Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trans Dimensional Cities Of Light

One of the strangest visions I have ever had in meditation happened two summers ago. I found myself in an extraordinary city of light, and knew somehow, that this city was above the one I live in. In the same vision I was shown a map of the United States where similar cities apparently existed. I was able to identify the area in which some of these cities would manifest.
One was in Colorado, one was in New Mexico, one was in California/Oregon area, one was on the Western Illinois border, and was on the Eastern slope of the Continental divide encompassing the Helena valley. There are others which I wasn't shown. It is to be a world wide phenomenon.
I was made to understand that their presence in these areas is due to certain magnetic and other geophysical properties. They lay on the intersections of lay lines, or energy lines which form a grid over the planet. People have used GPS to map the intersections of famous spiritual sites and you can see that the intersections of these lines form a pattern. This geophysical/spiritual energy operates on an intuitive level, and it's why some spiritual sites have had numerous historical spiritualities use the same location. Christianity for instance, has frequently built Churches and Cathedrals on the Sacred sites of previous spiritual systems. It's seem to be about the energy.
Shortly after I came out of this meditation I was called by a friend of mine who was extremely excited. By shortly I mean less than twenty minutes. She told me she had seen a beautiful crystal city manifest itself over Helena and so had her husband. This was in broad daylight and she and her husband were fully awake. I was speechless. In this case confirmation for my meditative vision came very quickly and I knew this was a big deal. We had to figure out what this was about. We still haven't really figured it out, but neither has anyone else.
Subsequently we have found that other psychics and spiritual people have seen the same thing and we all talk about the magnificence of these cities. When Leon was here, out of the blue he started talking about the visions he had had of the one in New Mexico. He also spoke of the one in Colorado. Needless to say I took notes. I don't think he came all the way to Helena by accident. None of us really have a handle on what this means because although we've seen it, concrete information is coming in dribbles.
Some internet sites talk about these cities being the New Jerusalem, others talk about humans developing the capacity to move between those cities and our reality. Some sites write that these are safe havens for people during a future Armageddon from which the inhabitants will return and repopulate the earth. I fall more in line with the thinking that humans will develop the capacity and trans dimensional physicality to live in both the new cities and the old Earth. I no longer believe the Armageddon scenario is our future. I think our future lies in becoming that trans dimensional being which can live in both realities.
It was a beautiful vision. These cities don't resemble earth cities, and yet they do. They are a combination of the best of our historic architecture and architecture I can't describe. Buildings serve different functions and the over all sense of peace, love, and joy is profound. There are many kinds of entities, but I got the sense that all were involved in the evolution of creation and all understood themselves as pieces of the the Creator, all united in that basic Divine energy.
Entrance into these cities is not a reward in the classical Christian sense. There were people from all spiritualities. If anything it was the end result of a long process of remembering the truth of who we are as humans. We are eternal. We are part of the Divine. We do have a part to play in the Divine plan. We have an important part actually. Bringing in the Kingdom as Christ spoke of it, will have profound effects on the rest of the created material universe. Earth is not some accident of creation with no purpose. It has a huge purpose. Earth is in some senses a test of free will. Can beings who are essentially light beings and eternal, incarnate in a denser physics, which by the very nature of the laws of that physics blinds them to their truth? Can they find the truth of themselves with in that reality? Will they learn to come back home to God and in doing so bring the Light of the Creator into denser material reality?
Jesus taught the path back in the most concrete terms of any of the great spiritual masters. He was the first of us who really understood His divinity and the importance of us understanding our Divinity. It is important not to forget that He was brought to His knowledge by other beings who are every bit as invested in our success as we should be. I wish I could write to you that I saw Jesus in this city, but the fact is I was so overwhelmed I didn't even think to look. I'm sure His energy is there though, like it is everywhere else in this reality, even in the very air we breathe.
I've stated this before, but I'll state it again. It was very apparent to me that to gain entrance into these cities one needs to lead a clean life. One dedicated to finding God and losing the enculturated ego. A life dedicated to recognizing the Divine within each person you meet, even when those people give you heart burn. One needs to get past the heartburn and think trans dimensionally in order to see the connections we all have with each other and our parts in the Divine plan.
In my case that would be Fred Phelps, amongst others. Fred has been to Helena when the legislature was debating equal rights for gays. I had to develop the capacity to turn the negative into a positive lesson. So far with Fred I'm thankful that my life is not overwhelmed with the incredible amount of hate his seems to be. This has freed me to see that Fred has a lot of issues which preclude him from gaining access to these cities. I have a lot of compassion for him. It saddens me to think that people, will by their very fears, stop themselves from experiencing these incredible trans dimensional realities--at least in this lifetime.
On the other hand, I can take great comfort in the fact the Fred is so over the top, that he's forcing a lot of luke warm people to take a stand, to make a choice. That's what this life is all about, so in the final analysis I can see that Fred is actually part of the Divine will, and laugh a little knowing that his part in the Divine plan isn't quite what he thinks it is. When you can learn to think past your own hurt, you find that there is a lot of humor in this universe. It's transcending the hurt and betrayal that gives one access to the trans dimensional. It's what Jesus learned in the Garden of Gethsemane. There's no short cut. You need to work through these hurts, pains, and betrayals because in the end it's worth it. Jesus showed us that too.
I have no idea when these cities will begin to manifest. I think it maybe with in the next decade or so, others think fifty years or more, Leon thought seventy years. I'm always the optimist. I was a sprinter, not a long distance runner. If it takes seventy years, I'm going to be way past my prime. :) In the meantime, I'm starting to get in shape. Who wants a fat, out of shape, trans dimensional body?


  1. This is truly a beautiful revelation Colleen. Last night I was busy reading Revelations and read that the City that John saw was 15,000 miles square by 15,000 miles high and the streets were paved with gold that were crystal clear. One single pearl made up one of the twelve entry gates. Where you went in your meditation could well have been where he went and described.

    You said "I was made to understand that their presence in these areas is due to certain magnetic and other geophysical properties. They lay on the intersections of lay lines, or energy lines which form a grid over the planet." Where on the internet might I find such a layout? Also, might there be a connection somehow to the solar cycle 24 that we are now in? 2011-2012 are the years when this latest 11 year solar cycle will reach its peak. I was kind of disappointed to hear that Leon thought these cities would not manifest for another 70 years, but in a sense it already has manifested through your experience and your friend and her husband and Leon.

    I also checked out the Kryon website and listened to the first two channelings, the introduction to it all, for beginners like me. I get the strong sense that they are onto something and I'll continue to read what they have to say. I appreciate the fact that they have not become an organization to join. In listening to Kryon and reading there are definitely the seeds of Christianity within, but with a definite energy that transcends it.

    I am familiar with the drama people, and lived in such a place for a while. I see people struggle in that place and become victims over and over again. The light of Christ, the love of God, has the power to repel the darkness. This is what I've been learning on my spiritual journey. I have learned to keep the dark forces at bay and have helped some people to come to the light. This is the choice of free will that we can choose the light or the dark. In choosing the light we vibrate the very essence of life and creation. Pray for me Colleen, that the divinity that is within me will blossom so that I may help others find that divinity within themselves.

  2. Colleen, this is--well, passing strange. Your posting today mentions Fred Phelps and the struggle to recognize that he's a human being, one like us.

    And guess what I posted about today? I wrote about how we've seen Fred Phelps, and he is us. And I ended my impassioned plea for us all to recognize our complicity in the violence on which he feeds by reminding readers that we are all in care of each other.

    Our posts complement each other. And we surely didn't plan that. But clearly somebody else must have!

  3. Note: I had to look up who Fred Phelps was; never heard of him. If there is a man on the planet who can find something or someone to hate - that would be him. He is the King of all haters. I feel sorry for him too Colleen. What a waste of a life to spend it hating.

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  5. Butterfly:

    you asked "Pray for me Colleen, that the divinity that is within me will blossom so that I may help others find that divinity within themselves."

    I offer to you, that it already is and that you already are. (Matt 16:18-19 etal)


    How did you know the kind of day I was having? It must be my turn today to practice Tonglen. Thank you for the reminder.

    Re: Fred Phelps

    The real tragedy is that he has a congregation of devotees that believe the same things he does.

    Ready for an interesting "revelation" now: (que the scary music now) the zip code for his church and the area he and his congregation live in starts with "666".

  6. Carl, Tonglen is new to me (though it may have been discussed on Colleen's blog--my mind is like a sieve some days). Can you point me to sources about it?

  7. And I meant to add to the comment I just posted an interesting tidbit about my blog posting today re: Fred Phelps. It has received a reply from Fred Phelps's son Nate Phelps, though he posted the reply under yesterday's posting. I think he was actually responding to today's.

    I really take seriously what he has to say, since it comes from someone who has actually lived in the environment of Westboro Baptist, and within the Phelps family. For those interested in the Phelps topic, I would like to point out what Nate Phelps has to say in his comment.

    Colleen, thank you for providing a rich blog space for us to continue so many different discussions.

  8. A note about our birth year of 1952. My husband said that the Sun has a calendar in which it takes 28 years to return to the exact spot in the sky. Add 28+28 and it equals our age of 56 this year. It is also the beginning of a new 11 year solar flair cycle. Just thought I'd mention it as I thought it was interesting.

  9. I found a website with a paper written about the Christ Grid by Ronald Holt. Fascinating! For those interested:

  10. Butterfly,

    I apologize, I quoted the wrong verse earlier. I should have quoted Matt 18:19-20. [sigh] As William said, just like a sieve sometimes. :-P

  11. William:

    re: Tonglin, a good website to start with is:

    The blog you referred to about Nate Phelps, was that on NCR? Which page is that on?


    FASCINATING about the cycles that are coming together this year for us. You know we just had a lunar and a solar eclipse this month as well.
    For us, this is the end of a numerological "10" year and the beginning of an "11" year. As william said, sometimes the mind is like a sieve: I cant remember why these two years are significant, nor where I put my notes. :-P

    2 weeks ago, a classmate who works for NASA said the official concensus at NASA is that we entered into a period of global cooling this year as well.

    Talk about a synchronisitous confluence of events.

  12. Born in 1952 - October 7 - Vladimir Putin, Russian president. #:-o

  13. 1952 - from Wikipedia
    July 19 to August 3 - The Summer Olympic Games are held in Helsinki.
    July 19 to July 26 - Washington D.C. "buzzed" by several alleged UFOs tracked on multiple radars. Jets scrambled on several occasions and objects took evasive action only to return after the jets left the area.

  14. I have to add this link to the 1952 UFO activity. Read this report about it which is a footnote in Wikipedia.

    Apparently there was a LOT of UFO's in 1952!!!!

  15. Carl, thanks for the link to the Tonglin website. I look forward to visiting it.

    Re: your question about where Nate Phelps had written in response to me--the blog with the comment from Nate Phelps is my blog, Bilgrimage. Colleen has very kindly provided a link to Bilgrimage in the links list of this blog.

  16. Lot of commenting going on here.

    Butterfly, google Alexander Stitchin and you can probably get to a map from there. The Kryon organization is a class act. I met Lee Carroll four years ago and he is a true light being. A humble and gentle man.

    Bill, I found Nate Phelp's comment on your blog fascinating and also sad. I suspect he'll be keeping up with your blog. You maybe the Light he is looking for.

    Carl, if I remember right, 10 is a completion year, and 11 a new beginning, but I might have that backwards. Sieve moment. :)

    The local paper gave Fred's zip code when he was here, and a bunch of us thought it was just too funny. I wonder why he doesn't move to a new zip code, and where he gets the money to haul himself and some of his congregation all over the US.

  17. Did you mean Zecharia Sitchin? A google search turned nothing up for Alexander Stitchen.