Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pope Benedict's Lawyers Have It Right. The USCCB Answers Not To Rome, But To Deal Hudson

USCCB hallucination. Where I see Deal Hudson, they see a Pope, and act like it.

It's becoming way too obvious just whose orders the USCCB actually follows, and it doesn't seem to be Rome's. The elephant in the USCCB living room is looking suspicisously like a Republican elephant.

USCCB Belongs to Pro-Abort Coalition Supporting Kagan with Video Ad
By Kathleen Gilbert - 5/18/2010 -

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 18, 2010 ( - A civil rights coalition that boasts the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) among its members has published a 30-second ad endorsing Solicitor General Elena Kagan, who is pro-abortion and homosexualist, for the Supreme Court. (How does anyone know this? As far as I can tell Elena Kagan has spent her entire career not stating or writing a position on any controversial issue.)

The advertisement, which lists Kagan's various achievements while President Obama describes the ideal Supreme Court nominee in a voiceover, is available on the website of The Coalition for Constitutional Values, a project of the Leadership Counsel for Civil and Human Rights (LCCHR). The Coalition for Constitutional Values also re-published a statement praising Kagan from the Human Rights Campaign, a leading homosexualist group in the U.S.

The pro-abortion and homosexualist lobbying activities of LCCHR, whose members must pay a $1000-minimum annual membership fee, are well-documented. On its website, the group lists the "right to privacy and choice" of abortion as among women's rights, and pushes for same-sex "marriage" and other homosexualist legislation as a matter of civil "rights."

Along with the U.S. Bishops, among LCCHR's coalition members are listed top pro-homosexuality and abortion groups, including the Human Rights Campaign, Lambda Legal, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the National Organization for Women, the National Partnership for Women and Families, and Planned Parenthood.

Bishop Robert Vasa of Baker, Oregon expressed concern in February after Deal Hudson of Inside Catholic pointed out the USCCB's membership in the organization, saying: "I am not well enough versed in the 'politics' of such associations to make any criticism of the motives or justifications which might be provided but, on the face of it, I would have to agree that support of this organization and an active endorsement of its principles and purposes would appear to be problematic.” (Great piece of double speak, including the ubiquitous but statement which negates everything stated before it.)

The USCCB did not respond to a request for comment as of press time.
After the Kagan video was released, Hudson again called on the USCCB to end the scandal.

"The avid support for Elena Kagan, whose support for abortion 'rights' has been widely documented, must be regarded as the final straw, a clear signal that the USCCB needs to withdraw from membership in the Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights," remarked Hudson.


It took the USCCB all of 24 hours to march to Deal's orders----I mean observations.

US bishops withdraw from coalition that backs Kagan for Supreme Court
Catholic World News - 5/19/2010

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has withdrawn its membership in the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, a coalition of more than 200 organizations.
“In light of recent events, it has become increasingly clear that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ continued membership in the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights is not possible because of the LCCR’s expanded and broadened agenda,” said Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre NY, chairman of the bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and Peace..
“The interests of the Leadership Conference and those of the USCCB have diverged as the LCCR has moved beyond advocacy of traditional civil rights to advocacy of positions which do not reflect the principles and policies of the bishops’ conference.”


The Pope's lawyers in the Kentucky case could surely make great use of this move on the part of the USCCB. It would help make their case that bishops are independent agents and not employees of Benedict. The USCCB sure appears to be independent of Benedict, because they look more and more like Republican operatives taking their orders from Republican political activists who happen to write for conservative think tanks under the guise of Catholic publications.

The message I get from Republican operatives like Deal Hudson is that adultery, for some unknown and secret reason, is a more acceptable sexual life style than a committed gay life style. It seems adultery, which is the stated primary reason in some thirty per cent of heterosexual divorces, is neither a threat to traditional marriage, or abusive, or selfish, or any of those things the USCCB spews about gay marriage. (See Representative Souder et al.) Since 75% of that adultery is committed by men, I guess the secondary message is straight sex by straight men, no matter who gets hurt, is far preferable to gay sex by gay men whose sexual activity hurts no one. So sayeth the USCCB every time they march to Deal's observations.

No wonder the prime religious relational aspect of traditional marriage is not hinged on male fidelity, but on female obedience to male authority. The USCCB certainly seems to follow that relational mode in it's dealings with the Republican party---and they aren't the male authority.


  1. The USCCB is not for Civil Rights for gay persons or women, neither are they for Human Rights for women or gay persons, so I see this as another example of the men in the Church acting like bullies and showing their true colors. Civil Rights and Human Rights are not high on the list of rights for all persons by the Bishops. The bishop's egotistical rights are the only rights that concern them. Their conscience is the only conscience in the universe that is worth anything compared to everyone else's conscience. Their power and control over people are the only civil rights and human rights they are concerned with.

    Would they be doing this without Deal Hudson's two cents? Since the USCCB are an all male republican club, it would follow that they would follow their Pope Deal Hudson, another republican bully.

    I am so tired of this issue of abortion being used by the Bishops as an excuse to bully women even in the most personal of issues of our bodies and our health and our consciences. Even if we are raped or have health issues the Bishops do not recognize our needs, our minds, our conscience, our bodies as belonging to ourselves. Our bodies do not belong to these men, nor do our consciences belong to any man. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, as Paul says so. Men who violate this temple, our bodies and our minds need to repent. There is no reason for any man to assume or make laws that a woman's life belongs in captivity to the whims of any man.

    Women to these men are just clumps of biological matter to them. It's all so mind boggling that they are so willing to condemn women for being pro-choice when it comes to making decisions about their own bodies, their health, and their future.

    Abuse of power always crosses a boundary against the rights of others. The boundary has been crossed by these US Bishops when the basic rights of women to make their own choices are violated.

    These Bishops are not leaders representing Christ, they are just bullies who have crossed the line to being overt fascist against women and gays.

    The Bishops have their heads in the sand in the abortion issue and the gay issue, while ignoring the reasons for the breakdown of heterosexual marriages and the relationships between men and women that are increasingly reflecting abusive power of males over females.

    Women are walking away from abusive relationships, or they are too broken to leave, or their Church tells them to put up and shut up. Since the Bishops can't relate to women in any healthy or realistic or Christian way, the women have had to fend for themselves in their heterosexual relationships. They've also had to fend for themselves in the workforce for equal pay, without the help of any Bishops. The women have done without sound leadership from the Bishops all of their lives.

    The Bishops are a bunch of lazy do nothing right wing fascist republicans.

  2. What is with the term "homosexualist"? Is this a real word? I never heard of this word until a couple of years ago. Some people use it often on another site but I don't know if it is a word or just slang for some to throw at gay people.

  3. Mareczku, this is the first time I have ever heard of such a term "homosexualist." I guess it is supposed to describe anyone who understands, accepts, and loves gay persons and believes that gay persons should have the same rights as heterosexuals. I must be a homosexualist.

    The rest I guess are heterosexualist supremacist. Only one race allowed... oh, I mean.... sexual activity..... Any kind of heterosexualist activity is allowed.

  4. The 'elephant in the living room' is Opus Dei. Like the Evil One who is its true master & inspiration, it goes by many names, can shape-shift, & even assume a pleasing form.

    ...even that of..."piety".

    It is easy to play 'connect the dots' & see that the Teabaggers, the Republican parts, and various & sundry other groups - though seemingly disconnected, are all linked to the Opus. Just start with the C Street House/The Family.....

    Or Fr. Frank Pavone......

    I believe that Abortion is completely wrong. At the same time, God has given each of us free will AND our own conscience. Thus the 'choice' is & always should be a personal choice. Made freely; not out of fear.

    The Second Vatican Council affirms the freedom of individual conscience. TO write, speak, think,
    publish, teach & make moral decisions. Right or Wrong is another matter - and, yes, there ARE 'absolutes'. At the same time there are mitigating circumstances, where strict rigidity has no place.

    Of course, if married couples were free to choose to use contraception (and to educate themselves of it), most abortions would not happen. If single persons were allowed to develop a freely chosen moral compass - and were educated & mature about sex - still fewer abortions would occur.

    I refer to the FREE & WILLING individual development of morality & conscience. Nor 'Theology of the Body'...Catholics ComeHome.....Crossing the Goal...."Pure Fashion"...or the rest of the gamut of Opus Dei linked cults.

    If women in crisis pregnancy - instead of being condemned as harlots & sinners - were given tangible & unlimited material HELP (with NO shaming or forced conversion) so they could AFFORD to have (and keep/raise) the baby, then Abortion would be a non-issue!

    Of course it's much more fun to play the role of the raving, fanatical Pharisee.....then to actually do what Christ taught.

    Anon Y. Mouse

  5. Compliments first. Mouse, I've been following your links for awhile now. I respect what you have to say. I suspect you've seen some ugly sides of what we call faith and come out wiser for it. Also, I've really learned to trust Jesus' guideline that those who say they see remain blind. Allowing for myself to be wrong has let me say what I see and believe. Therefore, if you think I'm wrong, I might even agree with you.

    So.... the conspiracy theories don't sit well with me. I've seen some of those sites, and the folks who claim the inside knowledge can be as crazy and controlling as the scoundrels they are shining the light on. I've heard the Vatican runs the world stated from outside the church. From inside, it's who runs the Vatican. The list includes the Masons, Illuminat, OD, Maciel, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, Knights Templar, homosexuals (right wing), closeted homosexuals (left wing), and more.

    I think the need to assign conspiracy is more about naming the evil in ourselves. Its hard to see things go away from where God leads me, so ultimately a small group of evil geniuses must be controlling the good simple folk. This is why I think dualism leads down a bad road. Look at Rekers, or this Indiana congressman. They deny what is dark in themselves until it overwhelms them, taking them to sin they might otherwise avoid by better knowledge of themselves. Virgin purity and rule adherence make sense to the dualist keeping evil at bay, but not to the integrated. And God is God of all.

    I sound like I'm accusing you of not knowing yourself. That's not true. But for me, I need to find my way to the good in everyone, and I think that begins by helping them acknowledge the round edges of life. Evil conspiracies make me distrust the other, and I just can't see how that works. And if I do fall prey, I guess I'll be a fool for Christ. Not the first time, not the last.

    By the way, I'm with Butterfly on what you've written above. That helps me see more clearly.

    Peace, and God be with you.

  6. MJC, you made some good points. Butterfly, I see your point about the woman in Arizona but one must also remember that this is an extreme case. In many instances abortion is used as birth control. Also in many cases women are bullied or forced into abortions. My heart breaks to know that many women have abortions against their wills due to an abusive partner. So there are a few rare cases when abortion may save a life but in most cases it is just getting rid of an unwanted and an unloved baby.

  7. mjc, I look at the big picture as an eons long battle, not over our souls per se, but over whether mankind will continue to evolve in the areas of human rights and equality, human consciousness, and freedom of thought in integrity and with responsibility.

    There is a collection of power brokers, and always has been, who are not interested in evolving humanity at all. They are interested in controlling humanity and they know to accomplish that they have to control thought, limit the conscious awareness of others--literally control what people see, hear, and feel--but just as importantly, they need to extend that control to procreation and the raising children.

    Historically the one group which is pre disposed to resist all defining and controlling because they are responsible for the procreation of the children and their raising, is women.

    In reality, the present and future these power brokers are trying to control is, as it always has been, in the minds and bodies of women.

    This is why women must be kept in their historical secondary status at all costs. Free the feminine impulse and all hell breaks loose--or so we've been told.

    It's not true. Truly free the feminine impulse ( which all of us have to some degree) and all love breaks loose. Children would be loved and cherished if women were free to choose whether or not, and how many and when, their children would be born. Truly free women and you truly free men. All men, not just powerful men.

    At their core all the culture war issues are futile attempts to keep the feminine under control, whether that's gay marriage, abortion, birth control, secular feminism, or cultural relavity. This is, for the power brokers, a war they are willing to fight to the death--women's deaths that is. Change the balance between the genders and everything changes, everything has a chance to evolve.

    Jesus taught very feminine concepts. In fact almost everything He taught went against the established male concepts of power. He tried to teach that death was an illusion and that love was the real power. When more of us really get that, this gender/culture war will cease.

    It's tough to fight a war when the other side doesn't fight, especially when the other side understands the war is really about illusions of separateness, and death holds no sting.

    But there is the truth that the power brokers now have nuclear weapons. That fact threatens the entire game. Because of that back during the Reagan years there was a direct intervention at missle silos in the US and Russia which let the power brokers know humans weren't the only players in this game.

    Never the less, the choice is still up to mankind. We can choose to evolve or we can choose to stagnate. Should we choose to stagnate, the task of this little earthly experiment in God's plan ends and the bad guys win. I choose to keep evolving on the path Jesus taught. I want it to keep going.

    I'd hate like hell for Him to have to return and end it all because humanity freely chose to stagnate. That would suck.

  8. To all & sundry....

    Said one pig to the other: "What with this conspiracy stuff? Next you will have me thinking that the only reason the farmer feeds us is to fatten us up so he can kill & eat us!"


    There are a few 'conspiratorial' considerations:

    1) The Devil is the author & master controller of all that is evil. He is the penultimate Chairman of the Board of that which some call the 'NWO'.

    2) Note the meaning of the word itself: to 'con-spire"

    Con = with (in Latin)

    Spire= to breath (Latin again)

    Thus the word really means 'to breath together/as one'. Put another way: 'to be of the same mind'. This put things in a clearer perspective.

    The important point then becomes not so much who belongs to which group, but rather what is the 'tie that binds'. The 'breathing as one'. That saves a lot of time in playing connect-the-dots.

    Jesus warned against the Leaven of the Pharisees. When introduced into dough, it causes a chemical reaction. It changes it, and it one. To do this it must mix with, completely permeate, and then sit for a while to effect the chemical leavening action.

    Yet the Gospel is its own Leaven, having a similar chemical reaction in ppl - but for good; for love; for the glory of God.

    We all sin. But there is a difference between individual personal sin & the Leaven of the Pharisees. The latter blinds one to the beauty of God - and make one think that the words & deeds of that Leaven are of God.

    Masterful deceit from the master of deceit.

    Anon Y.Mouse

  9. It is worth pondering that....

    No model of the 'NWO' (or whatever you wish to call it) would be logical OR viable without organized religion as an intergral key element.

    Without it, any such model would be rather like building a three-legged stool......with two legs:p

    Anon Y. Mouse

  10. MJC -

    "He who is the viceregent of God rules the world.."

    - The Shoes of the Fisherman, by Morris West.

    The late Mr. West, for those who recall, was very much on the Liberal end of the Catholic spectrum. And was not known as a conspiracy theorist. Yet what he says in these words contains great truth. He is explaining the starkest & most realistic of geopolitical realities.

    Don't let the name of the sundry groups get in the way, nor the both incorrect & disinformation out there.

    In a traditional papal coronation, one of the titles applied to the pope is: "Rector of the World'. This is a very powerful statement. If it is complete & utter bullsh*t, then that puts into question everything else claimed for the papacy. If it is even partially true, it has the power to completely overthrow the worldview of most.

    Yet it should be noted that Rectors of schools, churches & seminaries have been known to have dissention, even disloyalty, within the ranks of their subordinates. But that neither detracts from the office, nor its authority.

    In fairness their have been a few (very few...) decent popes. But we speak of the office, not the man.

    What was 'the world' which Christ overcame? A clue to that is in the temptation of Christ in the desert. And in the spirit & power which killed Him.

    Anon Y.Mouse

  11. Many good things to ponder, including the last conversation more centered on abuse and this one on control. My wife says that men can't multitask, and I tell her to repeat that because I was thinking about something.

    We keep discussing (rightly, I might add) the problem of power. I agree that feminine wisdom must be subjugated in the male dualist conquering world. I look at the Mariology in the church, where I believe the people (the sensus fidelium) knew in their guts that an only male trinity limited the God we had met. We needed a female side to God, and under the constraints of their lives and thoughts, Mary's motherhood became the vehicle. The hierarchy was forced to accept it, eventually adopting more and more rules. Eventually Mary is tamed for the comfort of the ruling males, exalting virginity and passivity so that she doesn't scare us. If she raised such a free thinker and adept lover as Jesus, I'll bet she was a spitfire. I think the soldiers who kept chasing the men away found something else to be busy with when she came near the cross. Same taming goes for Magdalene, only they smeared her name as a doppelganger. Taming the wild requires labeling and boxing.

    Mouse, great points all. It always strikes me that big goals engender big falls, big evil if you will. There are certainly those who purvey evil as a goal. I keep wrestling with how to approach the others, the ones who see what they are doing as the will of the Lord. I think that's why I'm looking at church history so strongly. I'm so tired of the "unchanging church states you have to be hateful" argument. I think the ultramontanists redefine love, making it a correction of the unwashed (there's that dualism again) rather than a listening to the painful and pained truth tellers. I've always said that I have a terribly hard time with the beatitudes. Maybe I'm coming to believe that radical message more, and it requires me to listen rather than correct.

    I feel like I'm rambling. Succinctly, I don't know what to do when people subjugate others "for their own good". I think if I stop trying to listen and relate and help people discover themselves, I won't know how to live. Also, the anonymous internet is a wonderful sounding board, but I have to take this out to the real world. I'll keep trying.

    Oh, and one more thing -- the pope. If the pope were a servant, we wouldn't have many of these issues (and thanks Morris West for putting that vision out to the world). That's so scary for so many, especially those who have bought the idea that selflessness is ignoring your own thoughts and feelings. I detest the hierarchs who use good people growing in faith to further selfish powers and controls, but I can't see how to save those folks. Better to work from way down low, with the ordinary people. I think the castles are crumbling, and I think the news from NCR, here, Bilgrimage, and others are as vital as the underground news was when The USSR fell. Truth will out, but only by your efforts, and I'm grateful.

  12. Colleen, tell us about the "direct intervention at missle silos in the US and Russia which let the power brokers know humans weren't the only players in this game. "

  13. Mareczku, do you realize that before the "but" you agree with me, but then obliterate the agreement after using the "but":

    "Butterfly, I see your point about the woman in Arizona but one must also remember that this is an extreme case. In many instances abortion is used as birth control."

    This case of the heart patient is an example of a PERFECT REASON to not outlaw ALL abortions. The other reason is the time of ensoulment. The woman already is ensouled and we know that for a fact. Denying that fact is in a very real way denying ensoulment took place in the woman. It is the reason many, including myself, are PRO-CHOICE. It is about being PRO-LIFE for WOMEN and recognizing there are going to be a lot of "extreme cases." An extreme case is also someone who gets an abortion instead of using birth control. Are these not also "extreme cases" of ignorance? Yet, the RCC is against birth control as well and Planned Parenthood. It seems an outright example of the RCC ignorance in the extreme as well. On the one hand it says it is against abortion, but you are not allowed to use a form of birth control that works. That's abuse of power and as abusive as a man forcing his spouse or whoever to have an abortion instead of using birth control to have a policy of no birth control. Again, she didn't get pregnant by herself. What were all the extremes that cause an extreme? This is what we need to ask.

    Life without Liberty is Death and the men know that and the women know it. Women are demanding Liberty from the death machines of male supremacy which says that women are inferior and are not entitled to make any decisions at all, even those decisions that embody wisdom from above. The men are making themselves inferior with their arrogant ideology of superiority over women. They truly are slaves to their own narcissism when they bully women.

    I am very familiar with the bully and they can be both male and female types. Laws that turn bullies into the victors are not laws that are good for anyone. The bullies are never content until they can completely dominate, so the extremism must always exert its presence with greater force.

    Love counters evil. Evil counters the existence of love.


    Try that link to a four minute video. I first heard about this particular incident on the Dicovery channel and tended to dismit it. Shortly there after I was introduced to an intelligence officer who worked on this case at Malmstrom AFB and he was shocked it had been declassified. He knew of the one incident, but had no knowledge that there had been two incidents. He chalked it up to the usual compartmentalization of these kinds of security events.

    The incidents happened with in a week of each other and were identical, resulting in the shutdown of both sites for about 12hours. The intelligence officer was the person who told me the exact same kind of event had also happened to the Soviets and neither country, after ruling out each other, had a clue as to who or what were behind the events.

  15. "We needed a female side to God, and under the constraints of their lives and thoughts, Mary's motherhood became the vehicle. "

    1) His Holiness Pope Paul VI said: "God is more Mother then Father" & like words to this effect, Correctly explaining the very real maternal side of the great consternation of the drones of Opus Dei, et. al. in the Vatican & elsewhere.

    It thus come as no surprise that this statement has been virtually buried......and that Paul was so villified. He was standing in the way of an agenda.....

    2) Mary is not God; she is very correctly titled as the Mother of God, as she bore & raised God incarnate in Time as Jesus of Nazareth. '

    Forget all the screed the Vatican, nuns & priests have churned out. Mary is also correctly identified as our spiritual Mother - and role model. NO....NOT for her virginity alone, nor for any flawed conception of her as a mindless submissive.

    But as she showed correct Christian spirituality: she cooperated willingly with the Will of God. She had to agree to bear & raise Christ. She had to cooperate in His His Passion & Death as well. She had to will it be done, overcoming her self & her feelings. Without her, the work of redemption was not possible. As God wills that freely willing human agents are absolutely necessary for His Will to be done.

    A slave is a human doormat; a willing servant is one who knowingly desires to do the work of his master. Not for reward; but for its own joy.

    Note well: Those of the Leaven of the Pharisees have intentionally skewed, edited & misused elements of what I have presented here for their own selfish ends. In this, they have served Satan.

    Rather then teaching the free & joyful desire to lose self/ego & love & serve God through serving our brothers & sisters - they have skillfully perverted this so as to present 'docility' to the Church Administrators 9and their 'teachings') as...."Marian".

    ...while Satan is laughing with delight & approval.

    Anon Y. Mouse