Saturday, October 25, 2008

When Life Validates Blogging


I came across something on the Internet this morning that's a perfect example of a process which I wrote about earlier this week---THE WHAT IF syndrome. Here's what I wrote.

"The left hemisphere's capacity to imagine the future can conjure up all kinds of fantasy futures by using the "What if" syndrome and that's the evolutionary snag. A seven year old may think, "What if daddy comes home drunk and beats me again?" The lower, repetitive levels of his brain will react to this future thought exactly as if daddy had come home and was presently beating the seven year old. Hence at a very early age we introduce the concept of self promulgated anxiety based on learned repetitive patterns. It's also important to understand that the R and limbic systems don't have the capacity to imagine anything, they just react to everything as if it's real and in the present. This is why the 'what if' syndrome causes so many problems with excessive anxiety."

It's also why political groups who want to change our votes by engaging directly with our fear centers, are all over using the "what if" syndrome for their own ends. The following is the preamble to a fantasized letter written by Focus on Family Action:

Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America

What will the United States be like if Senator Obama is elected? The most reliable way
of predicting people’s future actions is by looking at their past actions. Jesus himself
taught, “You will recognize them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:16). Anyone who has hired
employees knows that – the best predictor of a person’s future job performance is not
what he tells you he can do but what he has actually done in the past.

So here is a picture of the changes that are likely or at least very possible if Senator
Obama is elected and the far-Left segments of the Democratic Party gain control of the
White House, the Congress, and perhaps then the Supreme Court. The entire letter is
written as a “What if?” exercise, but that does not make it empty speculation, because
every future “event” described here is based on established legal and political trends
can be abundantly documented and that only need a “tipping point” such as the election
of Senator Obama and a Democratic House and Senate to begin to put them into place.
Every past event named in this letter (everything prior to October 22, 2008) is established

This letter is not “predicting” that all of the imaginative future “events” named in this letter
will happen. But it is saying that each one of these changes could happen and also that
each change would be the natural outcome of (a) published legal opinions by liberal
judges, (b) trends seen in states with liberal-dominated courts such as California and
Massachusetts, (c) recent promises, practices and legislative initiatives of the current
liberal leadership of the Democratic Party and (d) Senator Obama’s actions, voting record
and public promises to the far-Left groups that won the nomination for him.
Many of these changes, if they occur, will have significant implications for Christians.

The full letter can be accessed here. Should you bother reading it you will find all kinds of catastrophic things have happened by 2012. Things like four American cities have experienced terrorist bombs, Russia has taken over the entirety of Eastern Europe, Al Quaeda has risen to political prominence in most of the Middle East and Iraq is their's and the Taliban's little fiefdom and terrorist breeding ground. Apparently Obama has been impotent to change any of this because he relies on diplomacy and the UN. Oh, and let's not forget Israel:

"In mid-2010, Iran launched a nuclear bomb that exploded in the middle of Tel Aviv, destroying much of that city. They then demanded that Israel cede huge amounts of territory to the Palestinians, and after an anguished all-night Cabinet meeting, Israel’s prime minister agreed. Israel is reduced to a much smaller country, hardly ableto defend itself, and its future remains uncertain. President Obama said he abhorred what Iranhad done and he hoped the U.N. would unanimously condemn this crime against humanity. Healso declared that the U.S. would be part of any international peacekeeping force if authorized bythe U.N., but the Muslim nations in the U.N. have so far prevented any action."

That's just foreign affairs, the domestic scene is even worse for Christians, because the Supreme Court is now 6-3 in favor of those activist liberal judges and our entire legal system has been infiltrated by godless communist homosexuals and the homosexual agenda is apparently our only social agenda, (along with tax payer funded abortions and infanticide, and making sure anyone over 80 is refused hospital access and encouraged to 'do the right thing and go home and die.')

The boy scouts have disbanded in righteous indignation over being forced to put homosexual leaders in the same tents with boys. The same kinds of righteous choices are being forced on medical personnel over the abortion issue, and therapists are quitting in righteous anger over being forced to adopt children out to gay couples. AND HORROR OF HORRORS, right wing talk radio is legislated off the air.

Anyway, you get the idea, this piece of "What if " perfectly illustrates the use of the logic of the left hemisphere to gain access to the R and limbic systems of early childhood development and tweak fear based anxiety from anyone who reads it. Obama becomes the bogey man in the closet and the only way to save ourselves is to cry in the night for our heroes McCain/Palin to come and turn on the bedroom lights and hold us in their nurturing arms.

That this tripe passes for political discourse in this country might work for Joe the plumber, but it only turns my stomach, and not because of fear based anxiety, but because of it's blatant attempt to circumvent my higher reasoning centers by appealing to my fear centers. Enough already.
Here's an article from Huffington Post which illustrates the purposeful use of psy ops to engender fear about Obama by the McCain/Palin campaign. It's sobering reading.


  1. I took the time to scan the actual 15 pg "letter", and perhaps Focus on the Family should actually focus on family - for we are all God's children, instead of their unhealthy fixation and judgement.

    My radio is set to go off at 8:00, where I listen to Focus on the Family instead of...garbage. But I think I need to find another channel because these "what if's" are just that - garbage. They sound much like kids who are convinced there is a boogie man in the closet.

  2. Thanks for commenting Lisa b. In a pathetic attempt at fairness, I should also point out that these tactics by the McCain campaign started when the Palin bump evaporated.

    They're a sign of real desparation on the part of the Republican National Committee and are aimed as much at the Democratic party as they are at Obama. The RNC is also set to lose both the house and senate, not just the white house.

    My hope is if enough people understand the psychology behind the attack ads, they will actually vote with informed consciences rather than purposefully tweaked unconscious unreasoning brain centers.

  3. Colleen, are McCain & Palin consciously aware that they are using psy-ops? Or, are they doing this because they are mirroring or projecting their own consciousness / beliefs into the political process?

    The right side of my brain says that they are unconscious, unaware that they are in such a child-like state. In other words, they are blind or in that state of blurriness in reaction to their what/if invented "adversaries."

    Any thoughts on this to share?

  4. Butterfly, I think McCain knows exactly what he is doing. They have already admitted they cannot win on their own merits. Psy op and fixing the ballots is the only way they can win now.

    I see a few flaws in the predictions:

    Re: nuclear bomb in tel aviv ... a more likely scenario would be the vast majority of Iran would be glowing in the dark 24 hours later. With the holocaust still fresh in their collective consciousness, the Israelis are pretty much reptilian in their response to aggression.

    India is the more likely threat to europe than russia. In response to the purge of christianity from India, they throw millions of their untouchables into the soup and never miss them. The Indian government can be pretty reptilian too.

    China still has its eyes on the Russian oil fields in Siberia. Any movement of troops to the west would leave the oil fields dangerously exposed. China is definitely reptilian.

    They left out the possibility of a pissed off arab nation blasting the vatican into rubble with a suicide bomber after the pope quotes the "one true church" line one time too many. More reptilian behavior.

    I really think it would be prudent for the US to implement a crash course to locate and train a whole lot of experts in herpetology to deal with the coming world situation. We still have enough time for the training is we start now.

    A more likely scenario is that the US is no longer a major world player, due to it being bankrupted by the Bush administration bailout and nationalization of the finance sector. Other countries pull their investments in the US, further exacerbating the situation. All US troops have been pulled back into the US to bolster the local law enforcement in dealing with the fallout from the financial sector.

    Underneath it all is a quiet movement of the enlightened ones, working quietly and silently changing the world one soul at a time.

  5. Butterfly I think the use of psy ops by the RNC is most certainly purposeful. Rove and some of his subordinates are fully engage in the RNC campaign as well as McCains. None of the psy op information is secured any longer. Anyone can find it on the internet.

    Carl, as to the reptillian scenario the truth here is the same. We have pharmaceutical companies actively engaged in testing drugs which will enhance this phenomenon in our soldiers. You can rest assured that everything I've written about neurophysiolocical development is well known and fertile ground for pharmaceutical companies. The thrust of such research depends on who is funding the research. A lot of it will be very useful therapeutically and a lot of it will be used elsewhere. Such is unfettered and unregulated capitalism.