Friday, July 18, 2008

Communication With The Holy Ones

Orb photos taken in Cathedral of St. Helena. Stained glass in background depicts the finding of the True Cross by St. Helena. These are two different photos and the diameter of the orbs is around four feet.

Let the strange stuff begin. But first I have to give a little background about the above photos. About six years ago a number of us here in Helena, got interested in the orb phenomenon. At this time there was very little about this on the inter net, but now if you google 'orbs' you get 4,190,000 hits. It has become a world wide phenomenon with about 4 million explanations for what they are. What we know they are not, is camera anomalies.

These two photos represent the first orb photos I ever intentionally took. Back then we decided the best place to take and record them would be around sacred sites. For me there was no more sacred site than the Cathedral. I was excited beyond belief when I saw these in the view finder. To this day, I have yet to find a photo of what I refer to as a white labyrinth orb as in focus as the one in the photograph on the left. Usually they appear somewhat hazy, more like the one on the right. I guess it's not surprising that orb photography then became something of an obsession with me. I've taken thousands of them, and now have developed to the point where I can see them with my naked eye with the aid of a camera flash. Occasionally I'll catch them out of the corner of my eye with out a camera flash.

Anyone can take these photos, and I bet most of you have and just didn't realize it---especially if you use a digital camera. You can get them with conventional cameras, but not with near the frequency. It appears this has something to do with the digital process in the formation of the images as opposed to the chemical processes used in conventional film photography. But enough of this, if you're interested in more info there are now 4 million+ sites to choose from.

What we did find out is that Native American elders have seen orbs with their naked eyes for centuries, and it's one way they determine how much they will teach to given individuals. There are stories upon stories of orb activity in sweats and at other sacred ceremonies. Five years ago they were amazed that orbs were being captured in photos and somewhat reluctant to talk about it. Now the reluctance is evaporating because the phenomenon is so prevalent. I suppose one elder spoke for all them when he said, "It's so typical that a white would have to use technology to see what we've seen for centuries with our own eyes."

This isn't quite the disparaging comment it may at first seem to be. It has more to do with how whites view the world and how that filters out what we literally allow ourselves to see, feel, and hear. Our world view demands that we use scientific technology to enhance our sense perceptual ability because that's where we find our truth. In other words, we were blind to this reality going on all around us until we found it through technology. And because we were blind to it, our version of how the world works and how man fits into it is incomplete. Given this, it's not surprising that over time those of us who have taken thousands of these will begin to see them with our own eyes. The validation from the technology has given our brains permission to process this information where before our brains would filter it out as non essential information.

For Leon and other Native Elders, these orbs are inner dimensional entities which work with humanity. Some of them are person specific, some are clan specific, some are nation specific, as in tribes, some are not nice and do not have mankind's best interests at heart, and some represent very high energy which in their system would be similar to our angelic realm. In other words orb photos represent real races. Real aliens, I guess you would say, from other dimensions of reality. But many of them are also manifestations of ancestral spirits in their non material eternal form. Yes, the concept of reincarnation is alive an well in Navajo land, just as it is in Tibet.

All of them are capable of being communicated with and will impart information for healing, teaching purposes, and individual missions. Some of this comes in dream form, some of it in revelation or channeling, some of it on vision quests and some on prayer journeys. In Leon's case some of it will come in the form of petroglyphs which will literally change over night, or sometimes before one's eyes, in specific sacred sites on the Navajo reservation. The key seems to be setting up the appropriate mental framework which is why this communication will happen frequently at ceremonies. The energy from groups gathered for a specific reason also enhances the clarity and quality of the communication. Jesus told us that when he advised He would be there when two or more gathered in His name.

All of this has led me to do some long hard thinking. In Catholicism we seem to have a split mind about all of this. We speak of the Communion of Saints and Angels and offer prayers and devotions, and then will turn around and insist on physical proof of their existence and their actions in our lives. Just like the little boy in the story I related a few days ago, when he asked Leon if the coyote could physically throw the stars up into the sky. Well, no a coyote can't physically throw the stars up into the sky, but a coyote as a metaphor for the action of the Creator can throw the stars up into the sky, and it can be a story with as real an impact on one's world view as the big bang theory of how the stars got there. Unfortunately for us in the West, we are so hooked on left brained thinking that we need physical manifestation, preferably through some form of technology, before we can integrate this as useful information.

I think we in the West are of a split mind because one of the cornerstones of our world view is the dualism between the material and spiritual worlds. The God out there somewhere with all his saints and angels would not dain to dirty Himself being directly connected to our reality. Occasionally He, or one of His representatives, will throw us low life humans a bone, flick a few crumbs off the Divine table. Once He sent Himself through His Son in a mostly vain attempt to lift us out of our personal sewers. The sewers our original progenitors created for us in one fell swoop with one poorly thought out decision and over which we had no choice. Then once we find ourselves here we have essentially one choice, we can toe the line in obedience to His self appointed agents on earth and maybe luck our way into the Divine banquet, or we can sink even further into the abyss. Leon's world view is entirely different.

In Leon's world the Creator, the Creator's other sentient races, and Leon's ancestors are all in this soup with us, prodding us and teaching us and giving us information which will help us. When I wrote yesterday that the Holy Ones had given the Navajo the solution for their radiation infested crystals, that wasn't a fantasy story. That was literal truth. It's the same way medicine people know which plants will help for which diseases. I sometimes laugh when I think about how our pharmacological researchers think this knowledge was derived by trial and error. If that scientific world view was true, this Western trial and error process would have resulted in the deaths of a whole lot of medicine people and a whole lot of natives.

So what is that gorgeous white orb in the photos? Why that apparently is a member of the non organic inner dimensional sentient race we call angels. As it is with the Navajo so it is with Christians. The difference is Navajos expect the communication as just the way their world works, and we think we need to jump through endless hoops of holiness. Therefore only a miniscule number of people have jumped through enough hoops and we call them saints, and we don't usually recognize their abilities until well after they have died. Padre Pio is the rare contemporary example of a Catholic saint Native Americans would recognize as a powerful Holy Man. Pio had the inner dimensional connections, the understanding, and the ability to manifest the earth altering power of these connections while he lived. He also lived a very clean and mission oriented life. I imagine if I had been able to photograph him there would have been a lot of orbs around him.

There is a lot of truth to the fact that cleaining up your ego act is a big key to enhancing this communication and it's effects on this physical reality. More on this, and that, tomorrow.


  1. Colleen:

    If I may offer a possibility from my personal experience as to why more of us in the west do not see them.

    Eleven years ago, during a Jean Houston seminar, the entire group went through a regression ceremony.

    Prior to the ceremony all of my childhood memories started after age 4. There was nothing before that. There was no traumatic event associated with that time. Hypnosis during conventional therapy revealed nothing. Convential left-brain medical techniques revealed no reason for the lack of memory other than to confirm it was there.

    Many memories were awakened during the ceremony. There were extensive, memories of preconception, celestial is the best way I can describe them. There is one memory that I believe has bearing here.

    I was in bed at night, crying and talking to a light. (I call it tinkerbell, but that could just be my mind trying put the experience into a familiar framework) I dont remember if it was an orb, but I remember it was a light, dancing, pulsing, moving and talking with me.

    The conversation went something like "its not fair, you promised ..., you said my mom and dad would ... etc, I want to go home now! The voice in the light was very gentle, very patient, very loving as we talked. At the end of the conversation, it said something like "you cant go home yet, that is why we are going to let you go to sleep". I went to sleep that night, and I'm not sure if I have totally reawakened yet.

    I wonder how many others have had similar experiences, and for one reason or another havent started to wake up yet? If the frustrations and raw emotions I experienced in the past and continue to experience around "being put to sleep" are reflective of what others who are still asleep are experiencing, then it explains a lot of things that defy left-brain analysis. It would definitely explain the growing animosity toward those in authority in all religions who seem to want keep this awareness silent, and the growing fascination with the "eastern" and "native" philosophies.

    If this seems vague, I apologize. This little snippet has taken over an hour and a half to compose. There is so much churning in my thoughts right now it is really difficult to write.

    Thank you for these amazing photos, and for the background material. I am looking forward to the next segment.

  2. Carl, your post touched my heart and was inspirational to some extent in what I wrote today. Re-membering our true past is usually not in the cards for us unless it's part of a teaching lesson.

    By re-membering the past I don't necessarily mean our early childhood. As you have experienced, it may mean things before we got here. As far as your path in this life goes, you may be further along not remembering your early life. I do not remember much of mine at all. Certainly nothing much before four, and what I do remember is more a product of home movies than my own memories.

    Your story is fascinating to me because it's a memory from childhood which includes those who are not of this earth, but who knew why you chose to come into this earth.

    Parents are a choice we make based on the information we have at the time we make the choice. Sometimes parental circumstances here on Earth make those choices of ours difficult to understand-- not to mention the other siblings we find ourselves familied with.

    Sometimes I look at my daughter and wonder why she carried forward with her choice for me as a mother. It was a powerful choice. I knew the night she became a possiblity that she was a certainty, and she would be a she. My husband thought I was nuts. In any event it was not a propitious time in my marriage.

    Now I've come to accept, if not understand, that the issue wasn't me and my needs, it was her need to be here with me, and also her dad. It was a strong enough of a need that she let me know she was coming the instant she could. It was like she knew if she didn't jump then, there would be no other possible jump time. :)

    The only answer I have for you is to trust that you needed to be here on Earth and that that need transcended the maturity of your parents. If we stay on our mission path, usually those sorts questions get some sort of answer. At least enough of one to help us keep going.

    I hope this helps. Peace, love and joy Colleen

  3. Colleen, I will try to explain what I saw after a dream I had of my mother who had recently passed away. I saw my mother in the dream and it was a face to face encounter with her. I'll skip the next part of the dream to the end of the dream when I asked my mother where my father was, who had passed on a year and a half earlier. I was awoken from the dream by three very loud knocks on what sounded like a wooden door. I opened my eyes and saw above the bed a cloud that was filled with green and white lights. This cloud was alive with these lights that were moving within the cloud. I became afraid and woke my husband up and told him about the cloud with green and white lights over the bed and the dream of my mother.

    I had some profound spiritual experiences after my father died and this is just one.

  4. I left out also that once I became afraid and looked away from the cloud, it disappeared.

  5. Colleen, I guess you haven't seen this yet...

  6. Colleen - you still haven't seen this comment yet?

  7. Sorry butterfly, I just flat missed this comment. I may have to activate a part of the program which will alert me to new comments.

    What you have described is what other friends--the ones who talk to dead people-- have described--a kind of a cloud which seemed to sparkle. We have a couple of photos which show a similar kind of phenomenon.

    I kind of wonder what you were dreaming, because I suspect there was a part of you that was aware of the presence in the room and might have tried to alert you to it through your dream. What you saw seems to be happening with more frequency, at least more people are experiencing this.

    I myself tend to 'feel' these energies because you can notice a change in the temperature around the area the energy is in, but other people can see them.

    The day I had Leon over for dinner one of my Native friends was with me on the deck while I was barbecuing and she asked me who the guy was that was hanging around my truck but wouldn't come up to the deck. I looked over and didn't see anything, so I asked her to describe him and she described Fr. Dan Hillen to a tee.

    I laughed and laughed because Fr. Dan had a tough time with Native American 'juju', even though he had great respect for the spirituality and people like Leon. I bet he was hanging around to make sure I didn't go completely Native because one of the first messages he ever got through to me after he died is that the Magic is real. That was our code for the Consecration. We fought constantly over whether it was a real ontological phenomenon or a mostly symbolic re-presentation. It was his way of telling me I was right and he was wrong.

  8. The dream began with me seeing my mother face to face in a dream after she had died several months earlier. She was all dressed up and was in a big mansion in the kitchen and there were many people in the kitchen like at a party hanging out and talking and munching on snacks. My mother didn't say a word to me. I was ecstatic to see her but fell silent at her silence. Without saying a word she led me down a hall to the living room. There standing at the front of the room were my sisters all lined up. I have five sisters. Four were in the dream. We were not on speaking terms at the time. There was a great disconnect in our family that was ongoing throughout the years and her illness brought out all the discourse and misunderstandings out into the open, as is the case with many a family with lots of siblings with different ways of viewing things and doing things and having different expectations, etc. So, in the dream in the living room I looked into the room and there was a party going on with lots of people and there was my mother, but she was not dressed up like the way I saw her in the kitchen when I first saw her. She was wearing her usual blue skirt below the knee, some sneakers and a three-quarter sleeved button down blouse looking like the cleaning lady. I told my one sister that I saw a different mother in different clothes in the kitchen and I thought she was following me to see her there, but she did not. When I got to the kitchen there I was in the same spot as when I first entered the dream, face to face with my beautiful mother in a pretty blue sparkly gown with her hair all done nicely and looking so pretty. I asked her "Where is my father?" That is when I heard the door knocking and it was so loud that I came out of the dream and saw the cloud with green and white lights within it. My father is Irish, so that might explain why the green. This light was not like the lights on a Christmas tree, but were about the same size, but were alive and not dead lights like electric lights. They were alive and moving within the cloud. The size of the cloud which was over the bed had to be about four or five feet wide by 2-3 feet in length. I'll never forget it. It was a holy presence that was so silent and moving. I have an interpretation of the dream, which I believe was my mother trying to tell me that my sisters saw another mother. They did not know the mother I knew and loved. I don't think they ever understood my relationship with my parents. Despite our different specific beliefs, there were many beliefs that unified us, and one in particular was LOVE and from there we were able to love and respect each other. They were very conservative Catholics, the traditionalist, for the Latin Mass and against liberals and they practiced the rhythm method and had seven children. Me, I went through a divorce and remarried. But, my father never wanted me to marry the first guy and went to a priest to see if he could stop it. I found that out years later. They didn't come to the wedding and I didn't expect them to. My mother called me and cried and said she could not come, because of her beliefs or the Church's beliefs, and she said she was sorry. I just said I understood. I never hated them for that and they did not hate me either and they came here to visit us and accepted us. They never tried to lay a guilt trip on me. If it was my dad in the cloud, he picked the bedroom of all places to communicate his love and that he is still a presence in my life.

  9. The love between your current husband and yourself must be very strong. Love is one way we can offer energy to those like your father who have a need to manifest their presence. Picking your bedroom in my book is both his approval of your relationship and his acknowledgement that he is still with you, especially through your love for your husband.

    Your story about your dream is flat beautiful. I really understand your family dysfunction. I can remember at my father's funeral a friend of mine who talks to dead people saw my entire family on the altar during the funeral Mass. My dead family members that is. Even down the siter of mine who died from SIDS. Something she knew nothing about. My dad was having the best time in the world and my mother apparently looked somewhat mortified. Dad even faked a yawn during the sermon.

    The weird thing about this is my brothers and sisters thought my friend and I were nutcases, but my daughter, nieces and nephew stopped their mourning and partied hardy. I have photographs of them in the bar we had the after funeral doings at, and they are surrounded by orbs. The not so funny thing is, I got no orbs around my siblings. They tend to be rationalists of DEF's.

    I take comfort in the fact they will reincarnate, and if Leon is right, we will create a better world for all our futures. Leon repeatedly said: "We are our future." I'm not sure very many people got what he was referring to and I sure as hell am not quite ready to start writing about reincarnation on the front page of this blog. The time isn't quite right, but it's getting there.

    PS, I once asked Thomas More what the deal was with all this reincarnation stuff, and he said that if I actually understood what Christ taught it would be a moot point. So I'm thinking at first he answered the question by validating the Church's stance on reincarnation. Except when I really thought about what he said I realized he hadn't denied reincarnation at all, just underlined that living the Christ like life represented the way to get past it. Communication with the Holy One's is sometimes far more than it originally appears. There are layers upon layers which need to be pealed back. Peace, love, and joy Colleen