Monday, October 6, 2008

A Master Has Moved On

Leon Secatero died September 28, 2008

A Post From Springfield, Missouri

When I left Helena, I had no idea I would be stopping for the night in Springfield, Missouri. I had thought I was going to New Mexico to attend a Navajo ceremony, which I did, but it wasn't the ceremony we had so looked forward to. Instead the ceremony we attended was Leon Secatero's funeral. Leon died on Sunday September, 28th of systemic failure. It was unexpected to everyone but Leon. In retrospect many of us were able to see that his last circuit journey of North America, which Leon did this summer beginning in Helena, was the last such trip Leon knew he would make. And so he taught like it was his last journey, and he taught all of us something profound and yet different at every stop he made.

In Leon's own words, his journey was one of planting seeds-seeds of thought, and spiritual teachings, and world views. All of us seeds came together at his funeral, mostly unknown to each other, but all connected by his spirit and his truth.

Some of us seeds arrived before Leon died, and we have made incredible connections with each other. People who had previously made profound connections and been given key insights into Leon's teachings arrived early enough to spend the last three nights of Leon's life in deep conversation and camaraderie. For some of those people, there was certain knowledge that no matter what it took, they had to be in New Mexico before the planned ceremony

Although I personally arrived the day Leon got sick, and so was not part of those conversations, some of my friends were part of those conversations and so was a native elder they had previously met. This man, who traveled the world with Leon and is a gifted spiritual teacher himself, is why I am currently in Springfield, Missouri. We are going to his home to soak up his knowledge and he ours.

We are privileged and honored to be able to do so. But we also know we have left the core group of seeds back in New Mexico, and these seeds are Leon's children. They and they alone know who Leon really was and what Leon's visions were about. There is no question that Leon spent a great deal of time with other groups, but it is his immediate family who have the mission of continuing with his legacy. It is they who speak for that legacy. There is no doubt about that, period.

As I write this from a motel in Springfield, I know with certitude that my life has taken a real turn. I will write more about this when I return from this second unexpected journey. In the meantime I wish to once again thank Carl for his efforts with this blog and underline the fact that Carl's insights on prayer, especially the prayer of the Master, is exactly what Leon taught about the efficacy of prayer. Don't plead, pray in gratitude for the answer you know God will give you, trusting that the answer may very well be beyond your capacity to conceive.

Until the next motel with Wi Fi. Colleen


  1. I had originally intended to create a post for today about the change in the atmosphere of the presidential campaign, but throughout the day I kept being guided to something lighter. After reading Colleen's post, I understand why.

    When a master moves to the next plane, it is usually because their work here is completed and they are moving on to continue their work from the otherside. That is my sense for Leon, that he moved on so he can continue his work.

    It is a time for sadness that he is no longer with us physically, but it is also a time for celebration.

    I invite each one who reads these posts to take some time for reflection on the events of the past 2 weeks.

    Take some time to honor Leon for the gifts he shared while he was here with us, and for the work he will continue to share with us from the otherside.

    Take some time to honor those who received Leon's gifts, and the work that they are stepping into.

    Take some time to honor yourselves for the marvelous creation that each of you is, and for the marvelous gift that each of you is bring into expression.

    Look for the synchronicities.

  2. I was so stunned to see this post in from Colleen. While I never personally met Leon Secatero, when told he had died, I felt a real sense of loss. But I know his legacy will live on and that we are more blessed that he was here and more blessed that Colleen has been sharing what she knows from him.

    Colleen, this really is an unexpected post.

    Carl, I also want to thank you for sharing what you know. I love you guys. The world would be a dark and dreary place without you.

  3. I wasn't going to post this, but after rereading it and changing the name of the poem, I think Leon is talking to me, from his new spiritual place. I think there is some synchronicity here. I remembered the 4 butterfly wings I found after writing this. I really did witness this wren.

    One Wing

    I saw a wren the other day
    that had trouble flying
    it was by the bird feeder
    and it gave me such a look
    a gleam that pierced my heart
    and it wanted to fly away
    in fear,
    like all the other birds had
    like all the other birds had

    I said 'don't be afraid'
    and I gave a big smile
    I think the wren smiled back
    The wren couldn't fly
    The wren wouldn't fly
    for fear...
    But then,
    It flew
    with its
    one wing
    that could
    that would
    that did.

  4. Colleen, what an amazing story. I believe a lot of us will be listening to the whole narrative with great interest. People are starved for authentic spirituality today, and this story helps feed that hunger.

  5. so sorry
    your all in my prayers
    please if there is anything I can do
    let me know


  6. I am Leon Secatero's Grandson Desidero Secatero son of Orlando Secatero. My grandfather was a great man and well respected, I wish i knew him more and got to spend more time with him... I do miss him and wish i could ask him questions but i do appriciate the great comments you have said about him and i will speak for my family thank you very much for attending.