Friday, October 31, 2008

Does Sarah Palin Really Think She's One Of God's Holy Warriors?

I suspect like many others, I didn't put much emphasis on Sarah Palin's Church affiliations. I have subsequently changed my mind. Sarah Palin is up to her eye balls in a heretical Assembly of God offshoot affiliated with the pentecostal movement called "The Third Wave".

I'm sure many of us have heard about her anointing by the African witch hunter Thomas Muthee and chalked it up to a "Pentecostal thing" which had little bearing on the current political campaign. We were wrong. The "Third Wave" has a very political agenda, and Sarah is their current standard bearer.

Last week when an unnamed source from the McCain campaign called her a 'whack job', I sensed that something important was implied in that statement. Something more than just Gov. Palin going 'rogue' on the campaign with her stump speeches. Ethical political operatives just don't do that kind of thing unless, I thought to myself, somehow it WAS the ethical thing. So I've spent some time this week really delving into Sarah Palin and her religious leanings. She is no friend of Catholicism.

The Third Wave Movement is also known as the New Apostolic Reformation, Joel's Army, and The Manifest Sons Of God. Essentially this movement believes we have entered the end times. Joel's Army sees this as evidenced by the passing of Roe V Wade in 1973, and that those born after this year are part of that army. All these linked groups believe they have a Divine Mandate to clean up the world by taking over the "seven secular mountains", as explained in this quote from Mary Glazier. Mary Glazier is the leader of Palin's 'spiritual warfare group', an admission Palin made when interviewed by Focus On The Family:

"Glazier's sermon, which featured her comments on Palin, was given at a conference Opening the Gate of Heaven on Earth that also featured a number of speeches and sermons on the plans of leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation to take control of the seven "kingdoms" of society through their "Seven Mountains Strategy."

These efforts to take control of religion, family, education, arts and entertainment, media, government, and business are clearly defined in their publicity and numerous conferences on the topic. Muthee also explains the need to take over these seven "kingdoms" in his sermon before anointing Sarah Palin."

With an agenda like this, it's no wonder that Sarah Palin is considered the reincarnation of the Old Testament's Esther or Deborah and why some McCain campaign professionals might just consider her a 'rogue' and a 'whack job'.

Other than supporting politicians of similar charismatic bent, the leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation employ various spiritual warfare techniques such as identifying areas which are under the control of demons or generational curses. They then direct part of the efforts of their respective 'prayer warriors' to the exorcising of these mapped out areas.

One such effort prompted an Australian group to camp on Mount Everest to deal with the demon which had possessed the heart of Catholicism, having turned Catholicism into an apostate christian church. They identified that demon as "The Queen of Heaven." Yes, you read that right, the very woman known to Catholics as Mary, the mother of Jesus. While not claiming to have exorcised the demon, they were pretty sure their efforts resulted in the death of Mother Theresa.

I don't suppose it should come as any shock that TV Evangelicals like the ousted Ted Haggard, or John Haggee, are linked with the New Apostolic Reformation. As is Benny Hinn and Pastor Todd Bentley. Bentley is a real gem of a faith healing pastor. He recently made headlines for kicking a colon cancer patient repeatedly in an effort to heal him, and this is after he freely admits the Holy Spirit told him to kick an older woman in the face. Nuff said
It should hardly be surprising that one of their holy and cleansed geographical areas is Colorado Springs, Colorado, the hot bed of neocon religious pacts groups like Focus On The Family. (It is also the home of the Air Force Academy, and a very pretty place. I drove through it on my little journey last month and was impressed, but I actually like Santa Fe better.)

(A short note to Bill Lyndsey: You are doing a great service to Catholicism with your work on Archbishop Chaput and his connections to Colorado Springs.)

If this is beginning to sound like a 'Christianized' version of some New World Order, it's because it is. These are people who are thoroughly committed to cleansing the world of secularists and heretics in time to turn it over to Jesus and they are world wide, and their infiltration is not centered primarily on the political world quite yet. It''s centered on infiltrating mainline protestant churches and destroying the influence of Catholicism--especially in Latin America and Africa. Here's an analysis of what they've accomplished in the Presbyterian Church:

"An Institute for Democracy report from April 2000 reveals the impact of Wagner on the current division in the Presbyterian Church USA. The report quotes Tom White as crediting Wagner and his involvement in "AD 2000 and Beyond" for advancing the ideas of spiritual warfare to conservative evangelicals in PCUSA. The report states that Presbyterian-Reformed Ministries International (PRMI) then "initiated a strategic level warfare campaign against denominational structures supporting the work of women, gays, and lesbians in the church." The report included spiritual warfare charts distributed by PRMI which mapped the "demonic strongholds" in their church. The author of the report, Lewis C. Daly, adds that those engaged in spiritual warfare do not just equate the things they see as sinful with demons, but "they believe that their opponents are literally possessed by or are the agents of Satan."

I wish I was writing about a few thousand 'whack jobs' but that's not the case. There are millions and they are very actively proselytizing. The thing is, the tools they use can be very powerful, such as intentional group prayer, but the only spiritual force that I'm aware of that actively promotes the removal of free choice isn't called the Holy Spirit.

It may be that Sara Palin hasn't bought into all of this and it may be that it would never influence her politically or in her elected duties, but it wouldn't matter, because she would still be a major focus point for their efforts, both in this world and in their supernatural dealings. This is very scarey stuff to me, and I can't believe most Catholics who do any research into her affiliations could in conscience vote for her.

For those interested in a good place to start doing more research, here's a couple of links.

This one is from Mary Glazier's website itself:

And this one is probably the best place to start with all kinds of other links:

**Lest one think the Vatican doesn't take all of this quite seriously I would just like to point out that the inroads being made in Africa and Latin American concern both the Vatican and respective bishops a great deal, and there has to be some reason for last winter's call from Pope Benedict for an army of exorcists.**


  1. This is an important report, Colleen. The ball for Palin really got going after Adam Brickley began his website asking the GOP to draft her. Brickley is a home-schooled evangelical Christian from Colorado Springs whose family call themselves Messianic Jews.

    They're not Jewish at all. They're Christians who think they need to convert to Judaism and then "fulfill" their Judaism by accepting Jesus as Christ, as a prelude to seeing the return of Christ at the end of history.

    In other words, they are part of an apocalyptic movement that is in love with the end of the world, due to their eccentric religious beliefs. And the fact that people from such movements are identifying Sarah Palin as our best hope now should really frighten the whole world.

  2. I haven't read the links yet, but I am aware of these fundamentalist groups who will quote the old testament and then point to certain events as a fulfillment of the scripture. (I'll read later.) It is very frightening what they believe, how they interpret the scriptures and interpret world events.

    They are vehement haters of gays, because they believe they bring the "wrath of God" down on us all. It is a sickness these people have. They are best described as in total fear and despair over the world and all the sin in it. It's a fixation on everything that they believe is against God. Their God is very small and unforgiving too. That these groups are political, is very frightening. They are comparable to what the Moslems fear in the ranks of their religion who are fundamentalist and would kill their own in the name of God.

    Frightening indeed. I hope that the Church hierarchy will look into this and get educated, before it is too late. We can't have a flake like Palin in any position of authority.

  3. Here's an anectodotal story from tonight. I was in one of the many casion bars in my hometown and my daughter called to quote the latest adds on the radio from the RNC.

    These adds spoke about the potential of the upcoming take over of the congress by the democrats. She said the thing that was so unnerving was the fact the spots never mentioned any con gressional cnadidates from Montana, but dealt exclusively with the fact that Obama would mean the loss of our guns, and that real red blooded Christians were 'bitter'.

    I'm a legal gun owning Montanan and not worried about the loss of my gun by voting for Obama. I am worried about the use of our ICBM's should the McCain/Palin ticket be elected and it's Palin's finger on the button.

    I don't like this end time scenario theology being called into play at this time because, for one reason, it means my gun is totally irrelevant---lots of my issues would become irrelevant. Including me.

  4. Frightening, yes indeed, from one perspective anyway, and only to a point.

    From the perspective of fear, millions sounds like a lot, however, in the global consciousness, past and present, it is a thimble-full, no more.

    When we stand in Love and Faith however, then we connect with hundreds of millions worldwide, past and present, who stand with us. Hundreds of millions who are open to enlightenment and peace.

    When we then we remember that God is Love, and nothing is greater than God, then even though we many not have a clue yet how to put an end to it, we know that the end is already ordained.

    Remember, it only takes one voice, just one.

  5. Carl. I'm fairly well versed in what you're saying here. We both fully understand the 100 monkey phenomenon, and we have both had numerous experiences which go beyond Newtonian reality.

    The thing which really scares me is that the same techniques I know can impact our reality are the same techniques these folks are using. They just call them something totally different and add a bunch of phenomenon which I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. Such as the "Spirit of laughter".

    The difference is the 'spiritual' entities I work with do not and never have facillitated the over taking of personal choice/will or cooperate in injury to another person. These are signature claims of the 'ministers' involved in the Third Wave Ministries.

    Palin is playing with fire and she's too indoctrinated to understand this. I believe in everything you have written, but I also know that the opposite is also in effect. I said millions because I was purposefully understating the facts, using only the US. Their influence is beyond their numbers because the wealth of some of these people is huge.

    If one adds in Latin America and Africa the numbers are much higher. In these areas operatives of the Third Wave will also incorporate Indigenous belief systems and spiritual talents. No one knows what the real numbers are.

    I think it's beyond interesting that Latin American and African bishops brought the Pentecostal issue up at the just completed Synod on the Bible. They know far more than they state, and they are not happy. Neither am I.

    God is love, but the balance must be maintained and skewed towards love. These people aren't about love. They are about dominion in the name of Jesus.

  6. From what I can gather so far in reading a few of the links, the prayer warriors scope out, identify and then map out an area for "reformation." If you ask me, they are skirting the law just a little here.

    It is a certain kind of spirit that is in the air that I recognize in the voice of current medieval-minded Catholics when I read about these groups of "christians." It is the same spirit that comes down through the ages to destroy people and all life. It is the spirit of the anti-Christ.

    Much of what they say about the end times I am very familiar with because my mother would talk about it all the time while I was growing up. Devils were going to come out of the sky. I'll never forget my mother saying that and it left me so terrified as a child for years. The children of these people are going to have a lot of issues with their parents and their parents, if they are wise enough to turn their life around they will turn to their children now and love them and stop scaring them to death. The battle is within themselves, but they bring their battle and their fears and their brutality into the world and their children suffer for it, and so does the rest of the world.

    I am reminded that Christ has conquered death. No reformation can end His glory. But, for this generation to be the one that might end it all is what I find so tragically impotent and a sign of total ingratitude for life. They have thrown away life to the whims of reformation for everyone else but themselves.

    The one "prophet" in a link wants people to suffer. That tells me right away to beware. There must be a mixture of theology in their beliefs. They are narcissistic enough to believe that they can determine history. The history they propose to make is in their imagination and false interpretation of the scriptures and they don't understand history in its fullest context. Their God, like the god worshiped during the Reformation, is a God of Wrath. The God of Wrath was Hitler's God as well. They do not understand what true faith in Jesus means. It means letting go and letting God. But they want to be the rulers. They want to become the powerful. They want to be the "heroes." They do not love. If they do not love, nothing loving will come from them.

    I don't understand why they want to scapegoat people and force people to be in their image. We are made in the image and likeness of God. Merton discusses some of these issues, including freedom, which Christianity, if understood properly and acted upon in a loving response to the source of life, brings that life and freedom to love one another into the world. That is the world of light. The love. It is love that is needed to be brought into the world. That is where and when the world will change for the better and it is only by the way of love as Jesus taught.

    The way of love is not to lord it over others, but to serve each other with love. Not tough love. Kind love, considerate love, compassionate love of one's neighbor.

    All of life is meaningless without love. Merton said essentially this same thing. He said he would live a meaningful life until the fallout suffocated him, if that be the course and choice man takes. Not a direct quote, but you get the idea.

  7. All of these are valid observations. But we must not forget the “other piece of the puzzle”.

    It is called the “Moses Effect”

    Very simplistically stated:

    The faith (love) of one is far more powerful than the hate and fear of a multitude.

    Hate can create, but only within the very limited confines of our humanity.

    Love creates within, through and beyond, transcending those limitations.

    That is the one voice I keep talking about.