Friday, October 10, 2008

On The Road From Des Moines, Iowa

Am finally on my way back home, and depending on the weather, which is supposed to be snowy and cold in Wyoming and Montana, I should be back home late tomorrow or sometime Sunday.

It seems like I've been away for months, not weeks. I think that might have a lot to do with all the people I've met, conversations I've had and things I've seen. My knowledge base is much larger about many things and that in itself has been challenging. I sort of wish I could have concentrated in one or two areas, rather than get thrown head first into so many different topics.

My traveling partner and I made a stop today in Illinois at the Dickson Mounds. This stop had been suggested by a Cherokee elder who had been at Leon's funeral. The Mississippi Indian culture represented by these mounds is eerily similar to the culture of the Mayans, and the Anastasi of the South West United States, right down to the fact they too abandoned large settlements of thousands of people around 1000 AD. It seems as if three disparate American cultures all got the same message around the same time, leave your large settlements and disperse to other areas.

In this journey we have been to the ruins of Chaco canyon in New Mexico, Cahokia outside of St. Louis, and finally Dickson Mounds south of Peoria. In all three cases the native populations erected large cities based in corn agriculture with large temple areas, and all three left these well developed settlements about the same time. The Mayans were also doing the same things at the same time. What went on? Was this an example of collective conciousness, or was something else going on? Were these cultures, with so many similarities, influenced by the same inner dimensional entities?

If one listens to the keepers of their spiritual wisdom and creation stories, one could reach that conclusion. Then the question becomes, just who were the Holy Ones the shamans of these cultures were in contact with, and what were their cryptic messages really about.

This seems to be part of Leon's life mission, and why he wound up in contact with so many indigenous cultures on four different continents. Even the Dalai Lhama spent three weeks with Leon comparing the differences and similarities between Tibetan and Navajo spiritual practices and they found many similarities. Leon also went to Siberia and found he was able to understand their native indigenous language because it was eerily similar to Navajo.

As I listened to the elders and their stories, I couldn't help but reflect on the influence of angels on the religions of the Book, and also the stories about angelic like beings which are all over the cultures existing previously to the Hebrews, like the Sumerians and Babylonians.

All of this leaves me with a lot of questions, but the really fascinating thing to me is that all of us spoke about the same spiritual goals. Those goals go directly to what Carl posted earlier this week. The underlying message is not what does the body/ego want to have, but what does the soul want to be. What does humanity want to BE?

These aren't easy questions to understand or answer. First we have to know who we are, and what we're really capable of as concsious sentient beings. None of our spiritualities have those answers individually, but collectively we might discover more about our capabilities and truths than we ever dared imagine. That seems to be part of Leon's dream. Apparently it will become part of my dream as well---to find out who we are really, and just who has been influencing our development. I'm beginning to suspect the answers go beyond the usual concepts.


  1. It's great to hear from you Colleen. :)

  2. Colleen, I've always wondered how folks can believe in a God who creates everyone out of love, and who desires all of us to know God, and then maintain that God saves only those who know Christ.

    That position doesn't make theological sense to me. What makes sense is to believe that God finds ways to bring every person and every culture to God.

    And if that's true, then those of us who are so sure we have salvation only through Christ surely have a lot to learn--from other cultures and other experiences of God.

  3. Bill it gets so fascinating to sit down with elders of other traditions and hear them asking the same questions you've brought up here.

    They too thought they had the one and only true answer, but have found out it's not that simple and pat an answer. It's very complicated because their are other energies involved in humanity. I wish it were so easy as the good guys and the bad guys, but it's not, and yet it is. It all depends on your point of view- but the choice is our point of view.