Thursday, October 30, 2008

Officially Side Tracked

I've been officially side tracked for the day and so will leave a link to a chapter in Peter Dresser's book, which was the source of controversy mentioned in yesterday's post about the nature of the Divinity of Jesus.

It's a great place from which to start to contemplate how our 21st century understanding of cosmology and our technical/rational world view impact our understanding of Jesus Christ.

Our view of the universe and humanity itself, is light years from the understandings of the Father's of the Church who wrote the Nicene Creed principally in refutation of Arianism.

When we recite the creed, how much of it makes any sense to us, how much of it is believable, and how much of our brain is essentially by passed or turned off to maintain our religious belief? Who is Jesus and what do we really believe about Him? Is Jesus just another spiritual teacher, an avatar along the Hindu concepts of the Divine descending to earth, or is Jesus the only son of God?

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