the words of another & requests clarification, that is reasonable. If, on the other hand, one is stating falsehood (spiritual or mundane) it needs to be addressed.

    Veronica's post was filled with the typical buzz words, intended to de-fang a perceived "conservative'. It is a rather old attempt to back the person into a corner and/or put on the defensive.

    Here is a question for you:

    What think you of Christ?

    Anon Y.Mouse

  47. Mouse that's actually hard for me to answer because I don't think the standard answers do justice to how I view, think, and feel about Christ. He is the source and summit of all that I do and all that I have experienced. He has been an incomparable teacher about just what it means to be fully human--and how far I have to go. When I get frustrated, I go whine to His Mother.

  48. "Comprehension of Scripture requires context; the linear, linguistic, & cultural. "

    Here again, Mouse, you speak for yourself and your own experience.

    Comprehension of Scripture, for me, has required the help and aid of the Holy Spirit and a willingness on my part to be guided by the Teacher, the Holy Spirit.

    When you speak of Faith, you talk about dogma and when you do so you lose the main core concept which is that of the love of Jesus Christ. When I speak about Faith it is not about dogma, but it is about the love of Jesus Christ.

    If your Faith journey is all about dogma and following a set pattern of rules for your supposed salvation, but you have not love, nor belief in the Holy Spirit, you are doomed to error.

  49. "Here again, Mouse, you speak for yourself and your own experience."

    No - the words you quoted for this comment are not mine. They are true. The source will not be explained.

    Comprehension of Scripture utilizes the human intellect & logic as those words indicated. In conjunction with the action of the Holy Spirit. He provides the comprehension via the mind.

    It seems obvious that the understanding of God's love has been greatly skewed into something other then its reality. He dispenses both Justice & Mercy. The two are inseparable.

    Those whose Faith is the true core of the Catholic Faith believe in Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah. Who is yet the same God who authored the Commandments & inspired the Prophets.

    Murder is defined as the intentional taking of a human life. Christ has commanded:"Thou shalt not kill".

    One who has Faith in Christ may not condone Murder in any way, or we have Spiritual Incoherance. Which equals lack of Faith.

    As Abortion is Murder, one may not in anyway condone it....and yet claim Faith in Christ.

    Anon Y. Mouse

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. "Those whose Faith is the true core of the Catholic Faith believe in Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah. Who is yet the same God who authored the Commandments & inspired the Prophets."

    I don't have any disagreement with your statement here, Mouse.

    Your statement denying that I have Faith is totally of your own fabrication.

  52. 1) Nowhere have I ever ascribed any personal status of superiority much less 'righteousness' to myself. Those who say or infer so are playing games.

    2) Statements of what the true core of the Catholic Faith is are fact,not opinion. If one will not comprehend be it.

    3) As to 'sacred spaces'....the hallowing of something is only done by God, not man. Bodies & souls were created by Him....not man. Churches are made by man - but are only hallowed by God.

    Faith is a gift of God; not something of personal human choice or invention. Thus real Faith is hallowed, as it comes from God alone. The same goes for individual conscience, as it is part of the soul - thus from God.

    4) One's level of personal Faith should not be dependent upon the opinion of others. However if one is put on notice that said level of faith is not what we think it is - then some re-thinking is in order.

    There are certain things which are the non-negotiable core of the Catholic Faith. Which is at union with the core believed by the early Church. Dogma alone is not Faith, yet is part of it as definitions.

    If one's 'faith' can be 'murdered' by it being called into question, or specific points critiqued, then what one thinks is 'faith'...may not be so.

    If one denies the Virgin Birth of Christ or the Immaculate Conception, the Divinity of Christ - or any of the key points of the Faith - then one is not of that faith.

    Anon Y. Mouse

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. 1) Nowhere have I ever ascribed any personal status of superiority much less 'righteousness' to myself. Those who say or infer so are playing games.

    Mouse I don't think people are playing games with you. I think your writing has changed in tone. When you first started commenting on this blog you weren't this abrupt and intense--nor this black and white. Some of your original comments were hugely entertaining and intriguing while making important and unique points.

    Sometimes lately I've wondered if you aren't spoiling for a good old fashioned Irish banter of a verbal fight. Too bad I'm Polish.

  55. "I don't think people are playing games with you...."

    If ever there was a lie, this is it.

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Well, I've had my say at mouse. And having been responded to in such a manner, I will now certainly proceed to ignore any future posts by that person.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. "I have been accused of being defensive.'

    Methinks thous doth protest too much....

    A simple question was asked. You could have chosen to answer it calmly & logically, explaining your meaning. As I clearly indicated: if there was something to apologize for, your would have received same. Gladly.

    Instead, you have chosen the stance of the wounded one, placing yourself (as it were) 'on the cross'.

    I find it mildly amusing that the persons who claim to be in the field of psychology here are the ones most adept & active at game playing & manipulations.

    Anon Y. Mouse

  60. Butterfly is a musician. Just thought I'd point that out Mouse.

  61. ...I was not referring to her.

  62. You didn't make that evident in your comment. The whole comment seemed to reference a comment of Butterfly's.

    Or mabye that's just me being a picky shrink and needing clarification.

  63. "Or mabye that's just me being a picky shrink "

    You have asserted that you are a psychologist...counselor...or some manner of trained & certified mental health professional.

    OK, if that is true, then how come you are soliciting funds to operate this blog? I know many people in that profession, and none of them are poor. Not even HS guidance counselors.

    So what game shall we play today?

  64. Mouse I haven't worked in three years by choice. I used a large percentage of my saved income to support my daughter and a number of friends who were in desparate straights. None of that money has been paid back because they can't.

    This is the last attack I will take from you. You are done with this blog.