Friday, December 5, 2008

Finally The Righteous Right Comes To The Aid Of Their Sister Wife

Check out the new full page ad placed in the New York Times from the Beckett Fund . Seems the financially parasitic religious right has decided they need to 'stand in solidarity' with the LDS church after they used the LDS Church's financial resources and members as their shock troops in the Prop 8 fight in California.

One would think twenty million dollars and 80% of the ground troops ought to get one a little more support from one's fellow warriors, even if one is still considered a 'cult' in their ever so righteous eyes. Something more than a token full page ad and a website set up a full month after the election and after all the protests. How simply courageous of them.

Actually, this is sort of the way Mormon first wives treated the third or fourth or fifth sister wife. I hope the LDS Church doesn't think for one minute that any of the movers and shakers in the Catholic or Evangelical right really think of the LDS church as an equal. No, it's about the distant sister wife's substantial dowry.

Nothing like being invited to buy your way into the 'traditional marriage' crowd. Just don't expect the honeymoon to last.

Note to LDS Church: Gays aren't your real enemy sister wife, it's your manipulative fellow wives. Just like they use gays for their own purposes, they used you, your resources, and your desire to be seen as pretty like them. But they aren't pretty, and deep down in side you know it.

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