Thursday, May 28, 2009

Enough Already!!!

Picture of a mindless tweeter

President Obama appointed theologian Miguel Diaz to be the US Ambassador to the Vatican two days after he appointed Sonia Sotomayor to be his Supreme Court Justice nominee. Diaz has a lot of theological experience, but no political or governmental experience. His nomination is something of a dark horse pick.

Diaz was described by the conservative Catholic News Agency as a Cuban liberation theologian. He is of Cuban descent and I'm not quite sure he qualifies as a liberation theologian, but we get the idea, he's definitely a traitorous left wing almost communist Catholic Obama supporter. This is proven by the fact he's a theological advisor to the heretical Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. CNA also questioned his pro life qualifications:

"Although he claims to be a “defender of life in all of it stages,” Diaz was among 26 Catholic leaders and scholars who signed a statement supporting the nomination of staunch pro abortion Catholic Kathleen Sebelius as Health and Human Services Secretary."

Given time, I'm sure the attacks from the right will get more intense. They need a little more time to get their attacking points together. I say attacking points because the right no longer seems to use 'talking points'. A case in point are the righteous attacks on Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

Pat Buchanan and Karl Rove flat out stated 'she isn't that intelligent'. Which is interesting given her academic background is outstanding. They were then out done by Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh who have all called her 'a reverse racist'. In a 2001 speech at Stanford she was explaining how a judge needs to be aware of when their own perspective is both a positive and a negative, depending on the case. Newt and company have taken a specific quote completely out of context.

Being aware of your personal perspective and how it might influence you is not a good thing for the Limbaugh's, Gingrich's and Cheney's of the world. They would prefer they influenced you, which is why appealing to fear is their favorite card. Now they want us to believe, especially white males, that Sotomayor is our worst nightmare: an unintelligent Latina racist about to be given power over us. Hence they harp on one decision involving the New Haven Fire Department.

In this decision Sotomayor sided with the city against 7 white fire fighters over a promotion test in which no minority candidate was able to qualify for promotion. The city thought there was something biased about the test and threw out the results. Sotomayor voted with the majority that the city was with in their rights. She would have voted in favor of the city if it involved 7 blacks. Just like the California Supreme Court voted in the majority to protect the California proposition process even if it meant that a simple majority can vote out a constitutional right for a minority. Different side of the same coin, but apparently our neo cons are incapable of seeing the similarity, or they don't want anyone to see the similarity.

Pro life groups instantly attacked her even though they really don't know her stand on abortion. In the one case Judge Sotomayor decided that was peripherally about abortion, she sided with the Bush White house on banning US funding for foreign NGO's with regards to abortion services. Never the less she is still an activist judge of the worst liberal bent and is horrific for the pro life movement.

Professor Diaz can look to Judge Sotomayor and discover exactly how he will be attacked, especially by the Catholic Republican right. The big fear operating in the theo cons is they are losing the Catholic vote to the Democratic party. They are beginning to see that pro life issues no longer play the way social justice issues do. They fear that President Obama is punching all the right buttons, especially Hispanic Catholic buttons. This must be stopped for the good of the Republican party.

They are attacking L'Osservatore Romano, which Deal Hudson did again today and Michael Novack did Tuesday. The hope is that the Pope will put abortion ahead of social justice on the American Catholic plate, bringing all those duped Notre Dame sympathizers back in line. There's a part in Novack's article where I wanted to puke. He fantasizes some poor pregnant Notre Dame Grad was convinced to have an abortion by Obama's eloquent rhetoric. It's far more likely a real Catholic would be convinced by Thomas Aquinas.

In the meantime their neo con buddies are viciously attacking a Supreme Court nominee on really ugly personal grounds that have no basis in fact. Professor Diaz should prepare himself for the same ugly treatment and from the same sources. I'm sure that two month Catholic wonder Newt Gingrich will feel compelled to toss in his two cents. Hopefully Deal Hudson will write those two cents for him before Newt gets on Twitter and embarrasses himself again.

The Pope has a little more on his agenda than the fortunes of a failed American political party. Catholic Ireland coming unglued comes to mind. Perhaps Benedict sees that these constant and numbing child abuse tragedies pretty much undermine all the Catholic rhetoric about the innocent unborn and their right to life. What's the point of a right to life if that life is treated like dirt with in the Church itself? It might be past time the Vatican actually stressed social justice issues since they have failed miserably at them in Ireland and a whole lot of other places. The Republican party might have to look elsewhere for support. The Vatican no longer has much credibility for most American Catholics and with good reason.

These repetitive knee jerk attacks on Obama appointees are getting uglier, and at the same time they are getting old. It's like watching a pack of 10 year old bullies. I've had enough of scandalous immature adult bullies and I wish this group would just shut up and grow up.


  1. Isn't a mindless tweater known as a twit?

    Jim McCra

  2. Realizing I am asking the impossible.......

    1. Could someone please explain to me how an "uneducated, reverse racist Latina"(a bold faced lie if there ever was!)is in any way worse then her overfed, mentally & spiritually lazy (and ignorant) white male counterparts?

    2. How one who is not a rabid supporter & enabler of the "Pro-Life" machinery is somehow transmutated into a "radical"?

    Personally I find the ND controvery to be the 'cartoon trailer' to this, the 'feature attraction', in cinema terms O.o

    This is far worse - were that possible. The dynamics of the political agenda of the Catholic Right is painfully obvious: "if you are not one of us, it's "Open Season" on you".

    Rather like the Catholic equivalent of being 'read out of the temple' if you are not (Orthodox) Jewish enough! Increasingly, this is the way it seems.

    As it is, in most US parishes, they are controlled by laity who are members of some 'group' (Opus Dei, Neo-Cat, Miles Christi, LC, LS/MFT or The virtually brainwashed members of these cults. The average person in the pews is a nominal Theist who is ultimately clueless as to why he/she is still going there........both elements will mindlessly parrot back what the Catholic talking heads say.

    From my experience, the only ppl in a Catholic church who have verbalized to me anything approaching a real belief in God is the homeless bum sleeping in the back pew! And he is considered 'crazy' & is shooed out of the church by the 'decent folks' above - who if they really believed in Christ, would be caring for him!

    "'s a mad house! A mad house!!" (Charleton Heston, PLanet of the Apes)

  3. Haha fabuoulsly factual analysis as usual Colleen! The more and more desperate things become for these conservatives the more straws they try to grasp at. That's so obvious in the case of Judge Sotomayor, a woman who is so blatantly OVERqualified for the position in which she was nominated that it makes it even more humerous to watch their pitiful attemtps at "discovering the truth."

    I hope all of this in the long run contributes to a more inclusive, emphatetic, progressive definiation of Catholicism universally. Although it is naive to think so these events could be the indirect beginnings of a revoultion within the Church, even though they haven't been initiated from inside her walls.

  4. I can't help but say that Newt looks like one of the Lollipop Boys in the Wizard of Oz in the picture here.

  5. haha i forgot to mention how HILARIOUS that picture of him is! i dont know y...but it just is =P

  6. You've given me a chuckle when I feel pretty down, Colleen--the picture and its title are hilarious (and your posting is, as ever, incisive).

  7. Phillip, you might be onto something about coming change in Catholicism. It isn't going to come from with in, but it might just come from without when pewsitters get sick of the self appointed media "Catholic voices" and we all say ENOUGH ALREADY!

    anonymous, as to your first question, the answer is projection projection projection. Or as I like to say reverse truth.

    I like your analogy of being 'read out of the temple'. That does seem to be the general attitude of the right. It's their temple and they can read us all out of it.

    Butterfly, I cracked up, he does look like one of he lollipop boys. When I saw this photo on Google images it screamed "I represent the gist of your thread, the gist of your thread, the gist of your thread.

  8. Newt has the same darn expression on his face as the Lollipop Boys did! LOL!!! All he needs are the shoes with the tips turned up, striped socks, knickers with suspenders and a hat and he's set to go!!

  9. Great post.

    I hate the term "pro abortion".
    Whoever heard of such a phrase? Only a right wing nut can come up with that kind of nonsense and rhetoric.