Monday, August 25, 2008

Just a quick update to let you know I have had serious computer problems which effected my internet modem. It negated my ability to connect with the internet from both my PC and my laptop. We seem to have the modem fixed, but the PC is a horse of a different color.

In the meantime I have been reading Anne Rice's two volume series on the life of Christ. She's done a fabulous job of making Jesus human and making the Jewish culture in which he lived come alive. It's well worth the read. This Jesus is not the vampire Lestat.

In the meantime here's hoping the laptop keeps working.


  1. Colleen, I hope this response reaches you. We miss you! Hope the computer problems are soon resolved.

  2. Hi Colleen! I'm hoping that your computer woes will not be for too long. You are loved and missed!

  3. Attached is an excerpt from a post from the Conversations with God blog on beliefnet that I thought would make interesting reading.

    Women are second class citizens, right?

    Now let's see what you've already written. Here, from the Comments Section, are some entries from the class, as our Sunday School All Week continues...

    (carl) posted...

    The Vatican can give us wonderful guidance on how to treat women. Before I continue though, let me explain something I've learned from a lifetime of catholicism ...

    if the Vatican says it is right and good, then it probably isnt.
    Now, regarding these issues, take what the Vatican pontificates, do the reverse, and it will be correct.

    (neile responded)
    I'm not sure that the Vatican is inaccurate about every single solitary thing that it has to say...but I agree with you that its ideas about sexuality, the role of females in the church, and such things as birth control, divorce, and abortion are outdated, outmoded, and outlandish.

    The original blog I responded to was:

    (yes, my ego did swell a bit having my reponse in the main article, oh well, what can I say
    :-P )