Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Love, A Strong Nuclear Force

The photo directly to the left is of a water crystal formed after tap water had been exposed to the Martin Luther King speech, I Have A Dream.
The photo above it, is of a water crystal formed after being exposed to the words, "You make me sick, I want to kill you." This link is to a website which explains how these photos are taken and why this phenomenon happens.
I have written in the past about the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and how his work seems to prove that the crystalline structure in water is effected by human thought and consciousness.
Higher forms of thought and consciousness create more complex, organized, and beautiful crystals. In one sense these crystals, in that they are individually unique, can be considered visual representations of complex thoughts and feelings. Just like petroglyphs.
As can be seen from the above photos, aggressive hateful thinking causes disorganization and ugliness. This crystal didn't even form, and so it looks like microscopic mud.
Jesus taught about both the power of love and the power of exclusion, hate, exploitation and other forms of negativity we lump under the word sin. He wasn't kidding. Our thoughts and actions have a profound influence on the make up of our reality at sub the atomic level and those levels will then manifest in the greater reality. Love has real power, just like gravity. Hate has real power, just like magnetic attraction.
I wish leaders in religious institutions would meditate on these two photos. Some of them may just come to the conclusion that their fundamentalism, which defines 'others to exclude' in order to foster their own sense of righteous superiority, is doing great harm to those 'others', to themselves, and to the society in which we live.
Martin Luther King had a dream. It was a beautiful dream. It forms beautiful crystals. Jesus had a vision, and his vision was based on a core truth of this reality. Love does make the world a better place. It's not some ephemeral notion, it's a real force in how our material reality manifests.
The Kingdom Jesus spoke of is within us. It's in our very fundamental quantum structure. To find it we need to go within ourselves and our own consciousness. We need to use to power of love to change the ugliness inside. We need to actively seek conversion to a Faith in the power of love. It's what Jesus asked us to do. It's why his essence and Mary's essence is still so much a part of our material reality. Make connections, go with in, trust in Love, and change happens. Dr. Emoto's water crystal photos show it's all true.
For our reality, and how it's organised and manifested, God, the Creator, is Love.


  1. Wow! i have seen the crystal of positive but not the one of negative. . truly it is all about vibration at so many levels. . .hope you do not mind me sharing this one with you. . .For a number of years i have been wondered why box turtles have different patterns and designs in different countries. . .I heard the reason this week on NPR. . .The patterns are determined by the vibrational patterns of the country. . .And through a slow evolving process the vibrations actually set the variations in design. . .For example the Western box turtle that is found in Texas is ornate and it has a distinct line down the center and their a dominate black background. . .Whereas the Eastern box turtle is has much more yellow markings ad the stripe is much less pronounced. . .

    Much like the water crystal which forms instantly the box turtle is the same principle but a slow evolving timeline. . .

    Another thing i found of great interest is that our ability to smell is not determined by the release of chemicals. . .but rather the noise picks up odor by individualistic vibrational rates and configurations. . .When i heard that it made sense to me why it is possible to experience the smell of roses as associated with the Divine Mother and the Saints. . .

    Hope i expressed this in a way that makes since, also hear about the sense of smell from a NPR segment. . .

    I will enjoy returning to your blog. . .glad to know of it. .

  2. Marci, now there is an explanation I have never heard, or never considered, that the vibrational patterns of an area affect the coloration of the animals.

    Interesting premise. And, it adds an additional dimension to the evolution and habitat change theories.

    I've wondered why some animals suddenly change their behavior patterns. Armadillos for example, were always animals of the south for all my life, until the last few years. Some of the migration can be explained by the changing weather patterns, but not all of it. Why have they recently migrated to the ozarks and southern missouri and southern kansas?

    There have been some major shifts in the earth energy grids and magnetic fields in the last few years, as well as a major elevation in consciousness in the middle US. There has been a corresponding change in consciousness in the deep south as well. (not to mention a lot more people). Perhaps the armadillos are migrating in response to the increased population and to the change in consciousness, (to get away from it) as well as the corresponding destruction of their natural habitat.

    Interesting premise, with lots of new things to consider. It really lends weight to the belief that we are not seperate, but much more intimately connected to our environment and to other life forms than we realize.

  3. Totally unrelated thought to this post, somewhat related to the previous posts, ...

    Has anyone noticed that in the 10 commandments, there is no "thou shalt not fornicate", only "thou shalt not commit adultery"?

    Methinks we may be onto a stunning revelation here.

    God gave 10 laws to Moses, and the only one related to sex said dont have sex with someone elses spouse.

    todays word is:

    poomps - the sound a baby learning to walk makes when it sits down hard on a soiled diaper.

  4. This is fascinating stuff. I knew about the nose actually sorting smells via vibration, but I never connected it with the scent of sanctity. But of course, that would be true.

    Box turtles and armadillos, must be a southern thing. Up here in the North the only thing that changes is the opening date for hunting season.

    Here's another tid bit from the whacky world of science. Experiments were done with a strain of bacteria in which 19 agar dishes were prepared that had a nutrient source which was unusable by the bacteria.

    The experimenters were basically testing to see how many generations it would take for the bacteria to mutate enough to use the agar to survive.

    9 of the original 10 colconies survived. When they analyzed the DNA of the surviving colonies they found that all 9 had the same genetic mutation. The experimenters have no sound theory as to why they all made the same genetic change and in less than 72 hours.

    Although this doesn't bode well for the longevity of specific antibacterials, it does seem to illustrate communication being passed at the subatomic quantum level. We are innerconnected.

  5. Now that I think about it, I have never heard a sermon specifically on adultery. I have on abortion, birth control, gay marriage, and pre marital sex.

    Makes one wonder.

  6. The question I would have about adultery is its definition during the time of Moses because there was after that time still the practice of polygamy. Did God want them to not practice polygamy back then, but they did anyway? It seems the law was interpreted for just women to obey?

    word today is ardeler - someone w/questions

    There are two squirrels that really stand out from all of the others that have lived on our property and it is something new appearing on them. They are grey squirrels with some brown like all the others except the color of their ears in the back are white.

    These squirrels also would have rather lived under our deck than in the oak trees. They chewed an opening on the deck and made a nice hole to get in and out. When they came out we plugged the hole. They tried to chew more holes in the deck and we put rocks there to stop them. They finally gave up and are now living in an old nest that they refurbished with leaves. I'll be watching this pair and their offspring.

  7. dear Col55. . .perhaps your question about fornication/adultery does blend with this post. . .

    Here are my pondering based on Leonard Shlain's writing concerning Sex, Time and Power:

    Hope i can remember this accurate, it has been awhile since i read it. . . .

    the institute of marriage did not begin because of love. . .but rather a seize of power so men could control woman's sexual partners. . The most powerful decision in evolutionary progression is in the hands of woman. . .All because woman had the choice of whom she would allow to have sex leading to the offspring . Because of the unique alignment of the woman's vagina and her walking upright. . .Men had a much more difficult time approaching her from the back and penetrating her with the ability to restrain her body as with the case of four legged animals. . .

    as consciousness slowly evolved men found themselves in a heck of a mess for women had the power of mating choice. . . not only sexual power but power to determine a man's biological immortality. .

    . Women passed biological immortality by the act of birthing and was readily viewable. . and men passed their material goods to the first born male. . . the male children born to a male was viewed as a way man could be assured of biological immortality because that son would pass his father's blood. . .Men where much more insecure about his part in co-creation for it was contingent on whether he was the real father of a child. . .

    So based on Slain's writing about marriage. . .

    Thou shall not commit adultery. . .There are no signs to show when a male commits adultery. . .Whereas the women often becomes pregnant . . .So the commandment in a legalistic way allows much more grey for the male than the female. . . to prohibit fornification would of been another way to prohibit the much greater hormonal driven activity of the masculine. . .

    (Perhaps like times of old the ongoing attempt to regulate sexual choice and marriage, are the same old fears wrapped in new language)

    . .The issues of woman's choice and sanctity of marriage due to modernity???. .

    Evolution is a such a slow process. . .

    " A central paradox of the human condition is that our species possesses the capacity to carry out sexual inequality to its greatest know extremes." Sarah Blatter Hrdy

    " I never yet touched a fig lead that didnt turn into a price tag."
    Saul Bellow

    Sorry this is so long, i am not a good writer but think about these kinds of issues often. . .

    Have a good day. . .

  8. Marci, this is a great comment. I had never really given much thought to the fact that human sexual anatomy favors the woman, but it's true.

    My daughter once asked me what was the most significant human trait which fostered survival of the race. I think it was for some paper she had to write. I told her it was the maternal instinct.

    Human children take forever to raise visa vis other species, and getting pregnant was easy given human women are constantly in heat, (so to speak).

    The maternal instinct, that is the desire to raise children, was the single biggest contributor to the survival of the species, but again this is a survival issue in the hands of women.

    Here's something ironic. When I worked for Child Support Enforcement I dealt with a great deal of hostility over paternity tests. Guys can no longer hide behind the fact they don't know if they were the father. Their biggest fear: is this my child, was also their biggest shield. Not anymore.

  9. glad you responded colkoch. . i was hoping i was not offending you by writing about women's anatomy. . .

    Another point that Slain makes is the reason human females are different is because they do not have long periods of estress (sp) as other animals. . .and because of her small hips and the big head of the human infant. . so She claimed her No with men because the birthing process was much more dangerous back then, so the No was a way to preserve her own life by regulating the frequencies of births. . .

    Good point about paternity testing. . .and what was the percentage of paternity testing for adultery as compared to fornication?. . .